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Enter the last password you remember to continue if you remembered to get a verification on your phone. There is a case that you got a Chromebook which is set up with another's Google account, but you forgot or lost the password. Note: In this way, all data stored on your Chromebook such as downloaded files, photos, owner permissions, and saved networks, will be deleted for all accounts. Oren Hafif, a security researcher has discovered a critical vulnerability in the Password reset process of Google account that allows an attacker to hijack any account.

He managed to trick Google users into handing over their passwords via a simple spear-phishing attack by leveraging a number of flaws i.e.
The link mention in the mail instructs the recipient to confirm the ownership of the account and urged user to change their password. The Google HTTPS page will will ask the victim to confirm the ownership by entering his last password and then will ask to reset your password.
But in actuality the hacker has grabbed your new password and cookie information using an XSS attack at this step.

Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? So if you forgot the password to login, the most directly way is to reset your Google account password.

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