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If you do not have an installer CD or DVD handy, you can also reset a forgot Mac password using a crafty technique.
Also, this will not reset the password on your keychain so any passwords, certificates, etc, you have stored in there will remain inaccessible. My friend didn’t know the admin password of his Apple iMac so I figured I would reset it. While the AAP government lasted for 49 days in New Delhi, the expectation of people were let down as only so much could be achieved in those 49 days. The Lok Sabha Elections in India concluded with the result announcements on 16 May 2014 and the final swearing-in of the new Prime Minister and his cabinet on 26 May 2014.
The Hindustan Times, New Delhi edition published on 23 May 2014 a charter of demand’s raised by homebuyers. I’ve been using Google apps standard edition for small businesses since the past 8 years.
On 12 April 2012, the Supreme Court of India delivered a Judgment upholding provisions of the “The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” also called the Right to Education Act (RTE Act). This is the best approach for Mac users running new versions of OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion) because it’s extremely fast and simple. Enter a new password for that user, be sure to include a meaningful hint so you don’t forget it again! You can now login to the previously inaccessible user account using the newly reset password!
Resetting a forgotten Mac password is pretty easy if you have an installer disk, drive, or the recovery partition handy, which method you use here will depend on the version of OS X the Mac is running.
These boot menu methods are obviously easier than the #2 manual trick, but whether or not they will work for your depends on if you have a recovery partition (all new Macs do), or with older Macs, if you have a DVD installer laying around. We’re you ever able to figure out how to fix this issue with the keyboard not responding and only making the PONG sound??? Will resetting your admin erase anything on my computer and I or will everything be safe???? Go through the steps mentioned above and create a new user (and it will have admin rights). Let me restate something, just to be clear: These steps do not erase any data from the Mac. Hi I did the above and I am able to get into account but it seems to now have lots of software missing, like advanced photoshop type of software I had here before…can u help please why this is?
I was trying to work around the password for a friend who lost it, and didn’t know where the install cd was. I do not see anything where I can check the filesystem or mount the drive as writable after I click command S.
I am new to a mac computer-mine is old and was used by my ex-i want to change the password-but since he is no longer living I do not know the old one-I don’t even know where the command button is-my computer is a mac10.04 can any one help make sense of the instructions? After step 1 on the instructions without the disc, my computer would get past the apple symbol and the loading circle.
I hit reboot the comp restarts, the grey screen with apple icon appears for about 5 secs… but then -everything shuts down!

I just locked my mac using find my mac app through i cloud and put my mac on 4 digit passcode now i can unlock my mac how can i do it ?? That will create an empty file to indicate setup wizard to stop running, but without an account it will do no good. The above would not work for me as I could not get the reset window to appear after the 3 failed attempts.
Thanks a ton, after I was told by the Mac store that they could not help me because they were not trained with old Mac’s like mine, this was the solution and I am far far away from being computer intelligent…I even forgot my passwords after I had changed it!
In this trick we are using Mac OS X built-in Terminal utility in recovery mode to reset password of any OS X account. Shutdown your iMac or Macbook, Mac mini and turn it On again and press the Command + R keys simultaneously from keyboard. In the Terminal’s command line type the command resetpassword and hit Enter key to execute the command. At the bottom of the reset password window there is a Reset button that you can use to reset file permissions to default settings of selected user’s home folder. You aren’t finished, but the hard part is now over – no more command lines, you’ll now be in the familiar Mac OS X GUI to finish the password reset process. Enter a new password for that user, be sure to include a meaningful hint so you don’t forget it again! Optional: If you’d like, you can delete the temporary account you created to reset the users password. Aside from resetting a Mac OS X Lion password with the passwordreset command line tool or by creating a new user account, you can use a new feature in OS X 10.7 that allows a user password to be reset via the accompanying Apple ID, the same Apple ID that is tied to an iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and Apple Support account. If there is no Apple ID attached to the user account, use the passwordreset tool or new user trick, and some of the more complex older methods from Mac OS X 10.6 continue to work as well. Many Mac users overlook a feature in OS X that allows them to attach an Apple ID to their actual user account, not just to iCloud and the App Store. Going further, Macs with multiple user accounts can assign different Apple ID’s to each unique user account, or you can just choose to tie a single Apple ID to the Mac. This is extraordinarily quick and quite simple for Mac users running Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion, and it prevents the need of the more technical approaches to resetting forgotten passwords (though those will continue to work as well). This works in OS X Mavericks, OS X Mountain Lion, and OS X Lion, the only requirement is having an active Apple ID.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! As long as the DVD is of a software version almost matching the one installed on the computer, it should work.
Once you’re done, go to the Reset Password option in the menu bar, exit and again from the menu bar, shut down the computer. In the initial setup, you realise that Woocommerce doesn’t have Indian Currency and the new unicode symbol ? as an option. The only requirements are that you must have tied an Apple ID to a user account, and you must have internet access so that the Mac can contact Apple to initiate the reset procedure. Indeed, the Apple ID password option is the fastest and simplest method available to Mac users, and when that option is available it’s the preferential method.

This is basically the be-all-end-all approach if nothing else works, because it’s guaranteed to get you back into a Mac when the other options are available, and it works in literally all versions of OS X.
Because we’ve covered solutions for every possible situation though, one of these options will work for you to reset that password and be using the Mac again. I even called Apple, and the only advise they could give me, was to take it to an Apple store.
And I had already called Apple tech support, and they didn’t have a clue, had no idea there was this fix. In other word it won’t boot up to the accounts choice place, but I already did step 1. I get to the terminal, type in the first command (fsck -fy) and then get a series of checking notes. This is obviously an easier method but it’s of no help if you own a MacBook Air with no DVD drive, or if you just don’t have the installer Mac OS CD laying around. Also note that this leads to the creation of a new keychain, but the old keychain will remain intact if you do recall the old password sometime down the road. It only takes a moment to set, and it provides for an incredibly simple password recovery option at the login and boot menus, allowing you to regain access to your user account and files just by entering the associated Apple ID. If you do choose to attach a lone Apple ID to the Mac this way, be sure to associate it with an administrator (admin) account in OS X, that way you will be able to regain full system access in the event it’s needed because the primary password has been lost. You will obviously need internet access to use this feature as well, since it requires the communication between Apple and the Mac to set the ID and also to be able to access the recovery benefits it offers. All these machines come with a boot DVD, if you don’t have your own, you could borrow one from anyone else who has one. When you start again, let the computer boot to the hard drive and you can enter the new password to login.
If you are a newcomer to the computer world, call the official Apple Support that came with your Mac. You can reset Mac password without entering your exiting password, just get into Mac OS X recovery mode and use the Terminal Utility to reset password.
If you’re in that situation, the best alternative is to use the above method that does not require a CD to reset the password. Use whichever method works for your situation, but whichever method you choose you will have your password reset and gain access to your stuff again.
Or what if you don’t remember that password either, or if there’s no internet access? I have tested this method on OS X Yosemite and not sure if this will work on other OS X versions, but you can check our previous guide to reset Mac password without disc if this one does not work for you.
In this video, I’ll show you how you can reset your account password in OS X Lion, in just a few easy steps.

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