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Windows Operating System does not limit the number of administrator accounts, you can set as many as you can for your need. Go back to the User Accounts window, and click the user name you newly created, and go on to click ‘Create a password’, then set a password for your user name.
Administrator account has an overall control of the whole system, with administrator account, you can see and use all users’ documents and folders, modify files, and install and remove programs. If you forget your password on a computer that is part of a workgroup or is a stand-alone computer, check your password hint. If you have a password reset disk, you can use it to create a new password for your account. If your password hint does not help you remember your password and you did not create a password reset disk, you will need to have someone with a computer administrator account create a new password for you.
If so unfortunately, you have your lost administrator password, The convenient and easy way is to get help from windows password recovery software, like Windows Password key 8.0, which is professional and easy to crack windows xp administrator password in one second. This tutorial will show you how to change or reset the password of your Microsoft account in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
You can use any email address for your Microsoft account, even an email address from a third-party web-based mail service like Google Mail or Yahoo!
NOTE: This PC or device must already be added as a trusted device before you will be able to change your Microsoft account password from it. NOTE: This step will only allow you to reset your Microsoft account password since you are not able to sign in to it.

NOTE: Microsoft account passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least 8 characters, but up to 16 characters. NOTE: This step will allow you to change your Microsoft account password since you are able to sign in to it. A) If this PC or device is not a trusted device, then you will be prompted to enter and submit a security code sent to your phone or alternate email address. How to reset password on a Microsoft Account with two stepBasically as the title reads, how can I reset the password when I have two step verification turned on.
Windows Password RecoveryEasily reset your locked Windows admin and other users' passwords. You may also encounter this kind of situation for what to do if you forgot Windows 8.1 password since you are a forgettable person. For all, Windows Password Recovery is highly recommended to crack your Windows 8.1 password when you forgot it. However, if with Guest account, you can only use the ready programs installed on the computer, unable to view and modify files and folders created by other users.
For security reasons, a computer administrator cannot recover your password if you forget it; he or she can only create a new one for you. Passwords are case sensitive and must have at least 8 characters, but up to 16 characters, and contain at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. If you set Windows to automatically sign in to this Microsoft account at startup, then you will need to go through step 4 in the tutorial below again to enter the new password.

Luckily, you can find a way out since we will give you the best forgotten Windows 8.1 password unlocker tool. If you are the only user of your locked Windows 8.1 computer, go for Windows Password Recovery. When you create your administrator password on Windows 8.1 computer, create a password hint. Press key combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Delete two times) to display Login Dialog Window and you will see a user name box and a password box. This password complexity requirement is enforced by Microsoft to help make your password more secure. But when you choose a password for your Microsoft account, it doesn't change the password you might need to use to sign in to web mail on a third-party site.
Type ‘Administrator’ in the user name text box and enter the password in the Password text box.

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