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Yoga offers very clear and time tested means to open us to the innate wisdom of our deepest nature, and from here, through a full and heartfelt life into clear embodied action. The last 4 limbs are specific way we can cultivate enough internal stability to deeply explore the mind and our relationship to it. The more areas in our lives we open to the process of yoga the more likely it is for change to take root in us. This retreat is suitable for anyone and especially those who want to explore the deeper teachings of yoga. Retreats provide an opportunity to indulge in the full yoga experience, clarifying and deepening our understanding of yoga practice.

Paul has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation for over 25 years and teaching for 20. The 8 limbs model invites us to inquire into our relationship to the world and to others as these relationships have a profound effect on us and any work we do on the mat.
Any unresolved personal and emotional issues we have inherited about ourselves will be influencing our relationship to others and how we engage the process of yoga.
Which is the investigation and opening of the body, the breath and feeling, and on through the various layers of mind. This 2 week retreat is divided into 2 weeks, we will focus on the first 4 limbs in the first week and the last four in the second week.

He draws from his experience in many different styles and traditions and through a practical understanding of their underlying unifying principles weaves together a cohesive and integrated approach to yoga.
Our website is still under construction and testing, so may appear a little messy and incomplete. Paul has been running retreats for many years and finds them fertile ground for real transformation.

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