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In 2010 Argentinian thriller El Secreto de Sus Ojos won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, beating out A Prophet and The White Ribbon. Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Ray Kasten, an FBI agent working in a special counter-terrorism unit alongside investigator Jess (Julia Roberts), and their District Attorney boss, Claire (Nicole Kidman). Like the original, Secret operates on parallel timelines, though it’s moved much closer to the present, with one in 2002, and one in 2015.
Prince Harry with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Toronto and did he pat Daisy Ridley's bottom while dressed as a Storm Trooper for secret Episode VII scene?
The movie centers around Benjamin Esposito (Ricardo Darin), a prosecution investigator haunted by a case from 1974 in which a beautiful young woman was raped and murdered. Campanella did Q & A after the screening I attended, which was sponsored by Creative Screenwriting magazine. His NYU thesis film got him a William Morris agent but he couldn’t get a job for 10 years after that. He initially wanted to completely cut Pablo, the role Francella played, from the movie (the audience gasped at this since Pablo is so vital to the film). In the novel, Irene is only a colleague in Esposito’s office and not involved in the case at all. Support this siteIf you enjoy PCN, you can help me maintain it by clicking on the affiliate links below or on the Donate button. Pop Culture Nerd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. The male lead Chiwetel Ejiofor is 10 years younger than both his female co-stars Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. The film, Secret in Their Eyes is a remake of the 2009 Academy Award winner film from Argentina, The Secret in Their Eyes.8. A resource for exhibitions, prints, interviews and news in street art, graffiti and illustration from UK artists. Following the successes of Mapping the City and Futurismo Ancestral, Somerset House will again collaborate with arts organisation A(by)P to present Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday Utopias of the Street.
The post Somerset House present Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday, as part of UTOPIA 2016 appeared first on UK STREET ART.
In a literal sense, graffiti compels its practitioners to ‘venture beyond’ spatial and architectural boundaries, but also metaphorically provokes them to ‘venture beyond’ conceptual frontiers, to form new ways of thinking, acting and being in the world. In addition, A(by)P and Somerset House will be producing a wide-ranging programme of events to follow the key themes of the exhibition, including workshops, talks, films, music and performances. In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia, Somerset House will be transformed into a space of possibility, participation and imagination throughout 2016.
We decided to go to London as uncle Mark knew some good places to take us to and show us some of street art and graffiti from artists.
For two weeks, EndoftheLine will take over the LondonNewcastle project space on Redchurch Street in a 10 year retrospective exhibition, showcasing East London’s graffiti, street art and hip hop community. The post Neverended: A 10 year retrospective from EndoftheLine appeared first on UK STREET ART. A small pop-up shop will also be running for the duration of the show featuring limited edition prints by many of the featured artists, collectibles and a selection of customised street furniture.
The Hoxton Gallery is the venue and visitors can see eleven artists battle it out for a chance to have their design featured on some limited edition Nike merchandise. Midnight Madness is British basketball’s biggest annual open talent search, scouring all corners of the UK for the best known and unknown players to present them with life-changing opportunities, taking them around the world to compete in top-level international competitions.
Opening 12th February, Lazarides gallery in London will be gathering the artists that have a role in their exhibitions for the last 10 years. The post Lazarides to celebrate 10 year anniversary with a group show this February appeared first on UK STREET ART. Works from more than 30 artists will adorn the Rathbone Place gallery, and depicts the rich scene that Steve Lazarides has helped form over the last decade.
This video is a behind the scenes preview of the new installation that opened at Yorkshire Sculpture park on the 6th February. YSP presents the first UK museum exhibition by KAWS, the renowned American artist whose work has sparked global attention. The SmashnGrab trading card game is a follow up to the notorious ARTWORLD sticker collection. Batman, Spraycan, Heisenberg and Banana however any further information relating to the meaning of these categories is strictly confidential. Walter White, God, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, Kunt & The Gang, Tim Patch, Pussy Riot, William Shakespeare, Samuel L Jackson, Rhett, Link, Kylo Ren, Karl Pilkington, Muhammad Ali, Gandhi, Ronald Mcdonald, Charles Bronson, Andy Kaufman, Fathers for Justice, Pele, Neil Armstrong, David Icke, Al Capone, Ron Jeremy, Peter Sutcliffe, Batdad, Marty Mcfly, Kenny, Satan, Freddie Krueger, Psy. Absolut are bank with the launch of a set of limited edition bottles. The twin bottle release is available in Electrik blue and silver, with semi-transparent coating creating see-through reflections.
Banksy put up a new piece on the wall of the French Embassy in London this weekend just gone.
There’s a QR code on the piece which links anyone scanning that to a video of the police raid on the refugee camps in Calais which happened earlier this month. New Banksy pieces have appeared in France, with this Steve Jobs stencil in Calais, putting the refugee crisis at the front and centre. The artist also popped up a take on Theodore Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa, an icon of French Romanticism.

This year also sees Moniker Art Fair take an exciting step to become the world’s first international art fair to accept Bitcoin payments. Over the last 6 years, Moniker Art Fair has helped forge a direct, unpretentious approach to appreciating and collecting art from a new generation of contemporary artists. Moniker Art Fair will once again be venue-sharing with London’s unique artist-led fair, The Other Art Fair, in what will be a showcase of independent and established talent all under one roof in East London.
The was uploaded to YouTube on 25th August, , so we’re a little behind, but what do you think? Two unique screen printed covers complete the book that is both compiled and designed by 3D – using images from his personal archive AND original artefacts scanned specially for the book. The book explores Robert’s (and the band’s) iconic visual history, presenting both familiar and previously unseen work, from his influential graffiti and stencil art in the Wild Bunch-era of the ‘80s to Massive Attack cover designs and paste-ups and paintings. The book also features an in-depth interview with the artist, where he describes the development of the band’s artwork and record sleeve designs, as well as offering insight into his processes, and inspirations. The post Banksy unveils his Dismaland theme park in Weston-super-Mare appeared first on UK STREET ART. The pop-up exhibition opens this weekend and takes place at the former water park, Tropicana. When Julia Roberts' Jess is told by a friend, "You look like you're a million years old" in "Secret in Their Eyes," there's not a speck of insult in the observation. It's said with heartbreaking compassion, and it is the truth, for Jess has become a walking ghost after suffering the worst imaginable loss. Writer-director Billy Ray's Americanization of the Argentine film that won the Academy Award for best foreign language film of 2009 features major overhauls in story and character. In the 2002 scenes, Chiwetel Ejiofor's Ray and Nicole Kidman's Claire are new additions to a joint counterterrorism unit in Los Angeles. When a body is found in a trash bin next door to a mosque that's under surveillance, Ray and Jess are called to the scene.
In the blink of an eye, Jess goes from laser-focused agent, loyal friend and loving mother to an irreparably broken shell of a human being. With a noir-ish score from Emilio Kauderer and some darkly gorgeous cinematography from Daniel Moder (Roberts' husband) setting the tone, "Secret in Their Eyes" weaves the search for Carolyn's killer through a labyrinth of law enforcement politics, investigative land mines, personal and professional betrayals, and the lasting reverberations echoing like ghostly whispers through the souls of Jess, Claire and Ray. Joe Cole is memorably loathsome as Marzin, the government informant who is the chief suspect in the case. Nicole Kidman has the least interesting of the three main roles as Claire, the career-driven attorney, but she does fine work.
As was the case with the 2009 film, a few coincidences and chance encounters stretch credulity. But "Secret in Their Eyes" isn't intended as a mere guessing game about who did it and whether or not he'll have to pay for it. And Jess, whose eyes are so lost in grief you wonder if she even sees what's in front of her.
It also did very good business for a subtitled import, topping $6 million at the box office, which means it found a considerable audience in the US. Durch zahlreiche NeuzugA¤nge in den letzten Wochen, ist dieser Bereich schon aufA 18 Aktive angewachsen !!
Now retired and attempting to write a book about it, Esposito reconnects with his former boss, Irene (the resplendent Soledad Villamil), to get feedback on his manuscript and discuss past events. In the film, she’s not only part of the investigation, she helps him expose the killer. Review of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON Plus Q & A with Brad Pitt, David FincherMovie Review: CYRUSWHAT JUST HAPPENED with Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Bruce WillisFaith is the New Black? I know you are pretty discerning and I am more apt to check out something you like as opposed to so many of the popular publications out there. However, they're horrified to find Jess' daughter dead one day, with her body being left in a garbage bin.
A number of artists, including Nano4814 and Brad Downey, will create installation works on site at Somerset House. Graffiti ornaments the city in resplendent colour and brings art out into the open, an art which belongs to all of us.
People from all walks of life will be invited to experiment with new ways we might live, make, work and play.
These competitions open doors and level the playing field for disadvantaged British players to launch lucrative professional careers in Europe and America.
This celebration will follow 10 years of pioneering the urban art scene in London and across the world. Laz Inc has always been one to provide a platform for artists that are sometimes thought to have been unconventional.
The expansive Longside Gallery features commanding sculptures in bronze, fibreglass, aluminium and wood alongside large, bright canvases immaculately rendered in acrylic paint.
The two colours represent Absolut’s signature cobalt blue and the electrical conductivity of silver. The fair will showcase works from approximately 20 national and international art galleries and feature some of the world’s pioneering talent in contemporary urban art. A collection of new works by Ryan Callanan (TAG Fine Arts, UK) and original works by French street artist WK Interact (Kallenbach Gallery, NL) will be exhibited, while secondary market works by Banksy, Peter Blake and Takashi Murakami will also retail at the fair.

Among the many works on sale will be the latest series of the sell-out limited edition letter prints by Barack Obama’s favourite artist Ben Eine and works by Sheffield’s finest artist, illustrator and hip-hop musician Kid Acne.
The Old Truman Brewery has three public car parks which are situated outside the Congestion Charge zone – Ely’s Yard Car Park, Brick Lane Car Park and Grey Eagle St.
The film, created with the help of Ironlak and Global Street art follows Dale and his insights into the world that he came from and why he does what he does.
Also included is work made in collaboration with Nick Knight, Tom Hingston, Judy Blame and Michael Nash Associates, as well as unseen photographs documenting Del Naja’s ongoing collaboration with United Visual Artists and his recent work with filmmaker Adam Curtis. The rumours that were flying around on the internet are now true – Banksy has unveiled his Dismaland theme park in Weston-super-Mare here in the UK. The Dismaland show also includes work from Jimmy Cauty, Jenny Holzer, Damien Hirst and a whole slew of artists. Ray's an FBI investigator from a hardscrabble Brooklyn background; Claire's an Ivy League sensation in the district attorney's office.
Jess is a single mom who clearly loves her work and her colleagues, and is absolutely crazy about her daughter, Carolyn (a charming Zoe Graham), who will be moving to college in just a few months.
Dean Norris from "Breaking Bad" and Michael Kelly from "House of Cards" are in their natural comfort zones as law enforcement types who approach their jobs from very different perspectives.
Chiwetel Ejiofor is the heart and soul of the film as Ray, who in his own way is just as obsessed with bringing down Marzin as Jess herself. At times it's literally about the buried truths or untold sins in the eyes of Claire, who tells herself she's moved on from 2002, and Ray, who blames himself for the tragic events of the day. It did not need to be remade at all, so, naturally, it got an English-language remake just a few years later.
Through it all, Ray nurses a crush on Claire, in what turns out to be one of the film’s weakest elements. And because it feels like a rehashed plot from The Wire, it’s not too hard to see where the whole thing is headed. It becomes clear very quickly, due to close-up shots of the actors’ expressive eyes, that their feelings for each other are just as unresolved as the case. I also laughed out loud quite a few times, thanks to Guillermo Francella, who plays Esposito’s drunk friend and colleague with a droll delivery of zingers (pay special attention whenever he answers the phone). Neither Ray nor Jess will rest until the murderer is brought to justice, no matter how long it takes.
From 13 – 20 April, artists Horfee and Russell Maurice will take up residency in Somerset House’s Courtyard Rooms, providing visitors with an insight into the processes of the practice. It simultaneously reveals an aesthetic and social practice which anyone is welcome to join. The season will provide physical and virtual spaces where positive visions are nurtured, supported and celebrated, and where anything is possible. The Park’s landscape becomes home to six imposing sculptures, including a new six-metre-tall work, which carry KAWS’ idiosyncratic skull and crossbones features upon almost-recognisable characters. Looks like it might be the latest in a series of works that criticise the approach to the refugee crisis. These unique pieces will be available by purchasing a ?50 lottery ticket which will be matched to the artworks on the closing day of the fair.
That Claire is sporting an impressive engagement rock and appears to be way out of Ray's league matters not to Ray, who takes one look at her and is a goner. Ray is actually the center of the story, as his failure to bring justice, and thus relief, to Jess eats at him over the years. It’s not compelling enough to justify the cost of a movie ticket, but you could do worse for cable viewing. Working in situ, they will produce a new body of work based on the utopian themes of the exhibition. Above all, graffiti and street art acts as an alternative voice, whether it is loud and brazen or more subtle and difficult to decipher, which strives to challenge the well-worn systems of society – something which Thomas More’s seminal text also set out. That takes some of the wind out the sails and the movie palpably loses momentum about halfway through. This project space will then remain open for viewing alongside the main exhibition until 2 May. All of the artists will uniquely interpret their ideas on these utopian foundations of graffiti. And of course, Jess is completely shattered, becomes numbed with sorrow and anger as a result, and wants her own brand of revenge. Claire, apart from being the most cool-headed of the trio, is also Ray's love interest and this comes across fairly early on in the film.
Over time, Ray seems to forget what his actual day job is, and hunting down the murderer becomes his single-minded obsession. The story is told with generous use of flashbacks, which makes it essential to watch this film with a fair degree of concentration.

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