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Any other names used on this website may be trademarks of their respective owners, which I fully respect. When Kim Joo-won wore his Italian hand-made sequined tracksuit, it became an instant hit and buyer favorite. The premise of "Secret Garden" is quite a cliche, at parts, but also quite refreshing for its time. What the series attempts to do and accomplishes with its plot is to combine a romantic comedy with melodrama, into something which is not quite as heavy as melodramas go, but also not as pure a romantic comedy as most other works. The characters of "Secret Garden" are all given a lot of detail and personality and even though they are often limited by being stereotypes, they are generally more appealing versions of them.
The second male and female leads, played by Yoon Sang-hyeon and Kim Sa-rang also have their own place and story in the series and they are generally active participants in the main story as well. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up.
In "Secret Garden," the main male character's emotion develops to its peak at a pace that is extremely fast compared to the usual romantic dramas, showing that it will not be the typical love story between a rich man and poor woman. The result is that things like evil mothers in law, excessive crying, sappy dialogues and such are present, but the light romantic feel of the work is also there throughout.

Ha Ji-won's Gil Ra-im does get a bit too butch and tomboyish and while the contrast with her more girly side is nice, it can also feel unrealistic at times. The supporting characters all have loud and distinctive personalities and their actors bring some extra flavor into them. Everything looks impressive, the filming takes place in many beautiful locations, the sets and buildings used look expensive, the clothes, sequined and not, look well-made.
Its cliches, while sometimes tiring, are used in smart and engaging ways and the end result is a drama which is entertaining and feels just a bit more special and refreshing than a lot of its kind. Its focus is rather on 'change' and aims to be a coming-of-age drama about a man and woman who find their true selves after their souls switch. Kim Joo-won is an arrogant rich man who is trying to run his business and function despite his crippling phobia of riding in elevators. The fantasy element and body switch do bring some hilarity into the situation, but the potential for the characters to better understand each other through that switch was left largely unrealized.
Hyeon Bin's work is a step up for the actor, and even if Joo-won spends the first half being a very unchallenging character, he eventually breaks free from his type in interesting ways. Given that homosexuality is a topic still much avoided by entertainment, Lee Jong-suk's presence as Sun is also a tiny step forward which will hopefully play its part in encouraging the industry to represent that community more in the future. Hence the first two episodes of "Secret Garden" served as the basis to showing how different the two's lives are currently.

Through a misunderstanding and finding their work lives meeting up, they form an attraction-hate relationship. However, the switch does play a central part to the story's mystery, so it does not feel like a gimmick and it has a point for happening and an ultimate reason behind it. While Korean drama is not usually impressive in terms of presentation, this is a case people will remember for it. During one of their meetings, they find themselves lost in the woods and arrive at a small tavern. On top of this, writer Kim Eun-sook's unique style of scriptwriting brings the characters to life and by having Gil La-im be a stunt woman, she is regarded a 'cool' woman who works hard every day of her life to make a living than just be the object of pity of a wealthy man. It is here where things take a turn for the fantasy genre, as they wake up the next day having swapped bodies, complicating their relationship.
All that is left now is to see them faced with their new lives after they go into each other's bodies.
But the mysterious tavern owner who gave them the potion that caused the switch seems to know something about the people they targeted and their fate.

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