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Just in case you have yet to do a little shopping of your own on the Victoria’s Secret website, I’m hoping the review I promised you guys last week of some of their athletic apparel will help give you a little insight into the apparel.
In full transparency I was given a stipend which covered the Knockout Capris and one of the sports bras you see reviewed below but other items you see in this post were purchased by me simply because I fell in love with them and cannot be trusted around adorable workout apparel. This review is a little trickier because there is one very important component: You must get the right size.
The cups in the bra add shape (without the annoying inserts!) and the lining is thick enough to keep things modest when the headlights might be on. I ordered this tank online when it was on clearance (this was one of the items I personally paid for) and it’s quickly becoming one of my go-to workout tops. I’m in Canada so ordering online was not happening with our horrible exchange rate, but luckily the deal was offered in store up here! I lived in the Chicago land area when VS fist tried out their VSX in stores back years ago. I hope all other new mommas out there don’t see these pictures and feel badly about their own post-baby bodies. For your larger chested readers, I would recommend the VS Incredible front close sport bra.
I couldn’t help but take advantage of the deal when it first debuted online on Thursday and am waiting for another one of their sports bras and workout capris to arrive on my doorstep! As I’m sure my fellow fitness lovers can attest, not all workout leggings are created equal but thankfully these leggings are created better.
I loved them so much that I ended up buying another sports bra just so I could get another pair of these for free last Thursday when this sale first launched. Victoria’s Secret is known for their bras (and the vast majority of my everyday bras come from them!), so parlaying their bra expertise into the fitness realm only makes sense, right?

It’s supportive enough for me (I am currently a B cup), though I could see women with a larger chest desiring more support, so I’d probably steer you in another direction if that is you! With a traditional racerback and snug fit, it’s very supportive (I wore it during two boot camp workouts that involved jump rope and high knees!) and I adore the neon color and thick branded band. It’s a fantastic workout staple available at an affordable price point ($27) and the sweat-wicking fabric keeps me cool and dry. I found it on the clearance rack (it was the last one) and felt like I totally hit the jackpot!
The free pair I got with my order last week were mostly black, too, with a purple VSX logo on the leg. I got two sports bras (but with more support because these bad boys are just not shrinking since having my son lol) and I also had to get the gym & tonic tank from their Pink line.
I keep seeing this sale advertised, but haven’t heard a ton about their workout clothes so I wasn’t sure if it was even worth it! The smoothing, sweat-wicking fabric is incredibly flattering and the waistband hugs your body without digging into your sides. So far they’ve held up well in the wash (I air dry all of my leggings, so I can’t speak to the effect of the dryer on them) and continue to work well from a functional standpoint (they stay up + don’t make me feel overheated + aren’t see-through).
I’d share a picture of me in it, but without a lining on this bad boy, I think you’d catch a glimpse of a little more than you bargained for with this one!
Pullovers are my BFF during the colder months but this one avoids looking frumpy thanks to mesh detailing and a fun cut out in the back that’s perfect for showing off a funky sports bra.
Unfortunately, I had to get black bras and leggings because they were so picked over, but oh well!
I still have (and wear at home) two pairs of their old style boot cut pants that I bought in 2010, and they still look brand new!

This is obviously wonderful but apparently my bra size has changed a bit since I began breastfeeding, so at first I wasn’t sold on this bra at all.
I’ve been wearing it with flowy tanks so I don’t mind the lack of lining and find myself reaching for this bra again and again. I’m bummed it’s not offered online, but The Player Long Sleeve Tee with a mesh back is somewhat similar. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! Thanks for the suggestions, I haven’t tried the VSX leggings before but now I think I need to!
Also, for my fellow long-torso ladies, this one is a winner and doesn’t hit the body at an awkward point. I love this top and will definitely let you guys know if I ever see it for sale online or in the store since a bunch of you seemed to love it when I first posted pics of this pullover last Wednesday. The wrong size will either leave you overflowing the cups or feeling like your boobs are sinking in, but the right size makes all the difference in the world. This one also no longer appears to be online, but I saw it for sale in the store over the holidays in a variety of colors.

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