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Famous as a dupe to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence can be seen all over the internet.
The packaging comes with a light grey box and the product comes in tall and heavy frosted glass bottle that holds 155ml of essence. Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence has a slightly lighter, more watery consistency than SK-II, although the difference is not that prominent.
Secret Key however has a milder and more pleasant scent to it, while SK-II has this funky odd smell to it. As you can tell, I’m clearly biased towards the Kbeauty scene – but it doesn’t mean I’m blindly doing so.
As much as I want to have a smooth complexion, it somehow never feels quite as smooth as I want it to be. Free of paraben, artificial colorant, fragrance, alcohol, animal oil, mineral oil, or benzophenon. This clear essence contains Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate to transform your skin from dull to bright and resilient. Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate consists of 50% natural protein and it contains amino acid for our skin. 4 piece set consists of 4 pieces of Laneige Water Bank Essence Travel Size 15ml each, a total of 60ml. This spot solution is quickly absorbed without stickiness to troubled skin, and relieves, relaxes, minimizes the redness.   Salicylic acid and Calamine ingredient in spot treatment relieves and tightens skin and gives flawless, pure skin.
This Whitening and Lineless Ampoule is a two-way whitening and fine line wrinkle reducer.  It contains caviar extract and Italian orange water that whitens effectively and special formula reduces fine lines and wrinkles. We accept ONLY PayPal, but you can pay with your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.

I was always skeptical about this product since it blatantly imitates SK-II, from the branding and packaging design, to its function, they are all almost the same as the super famous SK-II FTE, except this one doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.
The essence is a transparent almost water-like liquid that feels very light and gentle on the skin.
What is the difference between the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?
This product leaves the skin refreshed and slightly moisturised but not as hydrating as the SK-II. Although the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence is overall a great product, it is still far from the 'miracle water'. I honestly feel that Secret Key Indonesia would be a better choice if you are new to skincare world and is sensitive to scents or dislike any strong scents on your skincare products. It all depends on your skin condition, so I can't really tell which would work best on you. I’ve heard a bit about Secret Key for a while, but somehow just never managed to find the retailing outlets. Powder Blusher in shade 10 'Heat Wave' a few weeks back now in Wilkinson's and have been wearing it frequently ever since! You can write a review about items that you don't purchase.Please use Q&A below to ask about items. After trying this product, it works exactly same as SKII skin treatment essence with a more affordable price and without the smell. This 7-free formula is free of paraben, colorant, fragrance, alcohol, animal oil, mineral oil, or benzophenon.
It absorbs onto the skin within seconds and leaves no traces except refreshed and moisturized skin.

It is a great product to refresh the skin directly after face wash as it gives moisture back onto the skin but I feel that it works just like most korean toners I used before. Since it doesn't cost much either, I like to store this essence in a spray bottle and use it whenever my skin needs a little hydration during the day, something I would never do with my SK-II FTE.
But if you have never try SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, you should go and try this one first before breaking your wallet trying something you are not sure will be worth it since you don't get to see immediate result. Welcome to my little home where I rave about my latest beauty finds as well as bits & pieces of my life.
It also doesn't have a strong scent which i absolutely hate about SKII but it does clears up my skin and preps it to absorb my ampoule, emulsion and creams.
It also doesn't have a strong scent which i absolutely hate about SKII but it does clears up my skin and preps it to absorb my ampoule, emulsion and creams. Nothing particularly special I feel about it, unlike the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which is a lot more moisturizing and works hella great in calming my troubled skin. It feels like I am bringing a little happiness spray for my skin whenever I have it around. But if you want something that really works and you are willing to pay for it, then opt for the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I will use up the product that I have, but I will not repurchase again since I wanna try another similar product. Once again, something that works for me, might not work for you so you just gotta try it out and see for yourself.

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