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Geoff Johns is both heralded and belittled as a custodian, a storyteller who tinkers with truly iconic corporate characters with such rich histories that they feel like they belong to the public domain. I also enjoyed the story, but I had a hard time remembering some of the events from the previous issues, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. You know Paul, it sounds like you could be describing the Doctor instead of Superman in this review.
I agree with everything, its comics like these that I can give to anyone and they can enjoy it for what it is.
Also, yeah the original cover of this issue had Bizarro on it but this issue was sorely lacking in some Bizarro action, its no wonder why they changed the cover. A slight criticism, the tone of the book occasionally fell on the bad side of tongue in cheek. The one surprisingly lackluster part of this Secret Origin series is its depiction of Luthor. There’s an amazing bit in the second issue where Clark is ambushed by government agents and taken to a lab to be analyzed. But even with all that, the next page shows Clark pulling his would-be vivisectionists out of the flames, saving their lives. Beyond that, though, Busiek’s strength in this story lies in the relationships he creates. The gag about setting up a Clark Kent with a Lois is a solid bit of comedy, but the way Busiek and Immonen play the relationship that builds from it is really incredible, and economical too. It’s a great book, and easily one of the most underrated Superman stories ever written, by two of the best that comic books have to offer. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. As noted, the rumbling you can feel in the floorboards is the near-approach of Warner Bros’ enormous, $250 million-dollar summer blockbuster special effects extravaganza, Man of Steel. But regardless of how Man of Steel turns out, its ominous imminence is having one purely positive effect: it’s prompting DC Comics, the home of Superman, to flood the market with choice Superman reprints.
A previous volume in this run featured the legendary Gil Kane, and both artists can rather cynically be viewed as standard-bearers of the “anti-Swann” school of Superman art – referring, of course, to artist Curt Swann, who set the visual template on Superman for thirty years. Comics were changing fast in the mid-‘70s when Garcia-Lopez first started drawing his own Superman appearances; not only were gold-standard DC characters beginning to experience the kind of angst and conflict so common over at DC’s competitor, Marvel Comics, but the whole visual vocabulary of the industry was shifting away from the static of three-panel newspaper strips and toward far more vivid and fluid presentations. This sturdy hardcover volume features 16 adventures that originally appeared from 1975 to 1981, including the extra-continuity team-up of Superman and Wonder Woman, and also including the 1980 Gerry Conway-scripted classic “The Sleeper Out of Time” about a stranded intergalactic courier and his tragic fate.
Garcia-Lopez didn’t just update the Superman look Curt Swann had put in place for so many years; he also updated the official character-template by which all incoming artists guided their renditions of Superman, Batman, Aquaman and the rest of the DC stable.
That reign is over now – the character has been thoroughly redesigned in the last two years (new costume – complete with popped collar and redundant piping), new hair (the famous spit-curl is gone), new attitude, new allergic reaction to smiling), and Snyder’s movie isn’t doing anything to challenge that new look.
How much of the evil of Adolf Hitler can be traced to an infamous general of the First World War?

A fan might say he deconstructs these often convoluted characters, distills them down to their essence, lending them new vitality.
It may seem minor, but I think he bolstered General Lane as a much more significant opponent.
You’re right, the beginning explained pretty easily what happened from the last issue. I feel the same way about Geoff Johns, however, I was hoping this issue would show us a new part of the Superman Origin story, like maybe bizarro or something. Unsurprisingly, Busiek and Immonen go with a version that’s a little more optimistic. On that front, Secret Identity reads like one of the best issues of Astro City, occasionally shifting the focus away from the superpowers to show the lives behind them.
Long-time Superman fans already have much to worry them about this looming cinematic event. One of the latest is also one of the best: the new “Adventures of Superman” volume features the artwork of the great Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Swann’s work is iconic (shame on DC for not giving him one of these “Adventures” volumes, and the first one), but it’s also as stiff as granite, a holdover from a time when it was company policy at DC that Superman could be many things – authoritative, forceful, avuncular – but never, never dynamic.
After Garcia-Lopez put in some apprentice-work inking the pencils of others, he was given more freedom to bring to readers a Superman unlike anything they’d ever seen before. Several of these stories – some of which are real keepers – have never been anthologized before.
For years, these templates (most often with Garcia-Lopez’ own artwork) were used on every last scrap of DC merchandise, from lunch boxes to sleeping bags to “Reading is Super” library posters. The sleek, happy, graceful Man of Steel perfected by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is gone from the comics stands, perhaps never to return – which makes this new memory-lane volume all the more welcome.
He's less a concept or idea than a mythological formula with easily discernable components. So if your expectation was for a revolution or even evolution, this book is decidedly a failure.
Like Batman, there are some core values there, but these two titans, for as iconic as they are, are actually pretty maleable.
Superman is the people's champion, and as such has great optimism for humanity, great belief in the potential of ordinary human beings. I love how Johns incorporated various pieces from other Superman materials and merged them flawlessly to make a current origin story. The confrontation between General Lane and his daughter in the opening pages of this issue remind us of the stakes before we rejoin the action.
I think he did a really good job, as Paul has said, of expanding the character of General Lane. This, I think, is something most comics fans can relate to — surely I can’t be the only one who got stacks of random cheap back issues for my birthday, right?

It just extrapolates that to showing us someone who has those same powers, and then makes doing the right thing with them a foregone conclusion, even when there are potentially awful consequences for those actions.
Even the government, initially played as something that Clark needs to fear and the closest thing the story gets to introducing a supervillain, isn’t portrayed as something entirely one-dimensional and uniformly evil.
Its star, Henry Cavill, is astonishingly good-looking, but he isn’t American, and that’s something of a travesty right there.
Mostly in the pages of DC’s Superman team-up book “DC Presents,” Garcia-Lopez showed us a Superman who got angry, irritated, wryly amused – and more, a Superman who looked like he was straining when he put those alien muscles to some outlandish task (in one of the issues reprinted here, he breaks a sweat by moving the Earth just a smidge to the left) … and a Superman who looked graceful in flight. To hypothetical fans who’ve been re-reading their fragile single issues over bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for forty years, having them in a bound volume is a timely godsend. It’s a safe bet that this artist’s version of Superman was seen by millions of people during its own forty-year reign. I count myself amongst that first group, maybe due to my own philosophy on creativity, that it has a lot to do with problem solving, with adaptation.
There's a greater cohesion as well, with rogues like Parasite and Metallo fitting directly into the larger chess match between Superman and Luthor or Superman and Lane.
Which is doubly disappointing given Johns’ connection to the tv series Smallville and its nuanced take on Lex. Anyway, as you might expect, things pick up when Clark suddenly (and, for a while, inexplicably) wakes up in mid-air with powers far beyond those of mortal men. Instead, there’s a great, Spider-Man-ish message there about power and responsibility, about what it means to have that power and to decide to use it to help people. Russell Crowe as Superman’s Kryptonian father and Kevin Costner as his adoptive human father could combine to turn the movie’s first act into competitive scenery-chewing.
We've been told that Lois is a fearless journalist before, but here I think we get to see that in action. A redhead has been cast to play Lois Lane, who’s been a brunette for 80 years, and a brunette has been cast to play Lana Lang, who’s been a redhead for 70 years. The project is directed by Zack Snyder, who – with one notable exception – has never displayed any talent at directing, nor any interest in it either. True, it stars the redoubtable Michael Shannon as renegade super-villain General Zod, but since Jesus Christ couldn’t give a more memorable performance in that role than the one Terence Stamp gave us in 1980’s Superman II, what difference does it make?
It's the advice a messiah might give, offered in the humble voice of a boy from Smallville.
It's just a glimpse of his upbringing, just a panel away from his next wholly confident move, a direct flight to confront Luthor. He won me over in that Action Comics Legion of Superheroes story line when he called in the cavalry.

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