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IF you’ve seen the Oscar-winning Argentinian thriller The Secret In Their Eyes, then the Hollywood remake can only disappoint by comparison. PHNicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in Secret In Their EyesIf you haven’t seen it, then this remake is a sleek, well-executed tale. The Propaganda Game (Cert 15; 96mins) North Korea is the most secretive state on the planet so we should be thankful for the small insights found in The Propaganda Game. In this case, it doesn’t really hurt if you haven’t seen the Argentinian original film which won an Oscar for best foreign language category, it was a superior film by all accounts, but I don’t think this remake is all that bad.
What’s most interesting is the dynamic between the three lead characters, there’s a bit of office flirting made complicated by ambitions and playing by the rules, and all the while, Jess seems less enthusiastic about Ray’s 13 year-investigation, either grief has taken a toll on her or she’s come to the point of acceptance. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Use to create page breaks. Julia Roberts, 48, is back on the big screen, and that’s always a cause for celebration. Like the original, Secret in Their Eyes occupies the fraught territory between crime and punishment, political exigencies and justice.
Roberts works hard to convey her miserable emptiness, but she can’t overcome the fact that Kidman appears to have forgotten to show up for work at all.
It is a little-known fact that for thousands of years secret societies and occult groups--guardians of ancient esoteric wisdom--have exercised a strong and often crucial influence on the destiny of nations. I doubt I could put into words how relieved I am that this didn't devolve into anti Semitism.No lizard people, no ancient aliens, overall a grounded and informative piece of (speculative?) non fiction. The original featured a performance from Ricardo Darín that helped to make him the global face of Argentine cinema. It has everything you hope for in a mystery thriller with twists and turns and revelations around every corner. At the back end of all those Atttenborough films they have a segment in which they explain how they got the miracle money shot of the chorus line of orcas, the war ballet of the giraffes, the Saharan ant colony.
For unlimited access to every article in its entirety, including our archive of more than 10,000 pieces, we're asking for ?2.95 per month or ?25 per year. The Oscar winner stars in Secret In Their Eyes, along with Nicole Kidman, 48, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, 38.
It can be both as gripping and as lacking in nuance as its predecessor, and though it often feels more like a highly polished TV procedural than a transporting cinematic experience, it’s a solid genre outing with unsettling topical resonance. The movie’s emotional core rests not only on Jess’s loss, but also on the unresolved feelings between Ray and the married Claire. As Freemasons, Knights Templar, and Rosicrucians they affected the course of the French and American revolutions as well as the overthrow of the medieval order.
Among the overseas guests are Parquet Courts, Sharon Van Etten and Lake Street Dive, while the likes of Remi, The Griswolds, Client Liaison, Velociraptor, Steve Smyth, Gang Of Youths, Willow Beats and Little May are among the delegation of local reps.

There is nothing that dazzles in the same manner here but the new film does field a surprisingly starry cast that includes Julia Roberts in one of her best roles in recent times.
This case then gets caught between bureaucracies, anti-terrorism priorities, and a certain guilt that ends up haunting Ray for the next 13 years until he finally tracks down the man who should have been arrested for Carolyn’s death. There’s supposedly some powerful spark between them — but there’s nothing electric about Kidman, and it looks like Ejiofor is unleashing professions of passion on a cardboard cutout. As the movie wears on, the plot points become increasingly far-fetched, and what started out as a moody if by-the-book thriller becomes increasingly silly. Inevitably, the true ideals and esoteric practices of these societies have at times been perverted by self-serving individuals. Other acts on the bill include Heather Woods Broderick (USA), Lunice (CAN), Fishing, Gooch Palms, Little Bastard, Oisima, Rolls Bayce, UV boi, Jeremy Neale and Wintercoats.
The early part of the film is set in 2002 and there is a strong sense of an uneasy America where people have grown suspicious of their neighbours and nobody can guess what the next target might be in the war on terror. Nicole Kidman exudes beauty and authority, she balances the two like it’s nobody else’s business, Julia Roberts is the most phenomenal of the three, playing a grieving mother, her performance is so genuine, you can feel her excruciating loss, Roberts looks and sounds like a person whose world had crashed and burned all around her.
The Nazis, of course, but also the British security forces, the founding fathers of America, and the Vatican have all had a part--for good or ill--in the occult conspiracy The author explores these connections, tracing occult influences in politics and statecraft from the time of ancient Egypt to the present. The film also smartly plays the politics of it all in terms of what happens when fear-mongering and thirst for power drive an agenda thus pushing murder to the side. To stir up excitement, the movie devotes a lot of footage to the pursuit of a suspect in a baseball stadium.
He sheds light on these influences in government and in the lives of many well-known figures, including Frederick the Great, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin, Comte Cagliostro, Helen Blavatsky, Rasputin, and Woodrow Wilson.
But the possible terrorist connection is more important to the case than the loss of a daughter. You’ll end up getting as frustrated as Ray, but once the revelation hits you, you’ll find yourself conflicted between justice and revenge. Before that it did one on dogs, explaining through the wonders of science how human they are. But a similar sequence in the original movie was much more visceral… That chase comes as a relief after the yards of strained, flat-footed dialogue, which lacks the spontaneity of everyday speech.
Reading The Occult Conspiracy, we are left with little doubt that the secret societies--largely ignored by orthodox historians and persecuted throughout history--have survived and continue to operate powerfully in world affairs today. Thirteen years later the unsolved case continues to haunt all three of their lives with Ray and Jess still seeking answers to what happened. The Secret Life of Dogs is not to be confused with Dogs: Their Secret Lives which went out last night on Channel 4. Their sense of grief and frustration lies at the heart of a film that explores the line between personal grief and political expediency, the needs of the individual and the demands of the state, and they refuse to rest until the truth is exposed.The feeling of the times and that political element add some real weight to what could otherwise be a tale of twists and turns not too dissimilar to something you can watch any night of the week on television. The cast also makes a big difference with Roberts effectively conveying the weariness and emptiness of a mother who has found no comfort since the passing of her daughter.

It is a performance commendably lacking in vanity.Ejiofor continues to impress in his everyman American role and also has the sense of someone struggling with his own feelings of grief and guilt as he remains committed to solving a case that seems long ago and far away.
There are eight million dogs in the UK, and if the random sample tested here are any guide, around seven million of them show signs of panic, fear and frustration when their owners leave the house. Big thanks goes out to everyone who has contributed material for us, and to those that advertise and support us. Kidman is well cast as Claire, the eternal professional who never lets the mask slip to let us know what she’s really thinking beneath that frosty exterior.
We know this because a wall-mounted camera never lies.Everyone talked politely about toileting. Which is not a wordViewers were subjected to a series of horribly upsetting images – if you were the owner, that is – as dogs with prep-school names like Bruno and Oscar and Pip howled for hours on end until the boss got back. Five years after surviving a car accident that killed his best friends, Franny (Gere) has become a long-haired, bedraggled recluse. The neighbours had been telling them for years, but the power of television finally convinced them that yes, when out of sight their unimpeachable pooches really do go out of their minds and set off a fearful racket for hours upon end. Then a call from his friends’ daughter Olivia (Dakota Fanning) brings him back into the real world. It’s all the news Franny needs to invade their lives, showering them with gifts and suffocating them with kindness. The last time one read a zoology manual humans were not capable of giving birth to puppies, but you live and learn.A whole battalion of dog professors and dog communications scientists and dog shrinks, quite a few of them cuddly bottle blondes, were on hand. Pioneers in labs measured cortisol levels and assessed infrared images measuring ear temperature and everyone talked politely about toileting. Gormless, dim-witted, pot-bellied Nobby Butcher (Baron Cohen) still pines for the brother he last saw almost 30 years ago. Little does he realise that Sebastian (played by good sport Mark Strong) is now a suave secret agent.Fate is about to reunite them and force the chalk-and-cheese siblings to chase around the globe thwarting an international terrorist threat. Unless you train a dog to cope with solitude, someone sensibly said, you are condemning it to a lifetime of misery. Even Rebel Wilson as Nobby’s wife and Penelope Cruz as philanthropist Rhonda George are criminally underused. When Sara (Natalie Dormer) goes missing in the Aokigahara forest, her identical twin sister Jess (also played by Dormer) can sense she is in trouble.Jess immediately flies to Japan determined to find her.

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