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I guess I might nitpick some things about your helper, a veteran of the previous war against the aliens whose consciousness was uploaded into a computer. I guess they had a bigger budget for this one since the basilisk was far more believable than anything in Sorcerer's Stone. Lately I've been watching episodes of South Park online, and wondering if it's bad that I can actually understand Kenny half the time. The movie is as visually impressive as you expect from Studio Ghibli, but the plot gets rocky when Haru meets the Baron.
From what I remember of the first couple volumes of the manga, this is a literal translation of it with dreadful voice acting on Yuki's part. The movie itself wins massive points from me for completely dropping Hermione's elf rights tirade from the book. They were clearly going for tear jerking over humor here, although Spanish Buzz made me laugh way harder than he probably should have. Another big one is, I'm having a really hard time swallowing the events that drove the villain bad. As a note, I played the original SNES release which is called Final Fantasy III, but I'm going with the true numbering.

Final Fantasy VI is my all-time favorite RPG and one of my favorite games period, so I'm going to be biased as all hell here.
Also, screw the GBA version, screw "He'd kill his best friend for the right price," screw the Dragon's Den, and screw anyone who disagrees, this is the way to play Final Fantasy VI.
The more of his movies I watch, the more I'm convinced Hayao Miyazaki films just aren't my thing (I suppose it's worth mentioning The Cat Returns was directed by an animator from previous Studio Ghibli films).
But there's one thing that bugged me throughout the whole film; how come nobody seems to really care that Porco has the face of a damn pig? When you're telling a story to make a point, you really need to watch how you make that point. I was half-tempted to rate this a "Lacking", but Louis's flashback of him trying to join the band on the boat made me laugh out loud. I know I originally played through this less than a year ago, but I had a train to keep rolling. Just about everything I said last year holds up - the Job system is still a ball to screw around with, the bosses make great use of it, and Cara can still go piss up a rope. To answer my own question, because Final Fantasy V fanboys are neither as numerous nor as retarded as VII fanboys.

The main problem with a lot of children's adventure films is, as an adult you pretty much know how they're going to end: it's good versus evil, and in the end good will do whatever it needs to to win.
Granted, these movies usually come with some kind of moral that the hero has to pick up along the way, use to overcome evil, and teach the viewer.
It's more of an experiment with high-budget Muppet technology than anything, and while there are some fascinating images and many of the creatures are well done, Jen himself is stuck in the uncanny valley of Muppetry.
So, we're back to the Night Watch, who have recruited a few new members while Captain Vimes is in the process of getting married and retiring.
It's also incredibly easy, unless you're playing on the blurry brick Game Boy maybe, but at least it has a quirkly atmosphere that makes it more remarkable than Super Mario Land 2. Circa 1992, Mike Rowe (host of Dirty Jobs) worked in (very) late-night TV selling crap to idiots on QVC.
Also, a tip: the Canon and Concussion towers seem unimpressive at first, and they actually do pretty much suck at level 1, but figure out how to use them and they'll be your favorite towers.

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