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I am right-brain, which means that of the two hemispheres that make up our brains, my right hemisphere is dominant.
Another gift beyond seeing things globally is that right brain people have is the ability to connect seemingly unrelated pieces of data. As I write this essay, they are centering their search and recovery efforts a thousand miles west of Perth, Australia. While they think that they may have found some debris of the missing plane, it got my mind thinking about Australia.
Returning to Australia, to make matter worse, the British came in 1770 and used the eastern half of present-day Australia as a penal colony for criminals so despicable that the British did not want those criminals even in Europe.
Then my mind morphed to Cathy Freeman an Aboriginal runner who won a gold medal in the 400 meters in the Sydney Olympics.
All of these thoughts and feelings swirled around my mind like debris in the Indian Ocean when by happenstance, I came across several articles about a dwarf planet being located named 2012 VP113. For example, I spent a lot of time attempting understand the removal of Pluto as a planet in our solar system, which occurred in August 2006 in Prague. Now, 2012 VP113 is another located dwarf planet, which is thought to be in the inner Oort cloud.
2012 VP113 has the distinction of having been nicknamed Biden due to the 2012 VP in its name.
The Biden TNO is in an orbit around the sun, which takes 11,400 years to circumnavigate the sun. Finally, after all the processing in my right hemisphere, I have gotten all the various pieces pulled together starting with the missing Malaysian flight 370.

When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. In an organic brain, the two halves are connected by, and communicate through, a special neural tissue called the corpus callosum.
I will agree that left-brainers and right-brainers have their differences, but in my opinion, the lines between logic and intuition or creativity and sequential thinking are pretty blurry.
Engineers and developers think editors and designers are head-in-the-cloud types who can dream up some amazing things, but don’t get how important things like code syntax, data integrity and proper markup really are.
As for designers, talk with one sometime about Photoshop, color profiles, masking, and so on — designers have to be technicians every bit as much as they have to be artists. Designers and editors, on the other hand, view engineers and developers as gearhead wonks who might be able to wrangle networks and databases of bewildering complexity, but for whom issues like usability, top-notch content and creativity are afterthoughts — or distractions.
As for engineers, troubleshooting and problem-solving in the IT world require creative insight and intuition, not just knowledge of the equipment and theory involved. I really started making inroads as a liaison when I encouraged work groups to avoid the natural tendency to demonize other groups and instead spend a little time trying to understand their jobs. And if you know those two things, no doubt you’ve enjoyed the Happy Fun Ball of left-brain vs. The conflict tends to arise because of different job mandates, not because the two groups are so different they can’t communicate at all. Engineering and development are far more creative and intuitive than they appear to right-brainers. Solid purple circles signify the orbits of the four giant planets-Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

The motion of 2012 VP113 stands out compared to the steady state background of stars and galaxies.
It’s hard to respect someone you view only as an opponent, or at best an obstruction.
No one likes being told how to do their job, especially by someone who doesn’t understand it.
The left-brainers and right-brainers all have the same bottom line: To publish a good Web site. We could probably tell each other endless horror stories (my favorites are in the next post).
Yes, some people are just plain hard to get along with, but the opposite brain side of your group probably isn’t trying to ruin your day. The solution is simple: Tell the other person what you need, not what they need to do for you. Everything else is just detail: Grammar, code syntax, spelling, semantic HTML, SEO, color palettes and all the other things we bring to bear are simply tools to help achieve that goal. Dwarf planet Sedna's orbit is in orange, while the orbit of the newly discovered dwarf planet, 2012 VP113, is in red. Even if you know exactly what needs to be done, you’ll make more friends by politely asking for help rather than tossing around orders.

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