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The ability to sell change throughout the organization, often encompassing strong technical social skills.
As change can create substantial resistance and criticism, a change agent must be thick skinned to face this. According to a Harvard Business Review article, a critical element to success is the personal relationships and networks that change agents have with colleagues. One thing all leaders should keep in mind as they begin a change initiative is that a period of chaos may likely ensue, whether related to poor implementation or resistance, things could appear to be getting worse before better—there will be a gap to where one wants to be. Widespread organizational support, perhaps using a plan that has proven effective elsewhere.
Translate the solution to reflect how the change will satisfy each of their needs, especially those regarding cost, quality, service and speed. As a catalyst for producing directional change, you will be faced with the challenge of managing resistance to change. Negotiating with key players for resources, for changes in procedures, and to resolve conflict.
An organizational restructuring is like a hurricane, that knocks down everyone in its path, leaving a trail of destruction behind it. This is a time where leaders, teams and individuals need support in coping with the changes an restructure brings, and where a change agent can make a real difference. Go have a cappuccino with your leader or client, and encourage him or her to talk about what is worrying them right now. Prepare a detailed plan of action for all the different stages of the organizational restructure. Create a new focus for their team or department, that is in line with the organisation's strategy and new structure. Help teams to be innovative about finding ways to ensure that the restructuring exercise achieves the benefits that it was supposed to achieve. Help teams to see that an organizational restructure provides them with a unique opportunity to spring clean their roles, habits, processes and ways of doing things. Support the leader in whatever other change interventions are required in order to get the team inspired and confident about performing their new role. See our catalogue of inspirational gifts that you can give to help people regain their confidence, and motivation.
Change management for organizationsA library of practical articles, guides, diagnostic tools, case studies, dashboards and solutions to use when doing organizational wide change. Change management for teamsA library of practical articles, guides, diagnostic tools, case studies, dashboards and solutions to use when managing change in teams. Change management resources Practical change management kits to give you instant results and credibility - from our store. OD Interventions library Use this library of 1 and 2 hour OD and change interventions when you need quick, practical activities for a meeting, conference or workshop. This will pin this article to the community board for guests or to your own private board for members who are logged in. A facilitation tool kit filled with left and right brained activities for facilitators, OD consultants, team leaders, change agents and coaches.
How to ensure everyone in your organization supports one another during an organizational change. This OD intervention workshop will help you to align what leaders and employees do to a new stra.. In this this single-player simulation, students play the role of an internal change agent at Spectrum Sunglass Company. 4 SIDEBAR — The Sidebar gives an overview of the user’s progress throughout the simulation.
Students begin by familiarizing themselves with the company, their role, and the task at hand.
5 DASHBOARD — The Dashboard Overview shows an organizational chart with all 20 targets, color-coded by company rank.
6 DECISION SCREEN — Each week, the user will decide which "change lever" to pull in order to move colleagues toward adoption. 7 ORGANIZATIONAL READINESS — Screens in the Analyze tab show the impact of recent decisions. 8 LEVER IMPACT — The Lever Impact screen displays the direct and indirect impact of the student’s most recent decision.
9 RELATIONSHIP NETWORKS — The Relationship Networks screen displays each individuals’ professional and personal networks.
Becoming familiar with a simple but powerful change contingency framework based on the authority of the change agent and the relative urgency to produce results. Developing skill in applying a variety of change levers and observing the results of simulation actions with 4-6 change scenarios.
Understanding the major categories of change levers—technical, political, cultural, communication, and credibility—and their potential in effecting change. Developing an awareness of proper change lever sequence to maximize change initiative success.
Understanding the obstacles to and initiators of organizational change, which are both rational and irrational in nature. NEW Dynamic Debrief Slides — Instructors can download presentation-ready debrief slides populated with graphs showing change lever distribution and final class results for all scenarios. NEW Teaching Materials — An updated Teaching Note reduces the time required for faculty to learn the simulation.
A Free Trial allows full access to the entire simulation and is available to Premium Educators. Premium Educator access is a free service for faculty at degree-granting institutions and allows access to Educator Copies, Teaching Notes, Free Trials, course planning tools, and special student pricing.
Whether you are a Learning & Development professional, or you are in the operations of a business unit, you are an agent of change.
Available only with The SLII Experience, the SLII Playbook guides you through launching an SLII initiative. Use the Playbook in discussions with executive sponsors and senior leaders to create the environment you need to allow SLII to flourish and to help achieve your leadership goals.
Suppose a user A is assigned to position P1 and after some time moves to a different position P2 (due to promotion or change in responsibility or change in department etc). Following dialog screen will open:   Enter the position number and then click on  (reconciliation button) to reconcile.

Klaus-Dieter Koerner:December 5, 2013 at 8:16 amFinally a screen by screen explanation on this - great ! Indirect Assignment of Roles   We know how roles are assigned directly to user id via SU01 tcode.
IMG Authorization   The requirement to create config roles (IMG Authorization) based on various SAP Functional modules often keeps coming. Mass user to Role assignment using SECATT   We have already discussed how to create mass users using SECATT.
Organizational levels ( org levels in SAP )   Organizational level ( org level in SAP ) is a very important field as far as role design is concerned. Authorization Check   Authorization check in SAP is implemented to make sure that users have the proper authorizations to perform any action. Elements in SAP Authorization As already discussed, roles play an important part in user authorization. Master-Derived Roles concept in SAP In this post we have discussed about the concept of Master-Derived Roles concept in SAP.
SAP Table Authorization contd   In the previous post on SAP Table authorization we had discussed about client specific and cross client data.
My professional ambition is to share inspiration, knowledge and experience about organizational change and transformational leadership to contribute to the success of leaders and change agents in realizing successful changes in their own organizations and their professional lives. In February 2013 the English title Cultural Change and Leadership in Organizations was published.
Dynamics of Organizational Change and Learning is an academic handbook for people who are willing to take a deep dive into the dynamics of organizational change and development. This site contains the most relevant publications I’ve written over the years about transformational leadership, organizational change, strategic renewal and meaningful organization.
How the Regional Commanders of Firefighters Netherlands collaborate to contribute to physical security and societal continuity.
How the Dutch police force works on innovation with the use of social media and digital detection methods to contribute to social security. How a social housing company is qualifying for the future and provide housing to people who are not able to organize housing  themselves. Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech materials. A company dedicated to developing and managing a profitable beverage system that refreshes the people of Africa. Together with colleagues from Spain we aim to launch a similar project on leadership and change in the Spanish language. I am very happy with this new site with a fresh and professional design and intuitive navigation that guides you through a wealth of information.
Personally I edited presentations, gathered publications together, compose texts and chose the images. This site offers you a broad range of presentations on transformational leadership, organizational change, strategic and cultural change and consulting. ESADE Business school offers executive courses and excellence programs in which I am happy to collaborate with leaders and professionals who want to make a difference. In 2012 a boxed collection was completed with 15 CD’s for people who seek inspiration while traveling or who want to listen during quiet moments at home or on holidays.
Quite regularly I am involved in interactive exchanges with professionals and practitioners in organizational change.
These interactive exchanges are organized by the Research platform of Sioo or Managementboek in the Netherlands or by my publisher Wiley-Blackwell or the Alumni association of ESADE in Spain. The information contained in this website may be used and shared for personal and professional use.
All pictures on this site are personal created or from public spaces and supposed to be free of copyright. Jaap Boonstra claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted.
Your role as a change agent is to help your clients (leaders, teams and individuals) to get up again.
But this is a time, where leaders, teams and individuals really need support in coping with the changes that an organization restructure brings, and where you in your role as a change agent, can make a real difference. But instead of being insecure about what may or may not happen to you, recognise that an organizational restructure provides you with a wonderful opportunity for learning and experiencing real life change. Write down in your journal the feelings they are struggling to deal with, such as fear, anger, betrayal, and loss of confidence. Not only do they have their own jobs to worry about, but they are also worried about their teams. Remind them that as leaders, they are also human, and will also experience the same feelings as their staff. Many people who have been retrenched say that the biggest hurt in a retrenchment is how people start talking to them. Whether it is allowing them space to talk, or providing them with helpful articles and tools, or facilitating workshops with their teams. They must implement an enterprise-wide environmental sustainability initiative that will transform the Spectrum organization and the products it manufactures.
The Scenario Introduction screen allows students to learn about their unique scenario, including the specific role they will be playing. It features key information including the user’s name and role, calendar, number of adopters, organizational phase, credibility level, and change efficiency ratio. Information about each lever is included on the left, including a short description, the number of people it will affect, the weeks required to implement it, and the number of weeks before it can be re-used. The Organizational Readiness screen tracks how many people the student has in each stage of adoption and those changes over time. Toggles allow them to customize the view to see only Direct Impact, Indirect Impact, or both for Total Impact. Lean on our experience in having deployed thousands of organizational learning initiatives with some of the best companies in the world. Use it as a guide to set the learning experience up well, deliver with ease, and sustain the learning back on the job. This is done by assigning roles to a Position and then assignment of that position to the user id. He automatically loses all his previous roles which was meant for position P1 and he gets new roles for position P2 (since he has been assigned to position P2 now).
For creating relationship between Position(S) and Role(AG), tcodes PP01, PP02 or PO13 can be used.

This site supports this ambition by sharing a rich collection of presentations and publications. I am very happy with this publication, which is full of inspirations, practical advices and ways to realize successful change in organizations. I am very happy with this publication, which is full of conceptual material, inspiring examples and concrete intervention to realize successful strategic and cultural change in organizations. This book offers inspiration that turns into practical cues for those wanting to manage and change the subtle threads of organizational culture”. Well known scholars contributed to this handbook, like  Karl Weick, Robert Quinn, Chris Argyris, Thomas Cummings, Alfons Sauquet, Alice Lam, Gary Yukl, Chris Clegg and many others.
It offers an overview of paradoxes and tensions in the field of organizational change and presents interventions that are based in social constructionism and social interaction theory.
It has 20 cd’s for people who seek inspiration while traveling or who want to listen during quiet moments at home or on holidays. Feel free to use these presentations in your own work and to download and distribute them for non-commercial use. Esade is one of the leading business schools worldwide and was rated in the top 10 business schools by the Financial Times and Business Week. The booklet contains 28 short stories based on my own experiences in organizational change. These exchanges are based on publications we like to explore in depth or on new outcomes of research. More inspirational stories can be found on the Blog page with all a nice and growing collection of reflections and stories about strategic and cultural change in organizations and the funny behavior of people inside organizations. You are free to use all written information, publications and presentations and you may access and download all materials located on this site for personal, non-commercial use. Recognise how your feelings change during each stage of the organizational restructure - from the initial announcement, to the finalization of the new structures, to the time that people are feeling confident and happy working in the new structures.
As leaders, many have the awful job of having to tell people they care about, that they no longer have a job, or they won't get the job they want. Suggest that as a leader, the most important thing to do, is to be honest with their teams. After dealing with anger and accusations from people they care about, the loss they will feel for people that used to work in their areas, the breakdown of teams they have worked so hard in building. Then gently remind them of the feelings they will have as they progress through the change cycle. Simply give them their gifts and information, and say they can read it, whenever they feel ready. The reproduction of any content or material contained in this website is expressly reserved to Change Designs CC, under Section 12(7) of the Copyright Act of 1978. To simulate the effect of power and influence on change management, students play the simulation as a middle manager or a CEO and face a low-urgency or a high-urgency change situation. The Foreground Reading will provide an overview of Spectrum’s products and business history. Once targets have been interviewed, the user can click on their pictures to see the interview results. Once a lever and its associated targets are selected, the decision is submitted and the results are summarized in the News tab.
The first of its kind in the training industry, this SLII Playbook guides you through launching and implementing an SLII Learning Experience so that you drive ROI.
It is a way for Blanchard to support you every step of the way and to help you succeed as you lead a significant organizational initiative.
The book contains 28 stories about the practice of organizational change with reflections on the change process and the role of the change agent. This book was awarded a prize by a Dutch association for professionals in organizational science and change management. This book is the first comprehensive guide to offer successful new ways of organizationals to apply global thinking and democratic values to achieve innovations. I would be pleased if you let me know when you adapt conceptual models, because you create an innovation and I would like to learn from you and from this innovation.
Participants are well motivated and have a variety of organizational and cultural backgrounds. Every story concludes with illustrative and sometimes amusing lessons about change management. If there is an image appearing on this site that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed or if you wish your name will be mentioned with a link to the original post. Remind yourself of how you will progress emotionally through this change, before you 'bounce back' and 'become yourself again.' (If you haven't attended one of Change Designs change leader courses, buy yourself a copy of Mastering Personal Change and work through the exercises in it.
Their staff keep asking them 'what is happening', but they themselves don't have all the information to give. In all scenarios, they must convince a critical mass of key Spectrum employees to adopt the initiative and the resulting changes.
Feel free to use texts and ideas in your study, to develop yourself as a change professional or to contribute to successful change in your organization. The most important stories are included as practical examples in the English publication Cultural Change and Leadership in Organizations.
The book is in the stage of conceptual development with an attractive lay out and nice drawings. By exchanging ideas, experiences and inspirations we are able to improve ourselves as professionals and leaders in strategic and cultural change in organizations.
Every so often, look back at what you've written, and think about what new insights and compassion you have for people who are experiencing change or resisting change. Or as a leader, read Ride the Wild Tiger to understand the various stages you will go through.) Play the song "I got knocked down, but I got up again" to remind yourself of the quality of resilience. They may not feel confident about their new roles or comfortable about working within new teams.
The second release of this simulation combines the proven learning objectives of the original with an updated user experience, new scenario assignment options, and new tools for conducting a debrief.
Explain the change cycle to them, and remind them, that they will bounce back from this - stronger.

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