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Cebu is known for its vibrant culture and tradition when it comes to prayer, chiefly because it is here where the seed of Christianity first took root in the country.
The Sacred Heart Parish Church was finished in 1960 using donations from parishioners who were mostly Chinese Catholics in Cebu.  The church was established to honor the “Our Lady of China”. Another baroque style church in Cebu is the Nuestra Senora Virgen de la Regla in Lapu-Lapu City. Like the Nuestra Senora de la Regla, the San Nicolas de Tolentino church on Tupas St., Barangay San Nicolas, Cebu City was also built using coral stones. What sets San Nicolas church apart is the multi-colored mosaic of tiles imported from Italy. A new but notable place of worship is the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel at the South Road Properties (SRP) built in honor of the first Visayan saint.  The chapel, located at the SM Seaside Complex of the SRP, was donated by Henry Sy, Sr. A non-Catholic but an important Christian structure in Cebu City, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP)-Bradford Chapel along Osmena Blvd. The Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Aglipayan) Cathedral of the Holy Child in Parian, Cebu City was erected in 1904 at the time of the American Occupation. Evidence to the cultural and spiritual convergence in Cebu is the Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple along V. The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation’s vision, in its 48 years of existence in development work in the Visayas and Mindanao, has consistently been “Touching People, Shaping the Future.” It has worked towards elevating lives through a comprehensive approach that champions best practices in community development.
Sacred Heart Parish has been diminishing in size over many decades, has mounting accumulated debt and, bringing this already difficult situation to a head, recently learned that its church boiler is beyond repair and in need of replacement. As Father Cambra shared with his Pastoral Council members, the parish cannot survive another winter. The decline of the parish has been chronic and is owed to a combination of changes in its neighborhood demographics and an aging parishioner base with few younger members, resulting in an overall decrease in the number of active, participating Catholics. Since that time, Father Cambra has been meeting with Diane Rinkacs, the acting director of the Office for Pastoral Planning, for those purposes. Since 2004 Sacred Heart Parish has sponsored a weekly soup kitchen and bi-monthly food pantry, providing hot meals, food items and more without charge to those in need. We are pleased to present the Annual Sacred Heart Novena fro Thursday 4th June to Friday 12th June in St. Nourished at the table of Word and Sacrament, and enlivened by the Holy Spirit, we strive to be disciples.

Mature disciples make a conscious, firm decision, carried out in action, to be followers of Jesus Christ no matter the cost to themselves. Beginning in conversion, change of mind and heart, this commitment is expressed not in a single action, nor even in a number of actions over a period of time, but in an entire way of life. Stewardship is an expression of discipleship, with the power to change how we understand and live out our lives. Third Church: A year after the fire, on August 3rd, 1884, the cornerstone for a new church was laid. Hence, it has become part of a Cebuano’s nature to honor sacred places of worship, like churches and temples, which guests could visit during the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. It was erected in 1584 years ahead of the Diocese of Cebu, which was established in 1595.  The church took a direct hit during an American air raid and was obliterated.
The mosaic was created by Fidel Araneta, a prominent and respected Cebuano sculptor of his time and teacher of National Artist Napoleon Abueva, when the church was rebuilt after the war.
Inside the church are a variety of religious items, like antique images and relics and old canonical documents. A review of Sacramental statistics and other quantifiable parish data since 2000 indicate steadily decreasing numbers. For several years, Sacred Heart Parish has been accumulating significant debt because of its inability to pay for ordinary expenses like property and health insurance. The Parish Pastoral Council has decided that the closure will occur on the feast of Christ the King, Nov.
This ministry offers a significant contribution to the community as a whole and will be maintained.
Bishop Coleman likewise thanks the parishioners for their willingness to face the reality of present circumstances.
At this time no decision has been made about the future of the church building or any other parish property.
Mass of Christian Burial will be at 12pm at Sacred Heart Church on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Disciples who practice stewardship recognize God as the origin of life, the giver of freedom, the source of all they have and are and will be.
It took seven attempts at finishing the structure before it was completed in 1909 under the supervision of Bishop Juan Bautista Gorordo.  However, that church was heavily damaged by Allied bombings during World War (WW) II that only the facade, walls, and belfry were left.

The curve design at its top, where the huge image of Christ and the Sacred Heart are, never fails to catch the eye of parishioners and passersby alike. Local historian Enriquez de la Calzada shouldered the cost of the mosaic.  Today, the church hosts the Kaplag festival, which celebrates the discovery of the image of the Holy Child by Juan Camus, who was part of the expedition of Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565. Its design, the brainchild of US-based architect Carlos Arnaiz, depicts the dynamic spirit of Cebuanos. It was built in 1913, which marked the growth of Protestantism in Cebu.  Of interest is the chapel’s “Bradford Bell,” which came all the way from England. Last year, the parish’s two weekend Masses drew an average combined total of only 206 persons (the church seats 900). McManus, Moderator of the Curia for the diocese, and Paul Kawa, diocesan Finance Officer, met with Father Cambra to discuss the parish’s dire condition. Bishop Coleman has assured Father Cambra and the parishioners that they will remain in his prayers.
We are asking everyone to complete a form, even if you are currently in a ministry and will continue. John’s drew a congregation of 30 families from both sides of the river, who continued to depend on visiting Philadelphia priests until 1830, when a resident pastor was appointed.
After it was rebuilt, already inside the sacristy is a big image of the Nuestra Senora de la Regla.  Built in 1855, the old but solid convent of the church is a perfect example how similar structures during the time of Spanish missionaries in the country looked like. The church has 100 walls made with varying heights and width for them to look almost like different people. In 2013, there were 10 baptisms, three weddings, five children receiving First Communion and no teen-age parishioners to receive Confirmation. Long after the June 30th, 1889 dedication of the new Sacred Heart Church, it was the custom to celebrate only Sunday Masses in the church, while daily Mass continued in the basement chapel.
Joseph is the only church in the country which has a life-size “Last Supper” called Senor de Cena. Click on the area of ministry you are interested in, select where you want to serve, and add first name(s).

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