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On many of our Peru Gap Year Programmes and the Round the world  South America Trip you can unearth impressive  Inca ruins and visit  handicraft markets in the picturesque Vilcanota River Valley. The Sacred Valley of the Inca Civilization was one of the most important sites for the Incas and now with  some of the most well-preserved archaeological ruins in all of Peru. The setting is undeniably pretty, and jam packed with cultural exchange experiences and activities.
The Sacred Valley is blessed with a good climate presenting hundreds of opportunities to take pictures of people, landscapes and ruins.
The whitewashed Hotel Don Miguel and the Puente Nuevo bridge, seen shrouded by storm clouds.
As I was boating in to the Amazon lodge, an endless number of egrets would pop up and fly away as the boat approached. I shot this from the window of a moving "colectivo", a taxibus, on my trip from Ollontaytambo to Cusco. Hiroshi, one of the young guides I mentioned in my Peru travelogue, led me here to this tranquil lake. The ice blue color of these pools is caused by light reflecting off of minerals at the bottom. One of the most enjoyable things about boating on the Tonle Sap was seeing how the kids just play in and around the water. I'd love to be able to tell you right where this is in Venice, but I have only the vaguest idea.
Looking from this perspective gives you a great sense of wonder about how these structures were built onto the most precarious cliffs and rocky outposts. These gardens are unmissable, even if you wanted to miss them, as they sit right in the middle of central Edinburgh, separating the old and the new parts of town. TweetOur arrival in Cuzco, Peru, was the group’s first experience with Peru altitude. Lisa and I came prepared to use altitude medicine we received from our doctor, but decided in Lima that we were going to try it without using the medicine, thereby avoiding potential icky side-effects. The gentleman in the photo above is Al, another of our group, a retired anthropology professor.

The coca leaves definitely work, although I found I liked the coca tea better than chewing the leaves. One thing we learned right away about Peru that was a surprise to both my wife and I was the food – it was damn good everywhere we went!
It was low carb hell because the Peruvians believe that there is no such thing as too much starch.
On this, our first visit to Cuzco, we didn’t stay in Cuzco, but hopped on a bus and drove to the area around the town of Pisac in a place called the Sacred Valley. This gave us our fist chance to see some real Peruvian ruins, and yeah, they were pretty cool! It is simply mind-boggling to imagine the thousands of slaves that were required to build the ruins and create the magnificent steppes that were used for both agriculture and erosion control. This school experience was part of our learning and discovery of Peruvian culture, and we all enjoyed it immensely. Even though we were a couple thousand feet lower than Cuzco, we could still feel the altitude. Every Peruvian town seemed to always include a town square bordered with a church and government office.
The Sacred Valley of the Incas is located in Cusco City and contains numerous ruins of Inca, the largest Pre-Colombian American Empire. The Sacred valley is nestled in the Vilcanota River Valley, not far from Cuzco with incredibly picturesque terraces for the cultivation of native crops. This is the road leading from Poipet on the Thai-Cambodia border to Siem Reap, the town just outside of Angkor Wat.
I was listening to a tour guide and got a bit bored, which led me to just look around on my own a bit. If anything, we thought we’d go with the recommendations of the locals in Cuzco and treat the altitude effects with local plant remedies. How about a plate of potatoes with a side of huge-kernel corn, quinoa (a local grain product) and top it off with fried plantains?
I’m guessing the valley was sacred because there was much more oxygen in it than on the surrounding mountain peaks.

OAT is part of Grand Circle Tours and donates money to various causes in the countries they visit and Peru is no exception.
I think the quinoa soup I had here was the best quinoa soup I had on the entire trip, and the others were good, too, just that hers was memorable. The grounds were lovely, albeit most hazardous to our bus driver, who deserved a medal for even attempting to get that bus onto the grounds. Aguas Calientes also referred to as Machupicchu town is one of the major cities in the Sacred Valley and is the most important gateway to Machu Picchu, where you can see the most magnificent ruins of Incas. Fortunately, our guide, Walter, had tons of experience handling gasping tourists, so we were in good hands. Even though you don’t really feel stimulated, the tea or the leaves will get you going and sleep may be out of your reach for hours. Walter made sure none of us were left behind, and that we didn’t accidentally overextend ourselves by doing too much, too fast.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived and as it turned out, it was a very pleasant visit!
The hotel was run by a very friendly woman whom I suspected was into some kind of New Age schtick. It was a Saturday, I believe, but the kids came into the school anyway (some had to travel to get there), just to visit us. This had been a place of great tourist attraction where people not only come for archeological relevance. Below, Larry, one of our group, is, I think, explaining the size of a spider one of the other guests saw in their room. The main product of agriculture was maize because of the climatic condition and the geographic location and it started around 1400 bc.

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