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This resume format is a good catch-all that works for practically any industry.  We have created successful executive assistant resumes, sales resumes, management resumes and marketing resumes based on this style.
This format is ideal for anyone who has a lot of skills or experience that they need to convey in a concise 2 pages. Looking for a solid business resume that has some creative splash?  This resume is a great way to introduce color while not sacrificing your professional image.
As a talented executive on a fast-track succession plan, it can be challenging to demonstrate the frequent promotions within the same company without looking like a job hopper. This resume offers a sophisticated look while keeping crucial information easy to find in the 30-second reading. A balance of content and design, this resume is ideal for anyone who wants a creative feel combined with professional polish. A strong balance of relevant key words, accented accomplishments, and captivating design, this resume is a solid choice for almost any industry.
Any of our business or corporate resume designs work well for  a personal assistant.  In this sample, you can see how the biography format matches the resume. Ideal for private service professionals such as estate managers, household managers, private chefs and nannies who want to include personal information, such as a condensed biography or expanded personal summary.
Estate Manager resumes often include many details to reflect the wide range of responsibilities they cover. Keep your job search up-to-date!Signup now and never miss out on job search trends you need to know!
So if you are ready to prepare for your adventure and you need some help, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2004, Donna has been teaching job seekers of all levels effective job search strategies.
Finally it all makes sense, after researching the job options given to me, I now have an excitement and passion to take on new challenges in the career that the VIQ test has given me.

The career test is called the Vocational Interest Questionnaire – the "VIQ" for short.
A profile of your work interests, together with the job tasks and roles that are most appealing to you, and a list of recommended jobs, along with the Career Action Plan which is also outlined for you to determine the job that suits you most of all.
I have since applied for, and was successful in obtaining, a position at Uni studying my first preference, Behavioral Science (Psych.). As a mature age entry student I am excited by the challenges, rewards and opportunities that lie ahead. So, we need to do our best to ensure that work life is fulfilling and gives us some sort of satisfaction.
The Vocational Interest Questionnaire (VIQ) is available to you right now on the internet for only $9.00. The statements offered in the VIQ were very comprehensive and covered a huge range of activities and possible workplace situations.
Round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes (or whatever shape you care to be). In a nutshell, the prime step in career guidance is being able to identify and measure your particular strengths and talents. This is an issue of self-confidence, not an issue relating to your particular skills, talents and abilities.
In over 30 years of career guidance, I have never found an individual who has no talents or skills or abilities! In traditional career guidance, we look for your talents, assets, skills and abilities in five main areas. Now traditionally, testing and measuring your abilities and attributes across each of these five areas is time-consuming.
Nevertheless, they are important areas, but experience shows that a crucial first step is to measure work interests,….

The best way that we know of measuring a person's career interests is to undertake a career interests test. The Vocational Interest Questionnaire (VIQ) is available to you right now on the internet for $9.00.
The VIQ measures 7 interest categories that are designed to show you your profile of interests. In other words, it is easy to interpret your results because they dove-tail exactly back into the job information produced nationally!
Hence, job information and exploring what particular jobs actually do is readily accessible via the Internet address given above. If you want to see a sample of the kind of report that you will receive, click here to view an example report.
Completing the VIQ is easy in that you enter your details and click on the "Continue >" button and it will lead you through the steps.
This FULL Gold report including your interest profile, list of job roles and tasks that appealed most to you, and the most suitable jobs for you is priced at AU$9.00. As I have often said to my students when I train them and my clients when I coach them …. Doing the VIQ will give you a clear sense of who you are and a clear pathway as to where you are going.
This resume is designed to highlight this type of career growth, showing one of the most desired traits for a senior leader: progressive experience. By just changing the accent colors and fonts, your resume can truly stand out from the other applicants.

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