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The second program is called SecretZone, and it allows the user to create encrypted containers that can be mapped into Windows as individual drives. There are four different colours to choose from, each are named accordingly to the nearest color similarities, such as Wine Red, Snow White, Piano Black and Chocolate Brown. When you open up the box, it reveals the shiny harddisk enclosure, just like when you are opening a diamond ring’s box.
Now let me show the two different colors comparison, which both got into my hard consideration in selecting which to get. After the harddisk is removed from the box, then comes the accessories compartment, which is packed nicely beneath it. And sorry, I couldn’t resist from taking and showing more teaser shots of the full package.
And the rest will be the line up pictures showing the Samsung S2 three colours with S1 side by side from different angles. Lastly, to add on to such great harddisk, Samsung eqipped it with few free softwares like Auto Backup application and Secret Zone.
In conclusion, this is definitely an external harddisk that suits people with extra budget and looking for stylish gadgets to add on to their existing hardwares. And from the specs of Samsung S1 above, we can see that there is 160 GB available, but its not out for Indonesia’s market yet.
Because I don't need so much storage space on an external drive i want to swap the HDD inside with a 1TB from my desktop and install the 3TB drive inside my desktop, where it's needed and it's more secure. I found this step by step guide for the disassembly of the external drive, and i managed to remove the HDD from the plastic case without any damage to the case, so I still can reassemble the drive in case of waranty issues . So far so good, but after I installed the 3TB HDD inside my computer over SATA 3, I found that the System doesn't recognize the format on the drive and I get a notification that the dive is unformatted and I need to format the drive.

It's not a problem to format the 3TB drive to use it in the desktop pc, because I havent't stored any data on it, besides it's 500MB of preloaded software. Hard to guess on the way it will operate through the USB enclosure, but the only safe route would be copying the data on the 1TB drive to something else before you install it into the enclosure. As you can see they provide some security features(SecretZone) and back-up scheduler (AutoBackup) also a Disk manager where i can format the drive and change the file system. And lastly, for the USB cable provided, only in 500 GB space it is using 1 – 2 branch cables, probably to make sure the harddisk will receive enough power when connected to older PCs.
Probably more than enough if you were to use it for your work stuffs and some musics for on the go use. You could have been amazed if you holded the Samsung S1 by yourself, and you probably would want it straight if you have the budget on hand. But will it be possible then to acces it using the sata to usb controller if i want to restore the drive back in it's original case? A few enclosures from WD or whatnot would do a virtual CD but you could usually nuke that with the appropriate virtual CD uninstallation tool. It comes preset to back up documents, but not multimedia files like photos, videos, or music. It also supports converting container files into executables, which may be decrypted on the fly without the SecretZone utility. Sometimes back, Samsung has launched their exclusive external harddisk range such as S1 and S2 with USB on board technology.
It might cost slightly more than the other harddisk like WD Passport Essential or Seagate FreeAgent Go, but it’s worth it I can say. Only that you will need to reshape the leather pouch according to the line trace on the pouch itself.

But if taken with much lighting, the Samsung’s logo will disappear and blended into the light reflections. Nevertheless, I have tested the 500 GB with single USB cable from WD harddrives, and it is working nicely.
Maybe there was one embedded in the enclosure firmware once upon a time, but that was years and years ago, and from everything you've described with this drive I would have a hard time confirming that with this or not. I installed a 3tb SATA III drive but I was not able to access the hard drive; however, I was able to see the Samsung D3 Station.
Meaning it is much smaller than any other external harddisk you can find (that is using additional board for their connection). So, these are the few teasers shots from the dummy unit showing the front, back and the close up shot.
As for the smaller size compared with other brands of external Harddisk, Samsung S2 is slightly shorter due to their USB On Board technology.
But only when I connected it without the leather pouch, I saw this blue LED line just before the USB connector. Backups can be password protected, and the utility supports versioning, scheduling, and compression.
I have to remind you ahead, that this post consists of more than 30 pictures, and for those on limited bandwidth, beware.

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