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Implementation of SAP entails various changes to the business processes and the roles and responsibilities of staff members. Here is a presentation that helps you address the concerns of your people effectively and ensure that they take an active part in the SAP implementation.
SAP ChaRM is a tool delivered with SAP Solution Manager that manages activities performed during a change from design to testing to final promotion to production system. SAP ChaRM uses a workflow based approval for transport management, audit-proof documentation of the functional changes in solution landscape. It guaranties that any change to SAP system follows the standard process flow and procedures with mandatory controls and documented steps. SAP Solution Manager covers documentation and work flow data during the change implementation.SAP ChaRM report can give the following information. Though SAP ChaRM in the landscape takes quite a bit time to be setup, it organizes efficient management of changes in your IT infrastructure by enforcing standardized methods and procedures falling in Information Technology IL (ITIL) methodology.
In case you need assistance on SAP Support Services, please contact us.  Please send us your questions, comments or assistance request and our team would be glad to assist you. 3 Road Map Recommendation: for Business Transition, Communications & Training Deliver On-Going Communication Evaluate SAP Support Competency SITE TRAINING Bus. SUMMER 2005 JUNE 6-10 2005 Preparing an Organizational Change Management Plan Org Change Management Activities by Project Phase. Delivering Organizational Change Management Capabilities A Teamed Approach to Addressing Impacts of Change for People, Processes and Organization.
Project Management Committee Meeting April 7, 2005 Building the Human Resources and Payroll Environment for the Next Generation of North Carolina State. Steering Committee Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Financial Management System Update February 12, 2010.

National Association of State Comptrollers The Extraordinary Kansas Financial Management Implementation Statewide Management, Accounting and Reporting. University of Southern California Enterprise Wide Information Systems Instructor: Richard W.
Organization Change Management – the “Soft Stuff is the “Hard Stuff” Chris Keller Welch Allyn Inc. ASAP Roadmap Phases Department, Board Area or Team Date sample for a picture in the title slide.
Atlanta, GA November 18, 2008 Program Managers Meeting Vaccine Tracking and Ordering System (VTrckS) Vaccine Management Business Improvement Project. Cindy Bray Change Management Specialist Department of Technology & Information State of Delaware Organizational Change Management in Delaware. Page 1 DRAFT Table of Content Summary SW development process overview Flow of deliverables Process descriptions Deliverable description Roles descriptions. Deloitte Consulting LLP Commonwealth of Massachusetts Statewide Strategic IT Consolidation (ITC) Initiative June 22, 2009 DRAFT – FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES. Bernd Eberhardt works for the IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC) in Walldorf, Germany.
SAP test caseRun the test and transfer the test resultRational Quality Manager provides many options to plan the test execution.
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Monitor and organize reviews, approvals and other actions necessary to implement the change (for example, update documentation, training materials, or master data).

The Management of Change process component is used to integrate data from non-SAP or SAP ERP systems in the Management of Change application. To use the operation contained in the process component, you must implement SAP Management of Change (CA-IAM-MOC).
What does it take to ensure that the implementation of the ERP application is a grand success?
It allows you to track change requests, transport requests in change management system in the entire business solution. 2 Learning Objectives ? When you finish this chapter, you will Recognize different approaches to business planning. Assessment Method The Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTM?) is a holistic business transformation.
Agenda ? Introductions & Opening Comments ? Purpose ? Sponsor’s Statement ? Project Background ? Project.
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