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In a day and age where medication is not cheap, and prescription drugs kill 100,000 people each year, it’s time we embrace a cheaper and more natural alternative form of healing into our medical community.
Lucid dreaming has become immensely popular over the past few years, and for some good reasons!
Sleep paralysis kicks in once I’m relaxed enough – and the feeling of it usually forces me back awake. The first thing I ALWAYS do as soon as I realize I’m lucid is put my face right up to the ground! To successfully induce lucid dreaming takes practice, and the progression of surpassing our fears. There have been countless studies done on the health benefits of meditation, but this is the most prestigious meditation study to date done by the American Heart Association. The study, which was funded by the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute proved that simply meditating 20 minutes twice a day can cut your chances of sudden death, heart attack, and stroke in half immediately.
Alan Watts talks about the art of meditation and why it is important to practice it, especially in the civilized world. The study, published in the journal PLOS One, researched the effects of a Tibetan Buddhist compassion meditation on a group of 32 subjects by comparing the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) results on a segment who were asked to take part in the technique, and their counterparts that were asked not to.
The scans of those who practiced the meditation showed that parts of the brain used to detect feelings and emotions were dramatically changed, proving that the brain can be trained in much the same way as learning a game or playing a musical instrument.
The study was a subtopic of an ongoing project by Richard Davidson, professor of psychiatry and psychology at UW-Madison and associate scientist Antoine Lutz. Afterwards, each of the 32 participants was placed in the fMRI scanner in the Waisman Center for Brain Imaging at the UW-Madison. What the scans revealed was activity in a region near the frontal area of the brain that plays a role in enacting bodily response to emotions, called the insula.
90% of all diseases and illnesses are either caused or aggravated by stress, and meditation is a great way to restore balance in your body.

The idea of ‘emerging into the new paradigm’ translates into the sharing of new ideas that were once deemed too taboo. It’s easier for me to start lucid dreaming after I’ve fallen asleep, as to skip the sleep paralysis step.
For a lot of people, it isn’t just blackness they see, its endless static of energy all subtlety buzzing around. An image starts out as a tiny dot in the center of my vision then rushes into me and I plunge into a different world.
Going over your past dreams just before you go to sleep helps refresh and focus the feeling of being lucid. Thankfully, a study by University of Wisconsin-Madison says that we can train ourselves to be more compassionate and kind. The larger investigation is with a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks and laypeople who have a minimum of 10,000 hours of meditation under their belts. The amateur control group in the study first focused on loved ones, and were asked to wish them well-being.
A shift in consciousness causes a shift in biology, and when you are peaceful and calm during meditation, you release chemicals such as seratonin, oxytocin, and dopamine which help stabilize the immune system. When I find the center point of my vision, I can make the flat image of darkness look like a 3D room with a lot of depth to it.  If I can focus on that without completely falling asleep, I can slip into lucid dreaming. It feels like there’s so much pressure I can’t breathe and I usually turn my head to the side and wake up.
In the moment, it makes sense to manifest something to fly with that helps me, and for some reason a plastic bag does the job. When I read my old dream descriptions, a flood of memories and images come back like I had JUST had that dream. When we see the value of the connection between us all, we can interact on the astral dimension!

Through a certain type of meditation, certain areas of the brain can be affected with the end of more empathy felt toward peoples’ mental states. For this particular study, Davidson and Lutz worked with 16 monks who were experts in compassion meditation practices.
After a little practice, they were then asked to generate these same feelings toward all beings.
Subjects were then exposed to positive or negative vocalizations intended to evoke empathetic responses, as well as neutral sensory input.
It’s always scary and uncomfortable – I’m still learning how to fully get through it. It reassures me what I’m doing is possible, but if the doubt remains present then I’ve lost control.
Their control group were 16 participants of a similar age range who were taught the fundamentals of this meditation technique two weeks prior to data gathering.
Some examples included a distressed woman, a baby laughing, and background restaurant noise.
The astral plane exists right here, intertwined with the third dimension on a slightly higher frequency.
I’m scared to fall and feel pain while lucid because I don’t fully believe that I control it.
Imagine hanging out with everyone you know, seeing past their physical being and loving them, for they are you. I also like to look at my hands and body to confirm I’m really experiencing it – although I’ve never remembered to look at myself in the mirror.

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