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Your headquarters for the Broken Powers world, writing, the publishing world, tea, geekery, and the occasional cute fuzzy. Whether to copyright or not is a question that periodically circulates through writers' groups, and while this article does not tell you whether or not to register a copyright, it does tell you what you give up by not getting a copyright (including the rights to winning money in a copyright violation case), and when the best time to register a copyright is (within 3 months of publication).
Another note of point is that many publishers handle copyright differently, so obtaining a copyright immediately before finding a publisher may not be your best option. Also, you may have heard in the past that registering a copyright was an expensive and arduous process, but it's worth noting that thanks to electronic media, it's now much cheaper and quicker. The first example implies that the speaker has more than one brother, only one of whom likes chocolate.
Restrictive means that there is more than one possible person to whom the sentence could be referring, and the clause that restricts it specifies which person it's going to.
Non-restrictive means that there is only one person to whom the sentence could be referring even without the clause, and the clause just adds a little more information about that person. Apple protests the DOJ's proposed settlement as unfair, including pointing out that the DOJ is attempting to rewrite their contracts with the affected party before even hearing any evidence, despite Apple never participating in the settlement. In the Google case, the judge first says there will be no delay, but then says there will be a delay due to the plaintiff's health issues.
Georgia State University has also been embroiled in litigation, in which publishers accused them of having professors deliberately infringe on copyright in order to reduce class costs using the university's e-reserve system. And Nook gives the Kindle back some of its own--Nook Tablet drops price to $179, undercutting the Kindle Fire. If you're a member of a mailing list, she also advises us that the size of mailing list doesn't really matter if you're not a regular contributor.
QueryTracker breaks down types of backstory and how to successfully include backstory in your novel without weighing the novel down. On Publishers' Weekly, a webcartoonist talks about how the new, affordable POD color comic format has made POD comics a viable and profitable option.
Weird Tales, popular speculative fiction magazine, faces backlash for publishing a story readers found to be racist. Therefore, welcome to Nyssa Mehana, my tea-reviewing partner who will be doing 'expert' tea reviews to go with my 'intro to tea' reviews. If anyone has developed a sudden and horrible case of whooping cough, I am certain it was not my fault.
If I may have insinuated that I was in contact with the forces of weather during our last discussion and had convinced them to demolish your previous facility (congratulations on the move, by the way) with a tornado wrapped up by an electrical storm, it was an honest mistake of hyperbole. On Saturday, I interviewed Amy Howard, who started out at a traditional publisher before moving on to work in the online POD business.
POD is basically where you upload your file onto a website, which converts it into a format that can be printed.
Though this is profitable, many POD companies have started offering ancillary services to increase revenue.

Surprisingly it complained about not finding root fs (as far as I can recall) which should be the CD itself. There are generally two ways to boot a Linux on a macbook: directly boot in EFI mode, or use rEFIt to boot in BIOS mode. When you catch yourself ogling someone, you're usually thinking, "I could base a character off that person," instead of thinking about asking the person out. You have nightmares about blank computer screens, and the word "synopsis" gives you the creeps. You notice someone giving you an odd look, and then later realize what was odd about it was that the person wasn't giving you an odd look. The general consensus, if you're going the traditional publishing route, seems to be to wait until a publisher has agreed to take your work, because the publisher may register the work for you, including paying the fees. I was writing a book report for the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, when my cat attacked my pen. I was writing a book report for the novel To Kill a Mockingbird when my cat attacked my pen. I: Because you say a poem instead of the poem, what's important is that you read a poem, and it doesn't matter which poem. This means that books categorized as non-romance but with romantic subplots will either have to enter as their romantic version (such as an urban fantasy novel entering into paranormal romance) or not at all. ReDigi plans to do just that, opening a digital used e-book store--assuming they can get through the litigation first, that is, because many publishers aren't so hot on the idea. The judge not only awarded in GSU's favor (in all but 5 of 75 claims), but also forced the publishers to pay GSU's court costs. Agent Kristen talks about her experience feeling that fear, and how you should take those risks anyway. Getting people talking about the theme of your book is one of her great ideas, right along making a hashtag of the theme (not the book name).
They're two different social networks with different strengths, and tweeting to Facebook isn't making good use of the Facebook platform. The editor responsible considered the work as a whole to be denouncing racism, but only an excerpt was published. After having a few lessons on How to Learn to Like Tea (lesson 1, lesson 2, and lesson 3), the next logical step seemed to be tea reviews. In this guest blog, she'll give you reviews using the terminology common to professional tea reviews, while I'll review in laymen's terms for those just beginning to get into tea. Therefore, if someone broke a leg within the past 24 hours, it was probably just coincidence. Therefore, the mysterious incidence of chairs flying randomly around your building and exploding into flame during our last phone call is probably a sign that you have a poltergeist.
I have no influence on weather patterns, and a freak storm unlike any that has ever been seen in your area before is certainly just an unfortunate coincidence.

Maybe you offended him when you implied his most recent technological mishap might have been the fault of his cat.
When someone buys your book (including you), the company prints a copy and sends it to them.
Since the name of the poem is extra information, you would use commas--it's a non-restrictive clause. He includes the fact that even the DOJ admitted that Amazon was using predatory pricing, and asks the DOJ to release its findings.
As an interesting twist to the case, ReDigi offers to be a line of defense for the publishers against e-pirates, keeping an eye out for filesharing sites offering pirated e-books for free. One of the final points the judge made in the decision was that GSU operated at the tax payers' expense already, and the system proposed by the publishers to keep track and prevent overuse of copyrighted materials would be extremely expensive. But sometimes, just handing them a bat and an old leather glove is all you need to explain that history.
Another magazine, Shimmer, raises its rates for authors to "pro-rates," meaning $.05 per word, to cover the gap. I've kept most of my terminology simple for those who are new to tea, but I also wanted to offer something for experienced tea drinkers, too.
As my resident tea 'expert,' she'll also tell us about different types of tea, such as where they come from and how they're made, and give advice on the tea-making practices that will bring out the best of each brew. I tried hooking up an extra monitor to my computer, and discovered that the laptop monitor is neither broken nor inhabited by demons--it was just my cat walking on my keyboard and stepping on the monitor display button (projector only).
Meanwhile, Google has been granted the chance to appeal the decision to allow the Authors Guild class status.
Someone finally request your full, and you're wondering what to write in the letter (or e-mail) that you send with it? Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair drops by with advice on how to deal with dual expectations. For a nice collection on the Weird Tales fiasco and reactions, Shaun Duke has put together a list of links.
Also, as luck would have it, my monitor display is not experiencing a slow but inevitable demise as the fuel cells power down into nothing.
And if a notorious agent who goes by the moniker "the Shark" gives you praise, don't pretend she's just being nice--believe it!

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