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Window Screen ClipsWindow Screen Clips Window Screening is used forindustrial purposes, window doors and porches's guards, sieves, filters andother numberless purposes. Plastic Window ScreenPlastic Window Screen ,Diamond Company is specialized in producing plastic window screen.
Plastic Window ScreenPlastic Window Screen , Diamond Company is specialized in producing plastic window screen . Well protective plastic window screenPlastic window screening Plastic screens can be divided  into plain weave plastic screens and woven plastic screens. This application provides the best features to save the batterytime of your phone or tablet. Whether you have been using Samsung Galaxy S4 android smartphone from a long time or even if you have just purchased it, this Samsung Galaxy S4 troubleshooting guide can be your exclusive phone troubleshooting resource. Galaxy S4 smart screen was one of the most advertised features of Samsung Galaxy S4 and smart rotation, smart stay, smart pause and smart scroll were all designed to adjust your phone’s display according to the movement of your face and eyes. There are not any software problems in this area and the most likely reasons why Smart screen might not be working on your phone is lighting of the room. Dial *#0011# in the Dialer app, go to Menu, select Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi Power Save Mode. While overheating is a known problem on many Android smartphones, it is quite common in Samsung Galaxy S4. If the above solutions didn’t work, then this might be due to some hardware issue in your Android phone. While a poor battery life is a problem across various Android phones, you might be facing an issue if your smartphone’s battery drains really quick even when you are not using the phone.
Go to Battery in the settings app and view the battery graph along with the listed phone apps which are consuming the most battery juice. Reduce Screen timeout and lower the display brightness from the Display menu in your Settings app. As the latest Android phones come with top-notch hardware, you can think of lag as a problem of the past and an Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4 should not lag because of its premium hardware. Go to Developer options in the Settings app and set Window animation, Transition animation and Animator duration scales to Animation is off. Go to the My device tab in the Settings app, tap on Lock screen and change Unlock effect to None. A lot of Samsung Android phone users are facing the screen ghosting and smearing issue on their smartphones and this problem occurs mostly when browsing through something with a black background.
Use a third-party screen adjusting app from the Google Play store in order to change the contrast. Some of the Samsung Galaxy S4 users have reported a SIM Card Removed error on their smartphones even when the SIM card is inserted perfectly in place.
A lot of Samsung Galaxy S4 users have reported that the Camera app and the Gallery app are either not working or crashing randomly on their smartphones. Go to Application manager in the Settings app, select Camera and tap on Clear cache and Clear data.
If the third-party camera app is not working as well, then this might be a hardware issue on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and you will need to get it fixed from your local phone store or an authorised Samsung service center. You might be disappointed if you have a 16 GB Galaxy S4 because there is only 8.5 GB of free storage space.
If the problem of random reboots in your Galaxy S4 started recently, then the installation of a third-party app might be an issue.
Remove the microSD card from your Samsung Galaxy S4 and check whether the problem still exists.
While the latest Android phones come with premium hardware and software, no phone is flawless and there are bugs and glitches in almost all the Android phone devices.
If you are tired of facing these Android phone problems and planning to buy a new Android based smartphone, use this Samsung Galaxy S4 problems and troubleshooting guide to help yourself out.

If you feel that I have left out a problem that many users are facing on their Galaxy S4 or if you have any questions, feel free to mention it in the comments section below. About YasirA twinkle in the eyes, a skip in the step, rush of blood to the brain - you get the feeling, right? Battery Doctor application provides the best features to saves the battery time of your phone or your tablet. Last summer, the popular vlogger, producer and director launched Beme for iOS, and now it's finally available for Android too. Window screen is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from bugging you.
Even though several other Android phones have been released since the launch of Samsung Galaxy, it is still one of the best Android phones that you can buy right now.
If you are frustrated with the glitches of this android phone, then continue reading our detailed step-by-step troubleshooting guide to find out how you can fix some of most common problems faced by Samsung Galaxy S4 users. However, a lot of users have complained that these features are not working properly and if you have enabled any of these options from Smart screen in the Settings app, then this solution might fix your problem.
The phone’s front camera needs sufficient lighting in order to detect your face and your eyes. Either phone’s Wi-Fi connection does not connect properly or network connection keeps dropping even after establishing a successful Internet connection. Almost all the Android smartphones overheat, if you are multitasking heavily or playing HD games on them. In order to check whether the microSD is causing your android phone to overheat, format the card and delete everything off it. This might be a software bug and Samsung might have fixed it in the latest software update.
In this case, contact Samsung Service center or your local mobile repair shop in order to get your Samsung Galaxy S4 repaired. If you are playing games and watching videos constantly, then a lower battery life is definitely normal. If it is a third-party app that you are not using, then it might be running in the background causing the battery drain.
You might face some lag issue, if you are multitasking your Android phone quite heavily but if your phone is lagging even when you are not using any power-hungry apps, then the solutions below might fix your lag issue in Galaxy S4.
If you can’t see Developer options in the Settings app, go to About device in the Settings app and keep tapping on Build number until you see a pop-up message.
Double tap the Home key to launch S Voice, go to Settings and disable the Open via the home key option. The phone might not recognize the SIM card at all or the phone connection may be dropping every once in a while.
Some users have also reported that the Camera app is not taking pictures while the Gallery app is not showing all the photos stored on the phone. You can also use cloud storage options in order to save your phone data, such as Google Drive. Remove any third-party apps that you have recently installed on your smartphone and check whether the problem still exists in your phone.
Hold the Volume Down key simultaneously for as long as the Samsung logo appears on screen while your phone boots. Samsung Galaxy S4 is no different and even though Samsung released several software updates since the phone first came out, there are still some problems which are still experienced by the users of this smartphone.. The list might not include all the problems faced by Galaxy S4 users, but it does includes some of the most common problems faced by Samsung Galaxy S4 users .
Installing custom ROMs may also help you overcome some basic Android phone problems, so feel free to read about our best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S4.
Or you can try deactivating unnecessary services such as NFC while using the app that could cause your phone to overheat.

Whenever battery runs low or goes too much down then just tap the application to turn on the saving mode. The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile.
With an HD display and 2 GB RAM, this Android based smartphone is able to perform almost all the functions – which are available in the latest Android smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S5. While Android phone’s overheating is quite normal in such cases, it should not happen all the time. You can also checkout some of the best Android battery saver apps if none of these options work to fix your Samsung Galaxy S4 poor battery performance issue. While an Over The Air update has already fixed the pink and red tint issue, the ghosting and smearing problem isn’t totally fixed in Samsung Galaxy S4.
Some of the below mentioned solutions may help you fix this issue of random reboots in Samsung Galaxy S4.
You can also boot your phone in Safe Mode and if the problem goes away, then chances are that a third-party app was causing the issue.
Saving Mode: (Suggested to use in lowest BatteryStatus)- Brightness set to 10%- Inactivate Wifi of the Device- Stand by time set to 15 seconds2. While purchasing a new Android phone, some users believe that the latest android smartphones are loaded with bugs and glitches. In order to check this, you can go outside during the day and use the Smart screen feature.
If other computing devices are working fine in your Wi-Fi connection range, then there is definitely a problem with your Samsung Galaxy S4 Android device.
If your Samsung Galaxy S4 is overheating all the time even when you are using it lightly, then there is definitely a problem with your smarphone and the solutions mentioned below are most likely to fix this problem of overheating. If the overheating started after you installed a third-party app, then chances are that app is causing the problem. It does notassist in unlocking passwords of Wi-fi hotsopts that are not sharedby the users. Since Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched a while ago, some Android smartphone buyers also believe that the phone is problem free on account of the release of many software updates since its launch.
Hacking is illegal.With our growing community of over 800 MILLION users (Chineseand Global version combined), we aim to build a trusted platformfor everybody to enjoy the Internet. However, it is not the real case scenario, so you might need help of our Samsung Galaxy S4 problems and troubleshooting guide.
I have an app called WatchDog that shows the Samsung video player consuming more than 50% and this causes my phone to run VERY HOT!!!
There will be more and more shared WiFi to helpyou get connected online and surf the Internet free!Rate us to show us your love! Use this super simple yetpowerful Battery Saver to optimize your battery power!* FEATURES *1.
Battery Saver will closeyour background running apps and recommends you functions to turnoff in order to save even more. Battery Saving Mode (Deep Sleep)Even if you are not using the phone, lots of activities are goingon that will drain your battery life.
Deep Sleep Mode is set tosolve this problem, such as disabling Wi-Fi, Auto-Sync while thephone is not in use. Battery consuming App TrackerBattery Saver - Power Doctor - tracks application usage and showsyou which app drains the battery the most. The numbers 2x-4x onthe screenshot, app detail is a result of our various tests that ismade in-house.Battery Saver – Power Doctor - Development Team is dedicated tomake your Android life better!

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