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Coal seam gas may not be responsible for a flaming river in Queensland, but it still raises uncomfortable questions. Kakadu National Park is one of Australia’s largest national parks, and arguably its most famous. All you need is a good tent and a warm sleeping bag, a pot to heat water in, and some good humor. Basically any part of Kentucky’s cave and lakes region is just perfect for a few nights of camping, but the safest option is to camp in the national park, where four designated camping sites are available for visitors.
So if you a more secluded place where you won’t be disturbed, you should consider backcountry camping, on the North Side, for example. Many people consider Yosemite as the most beautiful park in the US, so if you want to camp in the middle of nature surrounded by amazing landscapes, this is the place to go. Maine might be a bit chilly this time of the year, but even if you decide not to visit it this autumn, it is a place you should keep in mind for future camping trips. There are two campsites in Acadia, very clothes to the ocean, where you can set up tents or park trailers. Yellowstone is another iconic US national park that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. There are twelve campsites in the park, and countless others in its vicinity, but considering the large number of visitors, making a reservation is always a good idea.
The majestic mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park are the perfect backdrop for a relaxing camping holiday.
The Scottish Highlands offer numerous excellent camping and hiking opportunities as they’re full of beautiful scenery and naturally sheltered camping spots.
The first thing you need to do is plan for a variety of conditions, including terrain and the weather. When camping in Scotland, be aware that there are more hours of daylight the further north you travel.
It can be light at 11pm in the summer and that means you can plan your hiking and camping around it.

When the weather gets colder, the softest patches of grass can turn cold and hard and it’s a good idea to insulate your tent from the ground with an inflatable device or a mat.
There aren’t too many mosquitoes in the lowlands, but in the highlands in the summer they can be pretty bad. You should also take a first aid kit, extra clothes, waterproof clothes, string, and a hammer or mallet.
With lakeside camping and cozy cottages, this secluded park is best known for its covered bridge.
Located between Atlanta and Athens, this popular park features exceptional mountain bike trails, a stroller-friendly nature trail, lakeside swimming beach, disc golf, paddling, fishing and more. If the CLOSE THIS WINDOW button does not work please click WANowandThen at the top of the page. This guide is FREE, help us keep this guide up-to-date by sending us information on changes and additions. Please email any additions and changes by clicking the E-Mail link at the top of this page. Camping in Western Australia Facebook page where you can see more pictures and add your own. Many have slipped from use, but an incredible revival is now awakening sleeping tongues across the nation. This park, around three hours east of Darwin, is a fantastic destination for a family road trip adventure. But if it’s not raining and the weather is mild enough, why should you not go out in the nature for a few days at least? While these campsites are well organized and generally safe, the camping experience is somewhat diminished by the fact that you will be surrounded by lots of other people doing the same as you. Unrestricted camping is no longer allowed in Yosemite because it was deemed to dangerous for the environment, but you can still take advantage of one of the thirteen excellent camping grounds in the park. But Acadia is beautiful in the fall season, and you might still catch a glimpse of the fall foliage, so adding a few layers of clothes is not such a big sacrifice.
For the more adventurous, there’s also the option of primitive camping (that is, camping with no conveniences).

It is the oldest national park in the entire world, and after over a century of existence, it is still one of the most popular. Whether you feel like seeing a lush forest of a frozen mountain tundra, here you will find what you want.
There are many secluded areas for wild camping as long as you take care of the land and clean up after yourself. But when winter comes, you may have as few as six good hours of daylight to enjoy and erect your tent in.
If you have neither of those, then use some clothes and stack them on the floor of the tent.
It’s a good idea to pitch the tent late and get up early to get the most out of your adventure.
A mill pond beckons anglers and paddlers to explore thick stands of cypress and tupelo trees draped with Spanish moss. Besides, in the fall season you won’t have to worry about insect bites, heat rashes and dog days. So here are the best camping spots in the US, where you can commune with nature for a while.
About half of the camping sites work on the basis of reservations, so you will need to call ahead. Nature enthusiasts should look for beaver dams, blue heron, white ibis and other wading birds. The park is just an hour north of Atlanta, featuring outstanding hiking and access to the famed Appalachian Trail.

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