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Acquista almeno € 49,00 di CD Audio, audiolibri e avrai subito in omaggio il CD Omega Healing, del valore di € 129,00!!!
Omega Healing e il metodo rivoluzionario nel quale viene utilizzato il pieno potere della mente per la guarigione e la prevenzione delle malattie. The Secret, il Segreto, spiega con semplicita la Legge che governa le nostre vite, e offre la conoscenza di come creare, intenzionalemnte e senza sforzo, una vita gioiosa. Questo e il Segreto per tutto, il Segreto per Felicita, Amore, Salute e Prosperita senza limiti.Questo e il Segreto per la Vita. Ogni essere umano, senza eccezione, ha la capacita di trasformare ogni debolezza e ogni sfida in forza, potere, pace perfetta, salute e abbondanza. Questi cd sono la trasposizione in audio dell'omonimo dvd The secret ottimi da ascoltare quando si vuole, l'ascolto costante dei cd portera dei cambiamenti positivi nella vostra vita.
Bello anche se ritengo piu bella la lettura del libro, il cd non permette di cogliere punti importanti perche ci si puo distrarre piu facilmente.
Interessante, a volte lo sento in macchina mentre guido, oppure in casa mentre faccio i lavori.
Most people don’t realize that “snake oil” actually refers to the fats in a specific type of snake native to China called the “Enhydris chinensi”.
I would be hard pressed to think of something crueller than peddling false hope, especially when the practice is done for monetary gain. During one of my lectures at George Brown a student asked “What happens when a client of yours breaks down and start crying and your natural human impulse is to tell them everything will be “OK” even though you know it won’t?”.
We were told in NO uncertain terms that to peddle that kind of snake oil is pretty much the most ethically irresponsible thing a person can do. This fact that the “inventors” of this gibberish leave the central concept key to their entire philosophy horribly vague is by no means an accident. Yet despite the very obvious flaws in the idea of a judgmental Universe being apparently very “in tune” with the inner thought processes of random individuals, I have a larger objection. My grandfather lived in Belgium around the time he was scooped up by the Nazi’s and thrown on a train to Auschwitz. Now, I know some will think I am being too literal, missing the forest for the trees so to speak. So if (knock on wood) any of us one day have to suffer the intolerable pain of arthritic inflammation, for heavens sake….

Your basic argument makes all kinds of sense, and I have no quibbles with the path your logic takes. After working in a new thought church in CA for 5 years as an atheist musician, to me all the palliative offerings they proffer are totally wiped out by their beliefs in things like The Secret and the Laws of the Universe (like the Law of Reciprocity), something they teach the kids there.
When people use their heads to write articles like this, it could be considered real positive thinking. You sound like the most miserable fuck on the planet, and what kind of asshole doesn't like a song like Roxanne? So, in the noble and just cause of debunking junk science, false prophets and con artists I want to emphatically state that The Secret is a wicked book and should be denounced as such.
As a social worker in training I cannot possibly imagine something more ethically irresponsible than offering people hope that “positive thinking” can be a truly transformative exercise in and of itself. It exists so that The Secret can never be subjected to the sort of rigorous qualitative and metaphysical criticism that every other religion, scientific discipline or philosophy is forced to endure.
It is hard enough mobilizing people to care without removing the core incentive that push people to actually get shit done. He doesn’t “technically” work in government but considers all of the citizens of Toronto to be his children.
To my way of thinking, it is the opposite of the way life really works most of the time or even should work. Problems exist, and the closest we have to solving those problems are people who are willing to acknowledge and do something about them.
Facts must be acknowledged and limitations must be realized and actual work may have to be done before catharsis can be achieved. The abdication of personal responsibility through the vicarious transfer of one’s situation to “The Universe”; which the book barely even attempts to define. It is not a science but lays claim to methodologically dubious distortions of quantum mechanics and chaos theory. And all those six year old kids dying of leukemia and shit….what brought that on, negative fucking thinking? But in my defence I truly believe that most people innately understand that positive thinking can create the mental framework necessary for achieving one’s goals. Children in Sierra Leone really do lose their hands in civil wars fought to control the Diamond trade, all to satisfy market-demand in the Western world.

Any sort of philosophy, religion or idea that passes the buck of human responsibility to God, the Universe, determinism, fate or any other force outside of our own collective actions and decisions is plain and simply wrong. It is saying you can get more than you put in, if you just have the right attitude and pray, like a magic purse.
It speaks to a specific type of predatory behaviour; cowardly in nature, rooted in deception, lies and exploitation of the vulnerable.
Almost as wrong as encouraging people to do essentially do nothing and just hope that opportunities will present themselves. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. For an idea that masquerades as some sort of post modern eastern philosophy nothing could be more individualistic and narcissistic than to encourage people to think about their “wants” and “needs” all of the time. Negative thinking is often a self-fulfilling prophecy standing in the way of growth or change. His mission is clear; merging opinion and fact into semi-coherent gibberish designed to generate ad revenue to feed his editors pockets (and ego).
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Also, it is no more healthy to give credit to the intangible universe for ones accomplishments than it would be to ascribe the universe blame for one’s hardships. But all of that falls within the realm of common sense. These are very basic lessons most of us internalized at a very early age. Joe’s writing represents your number #1 online source for what Joe may be thinking at any given moment.
Those poor children starving in third world countries – they just need to turn their frowns upside down! The Secret mocks the work of every serious attempt to answer the question from Socrates to Kant to Spinoza to Hawking. The rub is this: you can’t “sell” common sense unless you wrap it inside some sort of ideology or dogma.

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