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She's continued to impress us with her solo singles, so it's expected that she'll once again treat our ears to great new songs, including the title track "Pretty Age 25" which is the work of Duble Sidekick.
Couldn't agree more, she has that voice that makes everything sounds darker than already is and makes it the perfect eargasm.
Il y a quelques heures, nous vous annoncions la decision par la TS Entertainment de devoiler le premier mini-album solo de Ji Eun (SECRET) !
New images uncover 25 secrets about the Mona Lisa, including proof that Leonardo da Vinci gave her eyebrows, solving a long-held mystery. Cotte, founder of Lumiere Technology, scanned the painting with a 240-megapixel Multi-spectral Imaging Camera he invented, which uses 13 wavelengths from ultraviolet light to infrared. A zoomed-in image of Mona Lisa's left eye revealed a single brush stroke in the eyebrow region, Cotte said. Another conundrum had been the position of the subject's right arm, which lies across her stomach. Cotte discovered the pigment just behind the right wrist matched up perfectly with that of the painted cover that drapes across Mona Lisa's knee. The infrared images also revealed da Vinci's preparatory drawings that lie behind layers of varnish and paint, showing that the Renaissance man was also human.

The transparency of the veil shows da Vinci first painted a landscape and then used transparency techniques to paint the veil atop it.
A blotch mark on the corner of the eye and chin are varnish accidents, countering claims that Mona Lisa was sick. In the larger picture, Cotte said when he stands back and looks up at the enlarged infrared image of Mona Lisa, her beauty and mystique are apparent. These 25 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes are absolutely incredible and totally hidden. Hopefully you don't have to go too bad, it might take sec before you realize where the door is.
It could be easily unnoticed that when you open this cabinet a secret slide is hidden inside. You could use this little extra room to hide treasures or to turn into the best reading nook.
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Ji Eun previously wrote, "Now it's the age where I know things", and the meaning of that tweet is now clear as Ji Eun drops her new title track to portray her blossoming from a girl into a woman.Ji Eun's 1st mini album, which includes the pre-release track "Don't Look At Me Like That", will be released on the 14th! This was the first time, Cotte said, that a painter had rendered a subject's arm and wrist in such a position. But if you look deeply in the infrared you understand that she holds a cover with her wrist," Cotte said. I searched high and low for years, but who would have thought the one-story house I grew up in didn’t have a hidden bunker full of treasures from yesteryear? The kitchen island leads down to a basement, an armoire opens to a Narnia-like playroom, and a linen closet conceals a slide. While other artists had never understood da Vinci's reasoning, they copied it nonetheless. Jeanna has an English degree from Salisbury University, a Master's degree in biogeochemistry and environmental sciences from the University of Maryland, and a science journalism degree from New York University.

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