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Perhaps the toughest challenge Assassin’s Creed Syndicate offers is tracking down the Secrets of London. Let’s start with the first Borough you have access to, and proceed onwards in order of Borough difficulty.
To find this Secret just east of the centre of Whitechapel, drop a map marker down between the two shops (that’s the ? symbol) on a nearly horizontal line.
The easiest way to find the third Lambeth Secret is to start at the northeast corner of the asylum grounds. The final Lambeth Secret is so easy to find, I collected it by accident before I knew what it was, and don’t have a screenshot for you! Starting from the east-most road bridge where you collected the last secret, Follow the north bank of the Thames to the west. Start in the very southwest corner of Southwark, where the map bulges slightly west into the Thames to accommodate a building and its docks. As long as you have found even one Secret of London, the Reuge’s Vault symbol will appear on your map in the City of London. To find this one, travel to the east end of the City of London district and look for the road continuing north after crossing the Thames on a bride. Head north from Charing Cross Station (the most southerly viewpoint in The Strand) to find the National Gallery landmark.
Head west from the southern station in Westminster until you reach the most westerly block of buildings at the edge of the map.
The next three Secrets are labelled Buckingham in the game menu, but that’s just a district of Westminster encompassing the palace and the parks nearby. The state rooms were decorated with gold and other lavish materials and some even has secret entrances!
I think all of us enjoyed the trip because no one in the school has been there on a trip with the school.I also think the two helpers were really kind. Going to Buckingham Palace was amazing, my favourite part was when we went and saw the royal gardens.

It looks like you really enjoyed yourself Yr4 you are so lucky you got to see soldiers wow did you like them?
You adore spoiling yourself with all the precious things in the world and you simply love feeling like a diva or a great king indulging in whatever humors you. Completing this challenge unlocks the Aegis, a powerful and very cool-looking outfit for Evie.
They look like small wooden boxes, highlighted white with Eagle Vision, and make a sound like a music box when you’re close enough. Head along the rooftops of the buildings on the south side of the main road that runs northeast from the church. From this position you should be able to hear the Secret’s music as soon as you take a few steps to the west. Head to the northeast portion of the map and search along the south edge of the tracks until you find a wooden hut. Just south of the bridge near the border, on the east side of the large road, is a lovely walled park. Turn east along the large road at the very bottom of the map, but after you’ve pass one building on your left (north), hop over the wall (still north) to drop down to a lower area. It’s on the top of the chimney which also plays host to the viewpoint (fast travel point) in the northeast corner of Lambeth. Let’s start with the east-most road bridge, travelling north from Southwark to the City of London. Before you reach the next set of bridges you should see one of those pier things with little buildings on it. See how the southern border of Southwark bulges north to meet a U-shaped section of raised railway track?
The Secret is just slightly north of it, at ground level, as you walk north east around the big round green structure. The Secret is sitting on a stool outside a shop on a small intersection, on your right side (east) as you travel north.

The Secret is on a bench close to the eastern wall of the park, about half way along and quite near the little gazebo. Look for a little park and you’ll find the Secret on a table lit by a lamp, right next to a gazebo. Search at ground level around the houses on its northern corner; the secret is on the station side, casually resting on a table.
It’s not really near any landmarks, so just search the area north of the east side of the pond. It was incredible to see inside the palace and we even got to visit areas that were off limits to the public! The Secret is on bench in a rounded rest area on your left (west) just past the halfway mark. From the northwest of these three shops, continue a short way west along the road and climb onto the building at the intersection. If you start at the bottom of the U and walk northwest along its western arm, you’ll spot the secret on a scaffold attached to a building to your right (north). We walked through several of the state rooms as well as looking at a collection of toys given to the Royal Family as gifts, they were so exquisite! That’s why, for you and for us we decided to daily dedicate time to find and show you new, astonishing luxury lifestyle items…all the Rare Delights there are! The Secret is on a coil of rope on the east side of the alley, closer to the water than the wall.

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