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After releasing the first still images of Yoo Ah Ina€™s first day of filming for a€?Secret Love Affaira€™ last week, today JTBC came up with some other a€?breathtakingly intensea€? of Secret Love Affair poster-shooting photos.  Squeeee!
Yoo Ah In looked freakina€™ young in black-white suits~ because hea€™s a pianist-student, I guess.
When the shooting arrived on the concept of having kiss in slow motion, they suggested to take a break to prepare for it.
But since Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In had quirky sense of humor, the scene was filled with full of laughter.
According to the rep, Secret Love Affair poster will have two taglines which going to be like these~ a€?I want to be with hera€? a€“ Lee Seon Jae. After the first three alluring teaser videos revealed last week, JTBC just dropped both the character posters and the 30-second teaser trailer of the upcoming drama Secret Love Affair today, which scream mellow, bothered and hotness emotions all over the places too.
The character posters are drawn in luxurious light wine and beige colors with a subtle background. Oddly enough, QTV also broadcast the drama teaser trailer, only with different version called a€?Sun Jae versiona€?. Now here are two photos of Secret Love Affair poster shoot, which also have the rawrrr factor! Yoo Ah In sitting on the floor, while Kim Hee Ae either sitting on the couch or lying in bed, feels like channeling a metaphor of their position in society and social status gap.

The posters and teasers indicate that Oh Hye Won is the one taking control in their relationship because she has more power, shea€™s more mature than Lee Sun Jae, and she knows what she wants. If Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms affair was a sizzling mess, Oh Hye Won and Lee Sun Jaea€™s seems to repeat their story all over again, only in different time and place.
Secret Love Affair is directed by A Wifea€™s Credentials successful team PD Ahn Pan Suk and writer Jung Sung Joo. A soap-opera melodrama that morphs into an erotic thriller, Secret Love tells the intense story of a complex and dangerous love triangle in modern-day Korea. Korean Super Star Actor Hyeon Bin's Much Awaited Comeback Period Film "The Fatal Encounter" Hits N.
Wea€™d better brace ourselves too, SIKseekers, because this noona-dongsaenga€™s chemistry is going to be totally off the roof! Kim Hee Ae arrived on the set in modest attire earlier than the schedule, while Yoo Ah In came up later and greeted all the staff brightly. She works in a prestigious field, shea€™s rich and she has a perfect marriage and husband that her circle might envy. I just hope Lee Sun Jae wona€™t do the same mistake as Brahms did and forever regretted in the end.
If you have watched this drama, youa€™ll get the picture of how messy an affair can get when society involves. Shortly after a whirlwind courtship, Yeon’s (Yoon Jin-seo) new husband, Jin-woo (Yoo Ji-tae), lapses into a coma that he might never awake from. The photographer crews turned on the classical music on the background during the poster shoot, in order to build a graceful atmosphere.

Yoo Ah In immersed in his character immediately~ as a passionate, pure and bright young Lee Seon Jae.
Yeon is soon shocked to meet Jin-woo’s twin brother, Jin-ho (also played by Yoo Ji-tae), who recently emerged from a coma himself. Hea€™s genius, but still hea€™s young, poor, powerless, and doesna€™t even aware of his talent. As Yeon and Jin-ho grow closer, their relationship threatens to go to the next level — but when Jin-woo suddenly and unexpectedly arises from his coma, the love triangle becomes overwhelmed by betrayal, uncontrollable passion, and mistaken identity. In contrast to all aspects of and the barriers caused by their position, they cana€™t escape the sparks of love when it hits like thunder.
Directed by Kwon Ji-yeon and cowriter Ryoo Hoon-I (who penned the screenplay with Park Hyun-soo), Secret Love, which is also known as The Secret River, uses water as an underlying motif, with many scenes taking place over a river, in the shower or bath, or at an aquarium. Although it begins slowly and sappy, the film picks up speed as hidden passions explode and danger lurks at every twist and turn.
Secret Love is screening for free July 10 at Tribeca Cinemas as part of the ongoing Korean Movie Night series as well as the New York Asian Film Festival, which continues through July 12 at Lincoln Center and July 15 at Japan Society in conjunction with Japan Cuts.
As an added bonus, Yoon Jin-seo, who has also appeared in such films as Oldboy, Chihwaseon, and A Good Day to Have an Affair, will participate in a Q&A following the screening.
She had to cancel an earlier appearance at a screening of Oldboy because she was rushed to the emergency room less than two weeks ago after an overdose of cold medication that was initially — and apparently falsely — reported to be a suicide attempt, so it should make for a lively discussion on July 10.

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