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NEWSDishonored 2 Coming November 11thMore news arriving at Bethesda's E3 ConferenceNEWSMighty No. Clanck, uno de los dos protagonistas de la serie Ratchet & Clanck, debuta como protagonista solitario en este juego exclusivo para PSP.
Doppelgangers were Klunk's powerful robot guards that could disguise themselves as Fort Sprocket's robot guards.

They had a variety of attacks, such as a laser-like handgun, short range missiles, and a spinning attack.
This media gallery (or part of it) needs improving and should ideally be integrated into the article and the gallery eventually removed or reduced. Acusado de un asesinato que obviamente no ha cometido, el pequeno robot debera demostrar su inocencia haciendo uso de su habitual parafernalia de gadgets y divertidas armas. See the talk page for further information and to discuss the exact implications of these improvements.Once the gallery has been removed or appropriate improvements have been made in accordance with discussion please remove this template.

Ratchet ha sido encarcelado por un crimen que no ha cometido, y su socio robot no ve otra forma mejor de ayudarle que protagonizar un videojuego poniéndose un esmoquin imitando al gran James Bond.

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