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Secret Agent is the third solo album by the British singer-songwriter Robin Gibb, released in 1984. Robin and Maurice continued the Bee Gees tradition of "making it up" in the recording studio. Assistant engineer Richard Achor recalled the years when Robin and Maurice would come in with only ideas for songs.
Robin wrote lyrics with Maurice, and sometimes they set up drum and synthesizer grooves first, in which a song would work out from that. The album is heavily electronic, relying mostly on multi-layered keyboards with bass and drums played on synthesizers.
Maurice played synthesizer and keyboard, but played relatively little on the finished tracks in favor of Rob Kilgore's expertise.

Recording took place at Criteria Studios as Barry Gibb was occupying the Bee Gees' own Middle Ear studio at the time, recording his solo debut Now Voyager. Robin had long been interested in the electronic sound and Maurice was a willing accomplice.

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