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Ratchet and Clank is a trademark of SCEA Inc and developped by Insomniac Games and High Impact Games. 8:40 am May 8, 2008 By Roland Hutchinson Tweet Share1 +1Shares 1Check out this James Bond gadget, the Secret Agent Camcorder Pen. It comes with 1GB of storage and can record video files with audio at a resolution of 352 x 288.
A new website set up by the Central Intelligence Agency has revealed the bizarre real-life gadgets used by secret agents. Whilst these may look like clever boys toys they're actually made of nothing more than sheets of PAPER.
Most people tell their wife they love them over one bottle of wine but this man has used precisely 3,842 to show how much he cares.

These are the world?s first 3D pictures taken in outer space by an astronaut who beamed them back through Flickr. This models creator is a real stickler for detail - after recreating Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia out of nothing but TOOTHPICKS. An artist is hoping to bring home the bacon with a replica of one of the world's most iconic paintings made entirely from pork. These are the eery family portraits of unknowns found strewn amongst the carnage of Japan's Tsunami. These adorable images of newborns are enough to bring a smile to anyones face taken by ex mortgage broker turned photographer Maria Murray. It's a knit of both worlds, an artist has created dozens of amazing life-sized animals using a technique she dubs 'CROCHETDERMY'.

The creative minds at MorphCostumes created this illustrated guide that features the coolest gadgets that have ever even been used by the most iconic secret agent ever -- James Bond. The infographic outlines items such as his wrist dart gun from the film 'Moonraker' and his explosive keychain from 'Casino Royale.' The image is comprised of two sections, the left hand side shows an image of the gadget and the right hand side provides a name, description and in which movie the device was used. While this sleek spy is a weapon on his own, he never fails to pull off the most high-tech and creatively designed tools to help him complete his missions.

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