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I can’t really remember the circumstances for our next meeting, but this time we did manage to exchange a few words beyond the smiles.
Sam:  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with music but I didn’t really get super serious about collecting until later on.
Sam:  We met in 2008 while Eric was working at the coffee shop around the corner from the flower shop where I worked. During the life of Dust & Grooves, we’ve heard quite a few sad stories of a person’s obsession for vinyl that terminated a relationship. Sam:  Because I love music more than anything and there are zillions of records on this planet so I’ll never run out of things to find and enjoy. When I was 14, The Boatman’s Call had just come out and my mom’s best friend Pete (more on him later) gave it to me for my birthday. Well, Man is the Bastard was one of those bands that I’d see as a kid that was my absolute favorite. Sam:  Chubby Checker’s Chequered!, the druggy psychedelic record he did in Holland in 1971. Chubby Checker – Self Titled (originally released as Chequered!) This is a kind of janky 1976 French reissue of Chubby Checker’s psychedelic record that’s much cheaper and more readily available than the 1971 original.
Everybody loves a good novelty record, or at least they should, especially for display purposes. We’ve got some good picture discs and unusually shaped discs, but also sermons, self-help records, hypnosis records, sound effects, animal recordings, astrology lectures, old radio shows, altered covers, all types of Christmas records…the list goes on. Was there a particular person who inspired you to collect records, a role model in the art of record collecting? Sam:  My mom’s best friend Pete is like my uncle and he is an amazing artist who loves music as much as I do and has impeccable taste. When I was 20, I happened upon a record shop that had just opened in the East Village called Tropicalia in Furs.
While working on the Dust & Grooves book, I became friends with Eothen Alapatt from Now-Again Records and I have learned so much from him too.
Sam:  A couple of years ago, I discovered Trad, Gras och Stenar and the Baby Grandmothers and that inspired me to dig deeper into Swedish psychedelic music and Progg from the 1970s.
Eric:  While I still go to record stores or dig through piles of dirty, dusty, sometimes moldy and water damaged records at flea markets or in people’s basements, I end up buying most of the good records the same way as Sam. Sam:  I found a Rolling Stones album among my dad’s records and that is about as unlikely as anything could ever be in the history of the universe. Eric:  I found Cock Sparrer’s first record along with a bunch of other records in a dumpster in Portland, Oregon.
Sam:  If I ever can’t decide what to listen to, I just put on any record by Bo Hansson because he’s the best.
We went on a big Northern road trip in 2012 and in Montana, we found Lee Hazlewood Forty at a Salvation Army for 12 cents and a nice copy of Pharoah Sanders Tauhid for $1.50 at a church thrift store. Secret agent man-James Bond is back by Willis, Bruce UK Motown ZT41438(P) ST 12 Inch Picture Disc Vinyl TV Pop Vocal 80s. Totally Vinyl records aims to bring you the best rare vinyl, rare acetates, vinyl records, picture discs, 7 inch singles, LP albums, memorabilia, autographed records, and other fantastic items. We smiled at each other and said hi a couple of times throughout the night but said nothing—we were both pretty wasted. I went to boarding school so hoarding things wasn’t practical because you’d have to lug it all home with you at the end of the year. I went in one day before work and noticed a cute dude wearing a Dungen t-shirt behind the counter.
As we write this, we are listening to an incredible band from Sweden called Life, the Swedish version of their super heavy self-titled album from 1970.

A guy I know who worked for Vice wrote an article about how much Phish sucks and the backlash was quite epic. I do actually have every record on the Swedish label Gump, a subsidiary of Metronome, which came out with really fantastic stuff like Mats Glenngard’s solo album Kosterlage and Sogmusobil’s Telefon – but there are only 8 titles on that label and they’re all rad so it was a pretty reasonable goal, even though they are all pretty rare and it took me a few years.
We were in Sweden a few months back and were able to grab a few Sweden-only releases for pretty cheap.
It’s just a good folk rock record, not like all the sandy, coconutty, light rum infused, sunburned, parrot head soft rock that people think of when they think of Jimmy Buffett. I’ve known him for my entire life and he is who I credit with saving me from a Top 40 existence.
I spent the next 8 hours with Joel Stones – he was playing record after record for me (Tim Maia’s Racional records, Caetano Veloso Araca Azul, Tom Ze Todos os Olhos, and A Banda Tropicalista do Duprat, to name a few) and blowing my mind!
He’s the only other American I know who is as obsessed with Swedish psych as I am and, as we all know, he has exquisite taste. When I was a kid I was just kind of doing it for no real reason and now I’d probably say Sam is my inspiration just to impress her once in awhile and trick her into thinking I’m still cool.
I learned about this from Joel when we met and managed to get a decent copy for 90 bucks soon after – quite a bargain! Progg is not to be confused with progressive rock because it’s not really a genre per se, it was a revolutionary musical political movement.
It’s comprised of their already released singles and 5 new songs, all written by Barry Gibb, who I think is really great songwriter. I wouldn’t say I collect them but every once in awhile, a tape like Clayt Butt comes around and I can’t say no. In the true sense of the word, Bill Evans’ Alone has been consistently comforting me since I was a kid and continues to do so. I wouldn’t think churchgoers in Kalispell, MT would be down with astral jazz but I guess the fact that we found this at the thrift store proves that they aren’t. Please register to receive the latest updates and experience the full functionality of our site.
We talked about music, Brazilian records, and her plan to rob Joel’s magic Brazilian Psych 45 box. She came to ALL of our book launch parties, stood up for us and played the best music ever. Also the school was in the middle of nowhere in Montana and the nearest record store was like 80 miles away, so, you know, there was that. They’re one of my favorite bands so I chatted Eric up and started going into the coffee shop more often and we talked about music a lot and quickly became friends. Some of the more computer literate Phish fans made hate art and tweeted death threats at him. There are incredible things out there that will just never be issued on any other format and you’d have no way of listening to them otherwise. I listened to it on repeat and then I started looking for all the prior Bad Seeds albums and the Birthday Party too. We have a nice selection of novelty records but not for any particular reason, mostly just because they are hilarious. These 2 guys are waving flags in what at quick glance looks like dunes or some sort of alien landscape but upon closer inspection is a row of fine naked ladies. He introduced me to Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Television, Sonic Youth, The Residents, Blonde Redhead, and tons more fundamentals to build on…then I took it from there. I knew about Os Mutantes at the time but not much else and he sent me blasting like a rocket into the galaxy of psych and funk and soul from Brazil and all around the world…and I haven’t been back since.
There is hardly anything more fun than hanging out with him and Joel drinking wine and listening to records!

The film was a key part of the Cinema Novo movement, which was very focused on socio-political themes in 1960s Brazil. The sleeve is not perfect but the vinyl is in super good shape and that’s all that really matters to me.
There are some great shops here in the Bay Area like Groove Merchant, Explorist International, and Stranded.
You can tell which copy you have by the etching in the dead wax and that’s what I’m squinting at. Some great records I have are so closely associated with bummer times in my life that I can’t listen to them anymore though, I guess that counts. We really didn’t have very many interesting records on the walls when our picture was taken in there because we were in the middle of re-arranging everything and about to paint over that hideous wall color.
I promised her that the next time I was on the West Coast, I’d make the trip to document both her and Eric’s collection. When I graduated high school and settled back in Oakland, that’s when it started getting serious. The English lyrics version is rarer and I have an original copy of that too, but I prefer the Swedish one.
Albums and singles that never made it past a first puny release for some reason but should have, geniuses left in the dust, you just never know what you’ll find! Other than that, a few things I’ve either completed or am trying to complete are any music projects Eric Wood (of Man is the Bastard) is or was involved in, Thin Lizzy, Corrupted, releases with artwork by “Morbid Mark,” Sacramento rap from 1989-1999, and the Slap-a-Ham label.
The music stuck with me and when I got more into collecting, I decided I needed the entire discography, side projects, bootlegs included.
In other important novelty record news, we have completed our years-long quest to find every LP with a Whipped Cream and Other Delights parody cover.
I bought this for him when we were first dating because he had lost his copy and I was trying to impress him. Some of my favorite psych falls into the Progg category but I love all of it, political or not. When we’re in LA, I always go to Permanent Records and I love hanging out with Ian and Elden at Wombleton Records.
I love the beat and garage stuff from the 1960s, the hard stuff from the 70s, the folk stuff, the weird stuff, all the crazy psych, the whacked out prog, everything! My best friend lives in Austin and whenever we visit her, I have to make sure to schedule some time to go to Breakaway Records. He can identify anything, even with only a single snippet from the middle of a movement to go on. Interactive gatefolds and pop-ups, posters, holograms, colored vinyl, etched discs, picture discs, unusually shaped discs, band photos, lyrics inserts, secret messages in the dead wax, then the chance you might find notes or pictures stuffed in the jackets by former owners… Nothing else could ever be as magical, not even close. Unfortunately it wasn’t my true focus yet when these photos were taken so my most prized gems aren’t pictured. I do have an above average knowledge of Brazilian and Turkish psych too but it’s not as extensive.
His arrangements are fantastic, his voice is out of this world, and he just does what he wants. My dad had a beautiful box set from 1960 that I listened to and looked at a lot so he basically gave it to me. I’d say that was my first record, or at least it was the first record I was ever obsessed with.

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