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It cannot be easy crafting a series long murder mystery series anymore, with so many shows having done it now very well and obvious points of comparison ready to be made. As with any murder mystery series of this nature, we need to be introduced to the killer in the first episode, or very early in to the series at least. Tonally, the first episode is also hampered by the character of best friend Dave, who lives in the Gundelach family’s pool house.
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Az AXN marcius elsejen, az amerikai premier elott par oraval mutatja be a Secrets & Lies cimu sorozatot (bovebben rola itt, elozetes itt), mely itthon Titkok es hazugsagok cimen fog futni. Ha van kedvetek a bemutato elott megnezni a sorozatot, csak arra a kerdesre kell valaszolnotok, hogy melyik orszagban keszult a Titkok es hazugsagok eredetije? Szia winnie.nem tudom melyik topikban kerdezhetnem meg,de mert ez friss itt kerdeznem,hogy te biztos tudod,mennyire hajaz az amerikai valtozat az eredetire?
A man finds the body of a young neighbor while out jogging and soon becomes the prime suspect in the boy's murder, putting his marriage, his children, his reputation, and his sanity at stake. Ben's discovery adds to the tension between he and Christy, while Cornell returns to the crime scene.

Secrets & Lies, with its murder-mystery surrounding the death of a young boy immediately lends itself to comparisons with the (far superior) recent UK drama series Broadchurch.
Upon the discovery of the body, Gundelach becomes the number one suspect in the murder investigation. The opening scenes which show the discovery of the body are deliberately muddy, preventing the viewer from being entirely certain that Gundelach is innocent.
It’s an unsatisfying whodunit if the who is only introduced during the back half of a series. Dave, played by Damon Gameau, is your stereotypical Australian larrikin – a lad who is mooching off the family, while consistently getting in trouble by Mrs Gundelach for the bevvy of women he regularly has over. Location is important to any story and the show does ground itself nicely with a set of locales that reflect the vibe of inner-suburban Brisbane (Ashgrove), without being overly showy about it. His musings on television have been heard across ABC Radio, on websites like The Guardian and Crikey, and to strangers on the train during the commute home. If the doctor isn’t guilty, why the photos of a boy, and why the haste to get rid of them. Last night the main character finds pills stashed away in a drawer of the mother of the dead boy.
Lehet tudni,hogy szorol szora,tettrol tettre lemaso!tak az eredetit,vagy esetleg mas veget irtak neki? On its own, Secrets & Lies holds up okay, but it makes a handful of choices early into the series that prevents it from being nothing more than an okay diversion. Little reason for this is given, which becomes problematic for the first episode of the show. But with the show seen entirely through his eyes, as consumers of structured narrative fiction, we know that he isn’t guilty.

Whether audiences entirely buy into the mystery of the show is the biggest question lingering. He steals two prescription pill containers and looks up the medications on the Internet when he gets home. It also gives you the impression that she killed her son because she went off her medication.
The apparent lack of a motive becomes not a plot point in itself, but rather undermines the dramatic tension of the series as it establishes it’s foundation. With so few viable suspects, it’s likely audiences are going to have the mystery of the series solved well before the sixth episode series finale.
The story revolves around a young boy’s murder and the quest of one detective to find out who did it.
I won’t get into too many details of the show, but in a scene following the pill stealing, the main character is in her house and does something to anger the mother. It makes me mad because someone with no knowledge of the illness will watch the show and get the wrong idea. Information delivered in episode 2 points toward a motive, but by the time this is learned by the audience, the investigation has become a procedural structure contrivance.
The show would have been better served seeing the mystery through the eyes of someone removed from the core list of suspects. Unless some plotting wizardry occurs between episodes 2-5, the series is simply going to be ticking boxes until we get to the revelation of who the killer was and their motive.

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