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Railway’s largest employees’ union known as All India Railwaymen’s Federation (the AIRF) has called in more than 10 lakh workers in their association as they have taken a decision to go for  a strike ballot on Friday.
In the secret ballot, the employees will be voting either for or against the strike call which will be announced on Monday. The employees are demanding guaranteed pension scheme, quota for the wards of employees in the railway recruitment, flexible timings for women and ministerial staff, and exempting women railways employees from night shifts in the open line. According to Mishra, the general mood is to go for an indefinite strike as most of the pending demands are being ingored by the railways. How many of you thought casting your vote in a secret ballot is written in the Constitution or otherwise protected by federal law to protect the voter from intimidation? Saying there is no fundamental right to a secret ballot, a federal judge Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by elections integrity activists that challenged whether counties can print ballots with identifying numbers that critics say can be traced back to individual voters easily.
Besides==the fact that anything you can dream of actually has happened, the RELEVANT question is: how often? To call her a “judge” is about as fitting as calling Adolf Hitler a humanitarian! This is the key reference (bobbo I’m sure you write enough propaganda to understand how it is applied) presented as fact, from huffpo. I have ALWAYS had to show a picture ID, register to vote in my area, and be checked against a voter list to vote. The Constitution does not mention Secret ballot so how can there be a fundamental right to it? Yes, and the Keynesian inspired planned industrialization efforts employed throughout the developing world post WWII that left most of those nations in tatters did such a better job.
Yep… secret ballots were hotly litigated years ago when union voting was hot and heavy. People are still free to lie about how they vote (before or after) they leave the ballot box. The secret service (MI5) were caught going through ballots to check how members of the jury in a trial had voted. There goes your right to a secret ballot (which was done to protect you from retaliation from whom ever got in office.
Lets just get the parties out of politics and select our representatives at random, like a citizen’s draft. By the way George W Bush has a higher IQ than Kerry, as can be seen from their military evaluations, in the 120s. What makes you think that your politicians are super-human genii who are wise and learned in the ways of the world? Basing myself on the evidence, some, if not most, of them are lucky idiots who happen to be easily fooled and easily bought. Well-known modern IQ tests include Raven’s Progressive Matrices, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Stanford-Binet, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities, and Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children. Approximately 95% of the population have scores within two standard deviations (SD) of the mean. The judge took his cues from the Obama Administration, whose NLRB is pushing card check union organizing with no secret ballot.

The same people who are complaining about this are the same ones who want a receipt when you vote, or push internet voting. Now, I think its fair to say that in common parlance if you can score higher than a given score you are also included as capable of scoring the lesser included scores?
I know a lot about all this because it dismayed me that people I disagree with were actually no dumber than me. As to max age, again some very good people will be cut off at any point selected, so ….
Randomly select any person that is browsing a shopping mall and sit down with them and talk about general subjects and you will see what I mean.
The Justice Department Civil Rights Division is not interested in enforcing the law against minority defendants. If Obama wins he election there is rampant voter fraud by deadbeats and freeloaders that don’t pay taxes and depend on the government. If Willard Romoney wins the election, well, it is about time people came to their senses and voted for a wealthy elitist corporate aristocrat. There is also voter identification verification fraud schemes where a problem that amounts to .o1% of the vote and not changing of the result is used as an excuse to affect 5% of the vote and change the election.
My wife noticed the mistake, and took the eggplant to the customer service desk to get it corrected.
A normal person would have overlooked the error with the price of an eggplant and not bothered with going to the service desk to correct an error of $0.98. If it were me, I would have avoided the time and frustration to correct the error and would have ate the 98 cents and the eggplant.
The biggest election fraud in the last 100 years is the Supreme Court decision that money=speech.
The ID requirements for voting should be indentical to those for buying alcohol, cigarettes, driving, getting on a plane or buying a gun, collecting a gov’t aid check, etc. Here is what Gary Shapiro CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said: Dvorak's writing sings with insight and clarity. Last week the Petroglyph posted a story on how the San Juan County vote by mail ballots violated the Utah Constitutions secret ballot law. It became very clear that he was not really interested in why the ballot violated the law he just wanted to argue with me about it.
This is not brain surgery or Obama Care it is really simple – a secret means it should be done in secret. A method of voting that ensures that all votes are cast in secret, so that the voter is not influenced by any other individual, and at the time of voting no one else knows who the voter chose. Maybe it has nothing to do with people not understanding what “secret ballot” means maybe it is more about people being to lazy to take the time to go to the poll location to vote? As one who helped open the ballots and process them, I can assure you that I could not tell you how anyone voted. District Court Judge Frederick Martone today granted Summary Judgment in favor of the State’s position that the law is constitutional, Attorney General Tom Horne announced. The NLRB threatened all four states, that if they did not voluntarily negate their amendments, the NLRB would sue.

As the railways possibly head into the first nationwide strike in 39 years, it will obviously have a wide impact of the lives of millions who use the railways as their daily transportation. The railways workers are frustrated with the government, who have been insensitive to their demands and have gone back on several promises which they have made, according to AIRF general secretary Shiva Gopal Mishra. More than a thousand voting centers have been set up where ballot papers have been printed in all the different languages so that employees can cast their votes. Combine this with the Republican’s frantic push to exclude as many potential Democrat voters around the country and undesirable candidates, and this may make for the lowest percentage voter count ever.
But having actually observed Judge Arguello in action I’m surprised she isn’t requiring blood tests that include DNA info for every single American! Quick–yes it was quick but this subject has been addressed in others threads so my ducks were already all lined up. If one SD is 15 points, as is common in almost all modern tests, then 95% of the population are within a range of 70 to 130, and 98% are below 131. In 2008 an individual registered for an absentee ballot with my address stating they lived there and did so again in 2010 (which is when I caught it because their voter card came to my mail box ) My family has been the sole owners and habitators of this residence for over 35 years. We were browsing at the produce section, and she picked up this weird looking eggplant which we have never had before.
Considering the condition of politics in this nation, it wouldn’t be so bad for voters to actually be accountable for their votes, rather than hide behind a secret ballot.
Francom wanted to know how having your name on the front and back of the return envelope for the ballot violated the states secret ballot law. A secret ballot can be ensured in many different ways, primarily by using enclosed voting areas, or simply a place to record your answers that is far enough away from all other voters.
Maybe the county clerk is too lazy to run the voting process the way it was intended to be ran? The last railway strike which was held was in the year of 1974 by AIRF leader George Fernandes. District Judge Christine Arguello first denied a request by the Citizen Center, a group that advocates transparency in elections, to block counties temporarily from printing ballots with identifying bar codes. That’s what you get when you let the leftists and activists take over the legal system. Secret ballots are used in virtually all United States Presidential elections, and can also be used in any other voting process where the voters may want to remain anonymous or free from outside influence. The result of strike ballot will be available on Monday and based on that AIRF will chalk out further strategy ” Mishra said.
What, did all knowledge, all history get thrown away, all laws and democratic procedutes forgotten? Francom that wearing an “I Voted” sticker is the same as having your name on the return ballot envelope. The people financing the candidates should not be secret to make sure everyone knows who and what they are voting for.

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