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I don't think there are many people out there who haven't heard of the Necronomicon and the dreadful things connected with it. When medical knowledge past is considered, lack of aseptic technique, pain-killing drugs and antibiotics are an accepted part of our modern legend of these ancient healing practices. On Friday, David Wasserman, House editor for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, floated the possibility that the down-ballot drag from either a Trump or Cruz nomination could put the GOP's House majority in jeopardy. They keeping subverting the will of the people as they rigging elections each time we get to the ballot. On Monday members of the Belknap County Delegation voted, 10-4, to appoint Craig Wiggin of Meredith to serve as county sheriff until the term expires in December 2008.
A secret-ballot vote resulted in Wiggin being selected over David Nielsen, the former chief of police in Belmont.

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The temples were in essence the *Home of the God* and thus a place where only Pharaoh as the Son of God and those he appointed as his deputies, could meet with the god.
Fragments of the earliest books come from Egypt, where dreams were considered to be the messages sent from the gods. All public proceedings shall be open to the public, and all persons shall be permitted to attend any meetings of those bodies or agencies.
I am calling on the County Delegation, a majority of whom are Republicans, to conduct a revote in a legal fashion. We must fix this egregious error as soon as possible, lest clever defense lawyers use it to their clients’ advantage down the road.

Except for town meetings, school district meetings and elections, no vote while in open session may be taken by secret ballot. How can a person we elect to "represent" us (the people) cast a secret vote on our behalf? This legislation will protect the rights of workers to support or resist union initiatives without the risk of social alienation or physical intimidation.

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