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In the macho world of international football, world champions Germany have taken a more spiritual approach. For physical and mental agility yoga is indeed an ideal aid and one can add their own belief systems mantra for spirituality! 2500-3000 years old Yoga practices of ancient India is gift of wisdom to the world, and so are Ayurveda, spirituality & Meditation along with Vedic maths and sciences. UZAIR Baloch, the alleged mafia kingpin from Lyari in Karachi, has been accused of many things. Their triumph in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil was a testament to their unmatched brilliance. It all began in the year 2000, when the German team failed to win a single match in the Euros.
Klinsmann’s departure didn’t mark the end of Germany’s industrious and penetrating football. Klinsmann and Low weren’t the only masterminds behind Germany’s rise to prominence in world football.
It was in Munchen that the German players mastered the art of blending various styles of football to create the perfect hybrid strategy.
With a team consisting of world class athletes, Germany didn’t have to rely on one or two individuals to attain success in their World Cup matches. Jeffrey Fear does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond the academic appointment above.
Germany’s envied “Mittelstand” of modest, family-owned companies which have underpinned the country’s emergence from the financial crisis has given Europe a problem.
Some accuse Germany of dampening domestic demand and keeping a lid on wages that Germans might spend on Spanish vacations, Italian shoes, or Greek yoghurt. And it is unlikely that the German export machine will slow anytime soon if the eurozone and global economy continue to grow, simply because of its high exposure to world trade. While the European Union constitutes the bulk (about 60%) of German trade, its firms are oriented globally, increasingly to faster growing East Asian markets. These midsize firms form the heart and soul – really the mindset – of the broader German economy. These firms have a global orientation (their websites are also in English), and are sometimes multinationals with production sites around the globe.
A recent IKB Deutsche Industriebank study found that the fastest growing sector are those firms with revenues between €50 million to €1 billion, which are exactly those firms moving out of the “classic” Mittelstand definition into a new type of global firm with international presence yet still rooted in often small towns throughout Germany.
In 2011, Britain’s chancellor George Osborne, stated: “We should all learn the lessons from the successful Mittelstand model”. Yet the second usage is more crucial because it bundles together subjective attitudes toward what a firm is and how it should behave.
Because of this family ownership, these firms tend to follow conservative financing strategies (retained earnings and bank loans) that maintain family control. Because of the technical expertise and quality controls, firms are loath to lose key workers even in downturns.
In short, there is no secret to Mittelstand success at the operational level; the virtues are “old school” business virtues.
The World Cup may have come and gone but the feelings that came with the tournament still lingers on. Many have hailed the Performance of the German side following their victorious World cup campaign.
Of the 32 teams that took part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, perhaps just one had the upper hand when it came to base camps. Located in the village of Santo Andre, Campo Bahia was constructed in part for the German Football Association.
Details had been meticulously drawn to plan in order to gain an advantage over each World Cup opponent.
Aside from the German base camp’s overall location, everything in and around the resort had been well planned. The sport and nature resort, as it has been dubbed, is comprised of 14 two-storey housing units. Complete with a training pitch, team headquarters, and a fitness center, the retreat was set up with everything a player may need, including a wonderful view of the beach.
Because Campo Bahia has all of the essentials centrally located, teammates were able to bond and become close. It’s notable to mention that the camp was built with several principles in mind: Eco-friendliness, sustainability, a place that can foster team spirit. Although the German team just dropped in for a month, it can be correctly said that they have left behind a massive footprint and crowning their efforts with the World Cup trophy was all the result they hoped for. Beate Zschaepe who is charged with complicity in the murders of eight ethnic Turks, a Greek immigrant and a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007 as a founding member and sole survivor of the far-right gang dubbed the National Socialist Underground (NSU), enters the courtroom prior to the start of her trial at a Munich courthouse in Germany. Revealed in a Munich court, the hidden life of Beate Zschaepe, a mousy, bespectacled 38-year-old with the looks of a librarian, has given Germany a chilling insight into its neo-Nazi movement.

In the biggest home-grown terrorist scandal since the days of the Baader-Meinhof gang in the 1970s, her group is accused of carrying out ten murders, two bombings and 15 bank robberies during a 13-year campaign.
Getty ImagesThis computer screen shot shows a crime scene of a murdered Turkish businessman in a DVD reportedly produced by neo-Nazis Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boenhardt to document a series of murders they committed over several years on November 15, 2011 in Germany. Her trial has also cast a shadow over next month’s elections, with Chancellor, Angela Merkel, pondering the darker side of the German psyche during a visit last week to the Dachau concentration camp, just outside Munich. Some contemporary answers to that question have been aired in Munich’s Higher Regional Court, where Miss Zschaepe’s trial has been running for the last four months.
The existence of the National Socialist Underground, as her gang called itself, was uncovered only in late 2011, when police found the bodies of her two alleged accomplices, Uwe Bohnhardt, then 34, and Uwe Mundlos, then 38, in a camper van near their home town of Zwickau.
The court has heard that shortly afterwards, their flat was set ablaze by Miss Zschaepe, who lived there with them. A DVD was also found showing the murder scenes, including footage that allegedly only someone present at the killings could have shot.
But a detailed picture of her double life has emerged, as neighbours and ex-members of the neo-Nazi movement have given evidence. Miss Zschaepe and her lovers grew up in the former east Germany and were in their teens when the Communist system fell.
In an echo of the question Ms Merkel posed at Dachau, the trial judge asked Mr Schultze why neo-Nazism attracted him.
Miss Zschaepe, who faces life imprisonment if convicted, is being held on remand in Stadelheim prison in Munich. German newspapers have printed details of letters written to another far Right prisoner, in which she claimed to have had marriage offers while behind bars.
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The German national team are the best football side that we has seen in quite some time, and some may even go out on a limb and say that their game is a reflection of pure perfection. Germany’s right to claim the title of World Champions is barely ever debated and almost always acknowledged by their competitors.  So how exactly was this team of world beaters formed? It was then that the Germans realized that they could no longer solely depend on their hustle and hard work to flourish. His successor and former depute, Joachim Low kept Klinsmann’s philosophy well and truly alive in the team.
The accomplishments of the German team can also be accredited to a certain historical club in Munich.
Every single player on the pitch and even those on the bench played a significant role towards steering Germany to victory.
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It has helped turned the country into an export juggernaut which some say is serving to hinder recovery among the continent’s struggling nations.
The European Commission and the United States have both criticised it for persistently high current account surpluses. Germans counter that the surplus is due to the attractiveness of technologically innovative, complex products and that the surplus stems from mostly outside the eurozone. At the beginning of 2014, Germany’s surplus was much higher even than export leader, China, according to the Institute for Economic Research.
More remarkably, one study by the leading institute for small and medium-sized business (SME) research found that those SMEs with export presence also generated about 20% of their revenues from exports, and of that percentage, about 45% from non-EU countries. Clearly big businesses such as BMW, Daimler-Benz or Siemens are global players, yet Germany succeeds in global competition also because of companies such as Micon in Nienhagen (drilling equipment that helped save those trapped Chilean miners), Poly-Clip System in Hattersheim (the ubiquitous clip at the end of sausage or meat packaging), Tetra in Melle (fish food), Ableton in Berlin (electronic music mixing software and hardware for DJs), Arnold & Richter Cine Technik in Munich (professional cameras for Hollywood), Mennekes in Kirchhundem (charging apparatus for electric vehicles as the new EU standard), or Elektrisola Dr. They’re not household names; if you want to find and understand them, you have to resort to Google and Google Maps. They are often hidden multinationals that seek to retain traditional German Mittelstand virtues, while moving abroad. Within Germany, “Mittelstand” has serious positive connotations, so much so, that even large companies such as Wuerth, STIHL, or Robert Bosch consider themselves Mittelstand in their attitudes, which is famously long-term in its outlook.
In fact, many of those employees live in small towns alongside these technically minded owner-entrepreneurs. But it is no easy trick attempting to reintroduce those virtues into an economy which has evolved like the UK’s.
But the truth is that the secret to the astonishing success of the Germans started way before the competition kicked-off. The DFB (German Football Association) didn’t have any worries when it came to getting a good night’s sleep, hitting the practice pitch, or travel time to each match. The resort itself had been constructed in an area with a climate similar to those where the team’s matches will be held. From the practice pitch and media center, to a strategic location, the Germans had thought this through. With careful planning, they built themselves a safer camp than all of their competitors giving their team an upper hand in football’s most prestigious tournament.

To her comrades on the German far Right, she was a smart, assertive and violent member of their secret terrorist militia.
She told them Bohnhardt and Mundlos were her live-in boyfriend and his brother, who had a business converting cars – which provided a plausible explanation for the vehicles that turned up outside their home.
A police officer, who interviewed Miss Zschaepe after her arrest, testified she talked of friends in the neo-Nazi scene had effectively become her family. As a result, the German team performed significantly better in the years that followed and were deemed as legitimate title contenders for every international tournament they took part in. Other nations had far better players in their squads but no one had the team chemistry of the Germans. The German finance ministry now expects first-quarter growth to be relatively robust based on strengthening domestic demand, but it is the export performance of smaller firms which has delivered the bedrock for growth. The surplus also keeps the euro exchange rate higher than it would otherwise be, precisely when it needs to fall to stimulate growth in poorer member states. In absolute terms, between 2003 and 2008, Germany was the world’s leading manufacturing exporter. Gerd Schildbach in Reichshof-Eckenhagen (premium enamelled wire for specialty electronic uses including the Mars Rover). And if you want to copy them, then you have to mimic more than just the nuts and bolts of their operations. Gerd Schildbach set up plants in Italy as early as 1964, New Hampshire in the mid-1970s, Malaysia and Mexico at the beginning of the 1990s, and China after 2006.
The lessons drawn are often decidedly “old school” virtues combined with a new global orientation. Almost all of such Mittelstand firms are family enterprises, whereby ownership, control, and risk remain bound together. If Osborne’s hopes come to fruition then Mittelstand might be destined to become an everyday English word like kindergarten; get it wrong and it might be more like schadenfreude. More clues as to why she joined the movement came from Carsten Schultze, 33, a local neo-Nazi who reformed in 2000.
As a matter of fact, their road to the echelon of world football was one of repeated struggles, relentless perseverance and timely adaptations. When Jurgen Klinsmann took charge of the German team in the year 2004, German football went through a massive renovation and brilliant reinvention.
The effectiveness of Klinsmann and Low’s tactics are reflected in Germany’s string of impressive and consistent performances in the 2006 World Cup, the 2008 Euros, 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Euros where they reached the last four on each occasion.
Jupp Heynckes on the other hand ignited the fire and fury of counter attacking football at Bayern.
A rock solid defensive unit, a fluid and free flowing bunch of midfielders and a few handy forwards with killer instincts allowed Germany to outsmart and overpower their opponents.
Since being surpassed by China in 2009, it has raced neck-and-neck with the US for the number two position. Studies have also found that the Mittelstand generated jobs in the midst of the financial crisis rather than cutting them – and continued to invest in research and development. They are small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) that employ fewer than 500 employees and attain less than €50 million in revenues.
Almost all corporate governance literature since the 1930s stresses the principal-agent problem, that is, the separation of ownership and control, but in these firms there is no such separation. His old life caught up with him last year when he was arrested and accused of procuring a gun used in the multiple murders. Klinsmann’s vision was to produce a team of fast passing attacking players that would dazzle the opponents with their flair. However the narrow defeats in the semifinals and finals of these major competitions raised the eyebrows of critics and caused repeated frustration among the players and the fans. Players like Phillip Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Muller and Toni Kroos have all come through the ranks in the Bayern youth teams. This is all in spite of the fact that Germany absorbed an entire Eastern bloc country 25 years ago and spent around €2 trillion to upgrade and integrate eastern Germany.
Officially then Mittelstand accounts for 99.6% of all firms, for 60% of all employees and 36% of total sales. Soon, the entire nation, including little kids in the villages, was adhering to Klinsmann’s new style of football. When tactics alone didn’t suffice in hard fought matches against opponents like Algeria and Argentina, the players reached deep within to find their fighting German spirit and dragged themselves to the finishing line ahead of the opposition. The companies train 83% of all apprentices, and account for 52% of economic output (in 2011).

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