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If you are thinking about quitting your job or switching careers, make sure you know what motivates you.
The real trick to making a successful career shift, he and coauthor Adrian Gostick argue, is aligning your new career path to these motivations. But as you aged and matured in your position, you now find you’re more motivated by opportunities to be creative, or the chance to be challenged by a task.
These are individuals who are motivated by a challenge, often perform well under pressure, and love to solve problems. These individuals are motivated by having a higher purpose and measure success not based on their paychecks, but by the impact they’re having on the world around them. Motivated by the almighty dollar, prestige and recognition, these individuals tend to be highly competitive, and are engines of productivity.
Creative, autonomous, and risk-takers, these individuals tend to challenge the status quo, and can grow bored and frustrated when their work becomes routine. Knowing what your motivators are can help you make a more successful transition to a fulfilling career.
To find out what your current motivators are, Gostick and Elton recommend taking a timeout.
TIWA savages it all ajar after her husband started what seems to be a lost battle, after all…revelation of cocaine abuse, emotional maltreatment, amongst others –MUST READ! Thou is quite 2 years away from their 20th anniversary, Jada Pinkett and her super star boo, Will Smith have started planning towards that memorable anniversary. A few weeks ago, our Facebook fans were asked to complete a range of sentences about factors leading to the success of a woman.

This was a very interesting post, requiring our fans to associate something meaningful to a woman. Handing in your resignation letter may provide a temporary dose of satisfaction, but then sets in the fear. Perhaps when you first graduated from college, you were driven by the promise of a big paycheck, a corner office, prestige, and recognition. They are natural communicators and often bring a light-hearted, positive spirit to the organizations they work for, and are happiest in caring environments where they can constantly interact with others. They believe they should always get a piece of what they create and like to be incentivized by important-sounding job titles, monetary bonuses, large offices, and other special perks. They often only find true happiness when they work for themselves or in organizations where they’re given a great deal of latitude, and are encouraged to be creative. Leaving a job with misaligned motivations for another one of the same variety will only cause you to be unhappy and disengaged in your new job.
Jada Pinkett who has been married to Will Smith for 18years revealed her secret behind her successful marriage. You have to be a soldier for love,’You have to be able to withstand tough times and just because the tough times comes doesn’t mean it’s time stop.
Is it her passion and unwavering ambition that drives her to the top or is it unconditional support from her family?
After an amazing response from our thriving women community, we decided to share their responses. But, the vice versa could equally be true.  Our well established community of women holds the same opinion.

All around us we see accomplished women and working moms and housewives dedicated to rise to success. I can help you build a more successful business, increase your sales, attract more clients and boost your profits. Make this process an annual event, scheduling it in your calendar just like a yearly progress review. Gostick and Elton say mentors, close friends, or close coworkers can help you to identify your motivators. No doubt, every Pakistani woman needs her family to be at her side through her struggles and endeavors. And every woman shouts out the same message: With passion, perseverance and a supportive family, nothing is impossible!
Indeed, the two most popular responses were passion to accomplish her dreams and unconditional support from her family. I respect your privacy and will never share your details with anyone.FREE Marketing UpdatesSign up for my blog updates and never miss a post. I help small business owners to make more sales, boost their profits and build great businesses.

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