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One of the most talked about topics regarding the new Call of Duty game has become how to get to the 4th map in Black Ops 2 Zombies.
If you have been playing the game, and pulled up the map of Earth, you have probably noticed the map that is below the 3 default maps shown.
Some people suggest that the 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies may be able to be reached by going through some special sort of teleporter device, or by completing some sort of Easter eggs within the game.
I would be highly surprised if this 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies is not able to be accessed.
If you know how to access the 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies please feel free to shoot us an email by clicking on the submit a question tab. En effet, en tirant sur toutes les tetes des mannequins sur la carte, on fait apparaitre une borne d'arcade, permettant de jouer a plusieurs anciens jeux d'activision, tres old school et tres sympa comme idee! A noter la difference par rapport au passe, vous gagnez le double d'XP a la fin de la partie et pas sur les kills comment sur les anciens Call Of Duty.
LadyGirl nous presente aujourd'hui comment activer la musique dans Tranzit, c'est tres rapide, et faisable en tres peu de manche une fois que l'on connait le chemin et que l'on gere un minimum le zombie! Apres l'embleme de psy de gangnam style pour Black Ops 2, aujourd'hui nous vous proposons Ted, la peluche animee du film du meme nom. David Vonderhaar, game designer chez Treyarch, a recemment tweete que le studio etait parfaitement conscient des problemes rencontres sur les matchmaking et les problematiques de console qui freezent! Nouveau concept pour BlogFPS, que nous allons vous proposer souvent, en tout cas si vous aimez ce genre d'articles! Voici le petit tuto, c'est en anglais, mais vous allez voir toutes les couches necessaires et c'est pas bien complique! Add to EJ Playlist  Secret & Hidden Camos Black Ops 2 - Electric, Blue Ice, and Pack-A-Punch!
Add to EJ Playlist  Salut a tous, Voici une presentation du camouflage cache de Call of duty Black ops 2, le camouflage diamant (carreau). Add to EJ Playlist  Hi guys this is my new tutorial on how to get the secret cam0 - CE digital! Add to EJ Playlist  After a MASSIVE Black ops 2 grind, I finally have unlocked the secret Diamond Camo for the Sniper rifles.
Add to EJ Playlist  This may be obvious to you, but if it isn't, it's going to help a hell of a lot for getting diamond camo on your snipers, and especially shotguns.
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There appears to be a 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies, but the game does not allow you to select it. Nuketown is in a separate section altogether, but this 4th map shows below bus depot and town, and farm.
As of now nobody knows that sure answer of what this 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies is, however the answer should be unveiled within the next couple months.

It is likely just a matter of time until the manufacturers of the game reveal how to use the 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies.
Many people want to know how to get to the 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies, but nobody has an answer as to how to do this yet.
As soon as we figure it out we will be writing a post to inform you how to get to the section.
Ces problematiques ont surtout ete reportes sur la PS3, et Treyarch serait en train de tester certaines solutions pour un prochain patch.
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Many people are asking about what this 4th map in Black Ops 2 zombies is, but it seems that nobody has the answer currently.
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