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Heidi Klum and the Victoria’s Secret Angels were in South Beach yesterday to promote different VS gift bags.
I will (not)soon have descriptions and pictures up of the camera equipment I use for my photography. I also use 4x5 format with a 1950's Pacemaker Speed Graphic, Super Speed Graphic, Crown Graphic and Graphic View II cameras. The Graphic View II has both the Graphic (spring) and Graflok reversable backs and the illusive compendium lens shade. Shown here on top of a Berlebach 4032 tripod with a Gundlach Rapid Rectigraphic12-21-28 convertible lens.
The Century Universals were made from about 1925-28 through the 1930's by the Folmer Graflex company in Rochester, NY.
For more information about the Minolta XK line, visit The Minolta XK SLR Camera - Index Page , it contains all the info and pics of equipment. If you're into older equipment and the used market, see my Used equipment links page for a list of good dealers and other sites of interest.
Stussy, XS Sweatshirt's, both in like NEW Condition, No holes or stains, still soft and fuzzy inside. This is not to 'show off' anything, but more just for the curious as I use old equipment that some consider 'collectable'. I have 75mm, 90mm and 152mm lenses mounted in the 4x4 GVII lens boards (besides the 8x10 lenses below).

A very nice camera in excellent condition sitting on top of a Majestic tripod (replaced by a lighter wood Berlebach). The lens is mounted in an Ilex Universal #4 synched shutter on a 4 inch board, in a 6 inch adapter board I made so I could keep most of my lenses available for the Graphic View II. It has generous movements, folds up compactly for travel and is very light (less than 10 pounds in comparison to the 16 pound B&J above) Made of cherry wood and brass with almost 30 inches of bellows.
The rest of the lenses I can use with an adapter lens board that allows me to mount any of the Speed lenses to the GVII.
This camera is an earlier model with a single front tilt mechanism and a replacement bellows. I do some color work but don't have the expensive darkroom equipment so I either don't get the results I'd like or just don't want to go through all the work. I'll add my opinion to a lot more people out there who feel the same way, auto cameras kill the photographer. This camera needs no add-ons for doing close-ups, but I do have the Paramender to aid in paralax correction. It's got 16 inches of bellows, all needed movements and works just fine ;-) I think the GVII was the finest looking metal view camera ever made. I'm now working on a second CU that's a bit newer with the dual tilt mechanisms (both sides of the lens board) and the original red leather bellows. It uses a 'slide' inside the folded paper sleeve to determine the proper exposure for a long list of described situations.

There's a decent assortment of lenses from 17-28mm, 18mm, 28mm, 50mm, 75-260mm, 28-200mm, 100-500mm, 500mm CAT, extension tubes and the Auto Bellows I with 100mm & focusing rail for close-ups.
And for the short lenses, the rear case can rise up and slide over the focusing rails all the way to the front so they won't show in the image. The #7 was the latest screen produced for the 330's and has a split screen in the center surrounded by a microprism ring. The Speed and Crown are great 4x5 field camera systems and someday soon I hope to get some decent pics up here from them. It's much brighter and clearer than the other screens and even makes the Porofinder a pleasure to use.
I understand that B&H still sells these new, although on special order for a very reasonable price.
All you have to do is cut along the lines, fold the two sides and place the 'slide' inside. A good grip (as seen in the pic above) certainly helps too since the 330's are a bit awkward without it.

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