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The Privee member arrived on the morning of Friday 26th July and was directed to a dedicated ‘boutique camping’ car park packed full of desirable cars ranging from Audis to Maserati’s. The couple had a choice of many fabulous boutique options available, from spacious 6 people Tipi’s, to cosy 4 people Yurts. With their Saturday night backstage passes and artist wristbands, which gave the couple restricted all areas access, they spent the weekend wandering the stunning location of the festival with its beautiful lake, trees and rolling hills whilst soaking up the magical atmosphere of the playground for adults, while all the time experiencing an amazing range of food from all corners of the world. This truly unique festival is renowned for its magical atmosphere; from its variety of musical talents to its specially created stages to accompany them. After an enormous fireworks display which lit up the entire festival on Saturday night, the couple were taken backstage for the headline act, Faithless, where they watched them play out to a crowd of thousands of people from the stage. I am the director here at Privee Concierge, a high-end concierge service catering for medium to large business clients, multi-tenanted office buildings and the top flying individual. We are now taking bookings for 2015 including Goldcoast Oceanfest and Summer Bank Holiday Weekends etc. Spacious level camping surrounded by open countryside just minutes from Saunton, Croyde and Putsborough.
We had a great plan for our trip to Kaua’i at the end of August 2009, knowing that our true target, the Kalalau Trail, was closed for a goat hunt.
It was exciting to be so close to this rugged and remote coast of an island paradise like Kaua’i.
We tried our best to get the timing right and to move quickly, but Jeanne was battered at the front of the kayak by every approaching wave, and it was impossible to steer the kayak from the back.
So what do you do on Kaua’i when you have a car, a kayak and all of your camping supplies for the next three days?
Locals told us there was a spot up a branch of the river with a rope swing and we needed to check this out. While the Fern Grotto was interesting and pretty, nothing made our day like being able to swing out over the water on a long rope placed by locals. A perfectly groomed and gorgeous beach, but not exactly remote or private, Anini Beach is a local park that locals use for family events.
From Anini, with no idea of what to do next, we stopped in a coffee shop to have a bite to eat and enjoy the morning. There were few ways to top what we’d done so far just that morning, so we decided to spend the day sightseeing the north shore. With our time on Kaua’i coming to a close, we made our way back to the west side of the island and to a popular blow hole in the lava rock known as Spouting Horn. We already thought Kaua’i was amazing even before we found these treasures, but this trip cemented its reputation with us. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Located in a Designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just a few miles from Lands End.
Bed and breakfast accommodation in 3 ensuite family rooms and 1 double with bathroom designed for disabled guests, each with a balcony overlooking the garden towards the sea. I probably missed a step or two in the installation process because as far as I know, all the browsers let the user decide if it wants to choose them as default.
The purpose of this article is to teach people – who are facing this problem – how to change default browser back to the old one manually. When you click on Check Now, it’ll pop up a box where you can set it as your default browser by clicking on Yes. Making Chrome your default browser is more simple because the setting is there right on the first page of the Options.
You can visit Chrome Options by clicking on the wrench icon at the top, and there under Basics, at the very bottom you’ll find a button that says Make Google Chrome my default browser.
Considering the rave reviews IE 9 has received, it is possible that many people – who were not IE users previously – are now using it as their default browser.
No matter what version of IE you are using, the Internet Options window is the answer to setting it as your default browser. Thanks for your information , I use it and work properly , Now Firefox is my default browser. Thank you for making these easy to follow instructions available for this annoying problem.
In my computer,while browsing the net, i found all my software such as ms office, autocad etc has been changed to adobe default browser in the desktop.

Thank you very much for the instructions, I had the same issue when I installed Chrome, it just became the default. In Windows Vista and later, it asks for administrator permissions… Can it be done without that?
The end of July delivered a boutique camping festival experience for a Privee member at the Secret Garden Party event in Cambridgeshire. From the car park, a porter met them to escort and carry the couple’s bags to their ‘camping’ area; this wasn’t going to be your ordinary festival. Once through the registration desk, where aside from one other person they were the only people in the queue, the couple were ushered to their 2-person ‘squrt’, an airy comfortable mini yurt, accompanied with its own double bed and front door with lock and key. Stages such as Pagoda, a man made stage overhanging the lake with keynote set from Ejeca playing his blend of disco and techno with his trademark vocals.
The captivating festival proved to create many fantastic experiences with a few eccentric yet incredible nights to remember for the Privee members. We really do offer a unique service that you won't find anywhere else, so get in touch to find out about our membership packages. Once we have confirmed that we have space you may pay a small deposit of A?10 per adult online.Pay Online Camping Deposit Here. Once we have confirmed that we have space you may pay a small deposit of A?10 per person online.
We planned to drive to Kekaha, on the western (leeward and dry) side of the island to pick up a kayak from friends and paddle north east from Polihale Beach to  the Na Pali Coast.
Polihale Beach gets narrower as you go north until it simply runs out of flat and becomes an impassible cliff. We awoke the next morning to the first northern swell that typically ends the summer of easy kayaking on mostly flat ocean. It was quiet on a weeknight and we found an excellent campsite just inside the treeline and quite close to the water.
The daybreak was cool and still in a way that made it very easy to sit at the water’s edge and soak in the atmosphere.
A group of ten or so people sitting nearby asked us to take their picture, which led to a conversation about their plan to hike to a nearby, truly secret waterfall. The first stop was Kilauea Lighthouse, a tall classic lighthouse that sits far out on a skinny point of land. This is a beach that you’ll never find without good directions, as the trail involves parking in a very unlikely-looking place next to enormous houses under construction and then following a small footpath with no view of the stunning beach that lies at the other end.
Not only does it shoot water in the air as waves roll into its underground crevasses, but the sound it makes is other-worldly as it moans and howls. We plan to go back in November 2011 to finally hike the Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast over Thanksgiving Weekend. With just twelve pitches this is a small, friendly and informal site offering accommodation for caravans, camper vans and tents. This was just an example and this can happen sometimes when some changes to the system change default browser without letting you know. Hence when Opera set itself as the default browser without my permission, it didn’t make me jump with joy. And then, there are millions of other IE users to consider (Lest you forget, IE is still the most widely used browser).
Tomorrow, we will take up Safari and Opera, and see how to change default browser in that case. It’s been years since I had to do this and I was getting very frustrated looking on every program and application I use that was opening the links in IE trying to find how to fix this!
The boutique camping area was complimented with hot showers and luxury toilets, with a dedicated breakfast bar and restaurant run by the Breakfast club, meaning fresh eggs benedict and steaming hot coffee in the mornings. Also featuring high up on the list was James Lavelle in The Artful Badger; an enchanted stage lit up and set in the depths of the woods. The only way to continue toward the Na Pali Coast was to leave shore, which made it even more important that we had a seaworthy means of transportation. Undeterred, we packed up our camp and dragged our heavily-laden kayak to the water’s edge. We were very determined and may have ended up in a dangerous situation if we made it through that first set of waves. That was exactly the conclusion we came to once we got over the disappointment of missing the Na Pali Coast yet again.

Once past the disappointment of the very unsecret Secret Waterfall (there were reasonably large crowds for a weekday in August) we relaunched to check out these other spots. We had fun doing this until the mosquitoes drove us away (we weren’t prepared for this problem). This part of the island is protected by a reef about 100 m (300 yards) offshore so there were no waves near enough to be a risk for sleeping right at the ocean’s edge. We sat for only a few minutes before we became aware of movement in the sand in front of us.
It was a beautiful spot to watch the waves come in and crash against the nearly vertical walls of the cove below.
From the moment the trail opens onto the sand, it is a clearly exceptional place from the color of the sand, to the water, to the view of Kilauea Lighthouse off in the far distance.
Fences keep the tourists far away, and this is understandable as the temptation to get closer is powerful. We feel sure that no matter how many times we go back, we’ll continue to find more reasons to love this island. Strangely, during the installation process, I didn’t see any option to not set it as default browser. You only find that out when you click on a link on, lets say, a chat window on your IM client and it suddenly opens the link in the new browser you installed, instead of your favorite browser. Instead there is a large box called Internet Programs and at the bottom of the window is a small check box that says IE should check to see if it is the default browser.
It takes over your computer and won’t let go, causing your computer to use unnecessary space on your hard drive you may not even be aware of.
Finally a creatively built half sunken pirate ship that had its own stage in the middle of the lake, which was only accessible via a boat ride, s another magnificent example of what makes the Secret Garden Party festival a truly unique experience. Though the cliffs are steep and run right to the Pacific, there are coves and beaches along the way that make excellent remote camping sites, like Miloli’i Beach.
As we drew closer to the shoreline, it became more apparent just how big the swell really was. The best, protected water we could find on the map was the Wailua River, near the village of Kapa’a on the southeast side of the island. Paddling back down the Wailua River was the usual challenge of overtaking every other kayak we saw, no matter how far off in the distance. Sand crabs were busy digging holes, fighting over holes, and generally going about their early morning business. We parked blocks away and accompanied the eclectic group as we made our way through cow pastures and fields, crossing what was obviously private property, until we came to one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited. It was easy to think it was the coast of Maine or California except for the warm trade winds and fantastic scenery in every direction.
The waves are driven by an offshore wind that gives a savage look to the place and causes strange patterns in the sand. You can see below that there’s a way to check if Firefox is the default browser, without the need to restart it. We picked up the tandem sea kayak, purchased some last-minute supplies and were at Polihale well before sunset. We double and triple checked all of our gear to make sure everything fit, was watertight where it needed to be, was attached to the kayak and wouldn’t be lost by rolling over.
The waves were  breaking late and were powerful, causing a steep drop off to form where the ocean met land. We spent a few hours in the magical place before heading off to our hotel for our last night on the island. Once over that drop, there was no protection from the incoming waves and no gradual way to get through the first set of breakers. It was a very hot evening and no fire was necessary, though we made one just for the ambiance. It was great to paddle on the very scenic river, but it wasn’t enough adventure for fun junkies like us. We slept on top of our sleeping bags, which were wholly unnecessary on this side of the island.

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