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When his career in software stalled, Joe Allen decided to go into carpentry and ended up creating a secret tree house called the HemLoft near Whistler, Canada.
Three passengers were killed when a 100-foot catamaran capsized off the Costa Rican coast. Alexis Esneault captured the entire incident on camera a year and half ago but just released the footage.
RightThisMinute's how-to guru Jessica Hord shares how to make colorful watercolor coasters.
A dash camera in Australia captured a police officer turning into oncoming traffic and nearly getting struck by a semi-truck. This little boy got scared when he started hearing a strange voice talking to him in his room — total boogeyman style.
A mother always knows best, but does the same saying still apply when it comes to online dating? First, watch the moment when these kids surprised their mom on her 50th birthday by arranging a visit from their grandmother. For his fourth installment of the "Getting Gymnasty" series, Nathan Barnatt solicited the help of all-American gymnast  Crystal Bunce.  Barnatt may not have been implementing traditional gymnast exercises, Bunce rolled with the punches - and kicks, and face plants, and pretty much anything else Gymnasty threw her way. A street vendor in Colombia says that after Mick Jagger purchased wafers from her stand her sales increased. These Seattle residence just thought they were getting into a normal Lyft with a very talkative driver — but little did they know the one in the driver's seat just happened to be a member of their football team's "Legion of Boom!" Richard Sherman couldn't help but make fun of himself as he drove unsuspecting fans around Seattle.

What would you do if Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) showed up at your door—chips in hand—and asked to join your “Game of Thrones” viewing party?
Everybody is finding their own way to cope with Prince's sudden and tragic death that came way too soon. An elderly man, Seppo Laamanen, from Finland has formed an unlikely friendship with an adorable otter. Jon Weisser and his family were driving in a truck in New Mexico when the car crashed and rolled over.
Meet Jimbo a 1,500-pound, 9-foot-tall grizzly bear who has become the star resident at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in New York.
Videos feature people grooving to hip-hop group Ghost Town DJ's "My Boo" are popping up all over the Internet. Before the alcohol dries, drip a few drops of alcohol ink (you can use one color or multiple colors) in the center of the wet alcohol. Then, check out this footage of a police officer helping a disabled and partially blind woman home with her groceries. He ran to his mom for comfort, but little did he know, it was her behind that scary voice the entire time!
GQ enlisted one of its staffers to let his 59-year-old mom takeover his Tinder profile—and she throws out some very interesting opening messages to the ladies.

Next, check out the moment when a daughter surprised her mother in the teacher's lounge when she arrived home a few days early from an overseas trip. Separately warm equal sections of the white and colorful clay by rolling between your hands.
Ellen re-shared this awesome video of the pop icon performing "Kiss" on her show during the very first season. All of the members of the family survived including the three-month-old baby, but their dog, Fenway, ran away.
One of the family's other dogs did pass away shortly after the crash, but another dog survived and is home waiting for Fenway's return. Jimbo has been at the rehabilitation center since owner - Jim Kowalczik - took him in as an injured cub and as you can tell, the two have a very close relationship.
And as if we needed more reasons to appreciate them, these moms reveal why your mom deserves a few more hugs this Mother's Day. She says that's kind of a big deal because celebrities of his stature usually wait to see if a show is going to make it.

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