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Singer-actor Kangta has been cast in a Chinese movie version of popular hallyu drama “Secret Garden.” According to SM Entertainment, the movie is scheduled to begin filming this July and Kangta has also been invited to the red carpet event for the Shanghai International Film Festival this weekend. The film “Secret Garden” is a Chinese adaptation of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s hit drama and has cast several of Asia’s top stars. WETA Digital, one of the world’s leading visual effects company based in New Zealand, will be part of the production team for “Secret Garden.” Some of WETA’s past projects include Hollywood blockbuster hits “Avatar,” “Lord of the Rings,” and more.

The lady has been busy with numerous endorsements since hitting the jackpot with popular TV series My Love From the Star earlier this year. The star has recently concluded the filming of English movie Snow Flower and Secret Fan, co-starring Australian actor Hugh Jackman and Chinese actress Li Bingbing.

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