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Secret Church started after having seen the example of the house churches that meet in secret around the world. Our prayer is that God will use this focused time of study and prayer to enrich our knowledge of His Word.
About Our ChurchTrinity desires to pursue after and lift up the name of Jesus above all else. In previous articles we’ve discussed the importance of Sunday Morning small group Bible Study.  In addition to the below listed items, we need to consider the effects of lack of spiritual food and how Sunday Morning Bible Study can aid in alleviating this problem. The actual number of days in one solar year is 365.24219 , which is the amount of time it takes for the earth to circumnavigate the sun. We passionately believe that unyielding, Biblical doctrine and knowledge is necessary to strengthen our Christian experience and worship. At Advance First Baptist Church we take seriously the teachings of the Bible that Christians are the family of God.

Can you be available on Wednesday night for rehearsal and on Sunday morning for church service? We pray that we also would gain understanding of the state of His church and our brothers and sisters around the world who face many difficulties—and even persecution—as they follow Christ. We’ll further learn how to effectively share the gospel to friends and neighbors who subscribe to these other beliefs.
Through our preaching, teaching, worship, and service, we want the gospel to go forward clearly, strengthening the believers and calling the lost to find life in the living God through Christ. The fellowship here is amazing, and our congregation shares a common love for Jesus Christ, for the Word of God, and the advancement of His kingdom. Sorrowfully, many churches today have turned, instead, to a “feel-good- gospel” and an entertainment-oriented worship; leading to larger numbers while clear teaching of the Bible has been neglected. We must learn to worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth that the act of worship is accomplished through the spirit that comes from learning of Jesus.

We’ll become and equipped ourselves, and then pray for the God of the nations to move and work among his people!
But if you desire to know God more deeply through His Word and know His church more fully around the world, then please join us for Secret Church. This is a time for bible study led by Pastor David Platt as we study and pray with 50,000 Christians worldwide.
26, 2015News SubscriptionSubscribe to our newsletter in order to receive the latest new & articles. Snacks will be provided, just come ready to dive into God’s Word to see how we communicate with a culture that may not line up with our beliefs.

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