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UNDERGROUND NEW YORKNew York Gershwin HotelSunday 6 December 2009In the 1960s, filmmakers investigated new forms of production in dialogue with radical shifts in art, music, performance and popular culture.
Secret Cinema provides announcements of avant-garde & artists' film and video screenings in London. Secret Cinema is The Maple's classic film series with a twist - you won't know what you're watching until the lights go down! This event only happens at The Maple Theater in Bloomfield Hills, Mi every first and third Thursday of the month for another unnamed classic. Artist Dan Mumford has created an all-new apocalyptic graphic of 28 Days Later as a silk screen image, and it’s available for fans to buy for ?35.

Have you already been through the ringer of a desolate and destroyed London, or are you about to wake up in a nightmare world, as Secret Cinema 28 Days Later runs from 14 April-29 May 2016? Cookies If you are pointing your looking balls at this page, you agree to the deliciously digital cookies we serve on this site.
Following the example of the Beats, the counterculture was alive with protest, freedom of expression and the breaking of taboos, and from the Film-Makersa€™ Coop to Andy Warhola€™s Factory, portable 16mm cameras were bringing a whole new way of seeing to the cinema screen.
Email list subscribers receive information about more events than are listed on this website. The Maple Theater splits the series into two nights: Old Hollywood and New Hollywood, employing the pivotal year of 1967 as a historical and thematic dividing line.

If you don't agree to us using cookies, there's nothing for you here: consider yourself banished. These heady days of a€?underground filma€? were captured by Gideon Bachmann in a spirited broadcast for German television.

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