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Mercury Cinema and Cinematheque are bringing 1974's The Towering Inferno to a secret location near you.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Under the menacing eye of guards, the cinema-goers sit in silence as their 1950s bus rumbles through London. They send an email to you telling you that you can’t take your phones and, if you do bring them, they will be confiscated. Standard for gigs, but beer doesn’t taste quite as good when you’ve paid ?4 for a cup of beer. There are things to see and do while you’re at the event prior to the screening, but they come with a price tag. Unless you’re going on a weekend, or you can be finished work by 4pm, you will need to take the whole day or half day off work in order to go. Under their Future Cinema banner, they put on these interactive screenings for Ghostbusters last year and Who Framed Roger Rabbit this year – neither of which had this amount of money-grabbing tactics to shake every last penny from your pockets. The Film- The film begins with a young Jeffrey Dahmer, freshly discharged from the military, moving into his grandmother’s house in Wisconsin.
Things seem to be going peacefully for Dahmer, but deep down, he’s a ticking time bomb. After working out (believe me, it looks as awkward as it sounds), Dahmer makes a move on the hitch hiker- and is met with a hostile rejection. He dismembers the man in the bathtub with a power saw, and packs his remains into a suitcase- which he takes home and leaves in his room for days. With Dahmer’s next victim, he realizes all he really wants is a companion who will never leave him. Keeping parts in his freezer and dissolving the rest in 55 gallon drums filled with acid, the only problems Dahmer has to worry about are the neighbors bitching about the stench (which he plays off as a rotten rump roast). Eventually Jeffrey Dahmer lets one victim slip by- Ironically, the older brother of the boy he molested.
Pretty much since the original Texas Chainsaw, horror film makers have been drawn to the true crimes of serial killers. Then I heard The Secret Life was coming to DVD, and immediately began to get all excited and shit.
Speaking of sympathy, there’s actually an oddly surprising level of emotion tugging in this one. The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer is not the best true crime film ever made, but it never had that intention. The only two film-related extras are a commentary track with director David Bowen and actor Carl Crew, and the original trailer. Adelaide Cinematheque is a film society that regular screens cult classics, documentaries, and silent films--to name a few--to Adelaide's film buffs. Disaster strikes when a fire starts on the 81st floor of the tallest building in the world.
So far the clues point to somewhere on Pultney Street, North of Carrington Street and South of Angas Street. The screening is on the 9th of September, but let's hope there are more secret cinemas in the future.
When they first announced their interactive screening of Back to the Future, the internet was ablaze with praise, but pricey tickets, cancellations and delays have now made them the butt(head) of obvious Back to the Future jokes.

The idea being that mobile phones do not exist in 1955 and therefore do not fit in with their immersive experience. Because you have to pay a photographer ?10 a pop to have your picture taken while at the event.
But it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you’re essentially forced to eat because Secret Cinema keep you waiting FOUR HOURS before the screening even starts. The event starts at 5pm and you will need time to get dressed up and travel to the Olympic Park, so you’re losing holiday just to go to the show. So by the time its finished, you’ve made your way through the crowd, picked up the phone they took off you, queued to get out and made it to the station, you’ll be lucky to have caught the last Tube. You didn’t have to pay for photos, pay to take part in the activities or pay taxis to get you home as they started and finished at reasoanable hours. Harry Potter's Marcus Flint looks A LOT different now - and completely hot!The Craft is 20 years old!
His trampling grounds are gay bars, and after picking up his stud for the evening, they head to a hotel room. After his ritual (which by this point has evolved into drugging the victim, strangling them, and dismembering the corpse), Dahmer adds a new step- keeping a memento from the victim. After being arrested for molesting a boy, Dahmer is forced to attend AA meetings, and must check in with a probation officer (possibly the worst actress in the entire film). He even beats a man with a hammer, then lets him go to see if the police will buy his story. After peeking into the freezer (and finding photographs of mutilated corpses), Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Monster, is finally caught.
Films like Deranged and The Zodiak Killer (1971) took the base story and ran with it, warping the names and facts to create a sensational horror film rather than an actual dramatization. Regardless, a few independent studios began to crank out as many serial killer docu-dramas as they could.
He’s usually dressed tees that have skulls or movie posters on them, as opposed to most reports that he was always well dressed and nerdy. Some of his emotional rampages are kinda goofy, but when he delivers his emotionless, flat narration, it’s downright creepy. One scene that comes to mind is Dahmer sneaking up on a deaf victim with a skill saw, taunting him and describing what he’s going to do with his corpse. Some of the murders kinda sorta make you grin a bit at how silly they look, which makes you feel like a really bad person.
But even when you watch it now, it’s hard to tell if it was indented to be 100% serious or a little sensational too. Other extras are limited to a handful of trailers for Intervision titles, including the first hint at the future release of A Night to Dismember. Most of their screenings are held at the Mercury Cinema, but keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter as the location for this secret screening is slowly revealed through clues. The film is score is by John Williams--famous for Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter--and the film was nominated for, and won, numerous academy awards. This rules out an outdoor cinema set up somewhere in Hurtle Square, it's almost a shame considering the gorgeous weather we've had over the past couple of days.
Which means paying a rather large amount of money to get home or spend hours on night buses. His life changes one day when he picks up a hitch hiker, who agrees to head back to Dahmer’s pad for a few beers.

Jeffrey blacks out from being piss drunk, and awakens the next morning to find his lover dead. In this case, he boils the meat from the skull and paints it (to make it look like a plastic model). These slight inconveniences don’t stop him from murdering almost half a dozen additional men.
When the cops show up, but only knock then go on their merry way, Dahmer feels untouchable.
Like I said earlier, his probo officer is basically just a skinvelope with no personality or character. His apologies, happiness in being caught, and descriptions of the murder are all slightly bitter and monotone, making you feel a slight twinge of sympathy, but immediately question it. And even Dahmer himself manages to pull that odd bit of emotion from the viewer- being disgusted with himself, but still not able to stop killing.
Either way, it’s a good horror film and an above average look at the mind of a serial killer. It’s not all the way truthful, some of the acting is beyond bad, and the story seems to become redundant at times (hence why I kept the plot summery a little short this time, how many times can you describe or show the same murder before it gets old). The roughness of the picture really fits with the overall mood of the film, creating a perfectly unpolished experience.
The dialog is a little rough in a few places, but same as the picture, I like the roughness. For more information you need to stay glued to the Mercury Cinema's Facebook and Twitter pages. Yeah the actors look like their real life counterparts a little bit, and the stories follow the facts decently, but they’re just a goddamn bore to sit through.
Enough to make the blood ‘n guts fiends happy, but also restrictive enough to let the story and character of Dahmer be what you remember when the credits roll. Even with its flaws, The Secret Life manages to be an interesting mix of the mentality of a killer and the gruesomeness of his crimes. I knew that I was in store for a gritty, unpolished, unbloated film about possibly one of the sickest human to ever live. Carl Crew (who people will remember as one of the cannibal brothers in Blood Diner) gives a solid performance as Dahmer, but in personality only.
I mean in real life his Gramma lived in Ohio, not Wisconsin, but does that really alter the story THAT much?
In short, it’s a raw, rough film full of blood, oddly effective emotional manipulation, and Speedo undies. Non seulement il y a une zone pour les enfants, comme Peter Pan, mais aussi une partie pour les fees, dont Clochette fait partie. Bien qu’il soit interdit d’y penetrer, l’intrepide Clochette decide de s’y aventurer, mais un etrange phenomene se produit des qu’elle en passe la frontiere : ses ailes se mettent a scintiller de mille feux. En cherchant a en connaitre les raisons, elle fait la connaissance d’une mysterieuse fee des glaces qui lui ressemble etrangement.
Les voix des deux personnages principaux sont doublees par la chanteuse Lorie, et par Amel Bent.

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