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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Moge die Macht in diesem Sommer mit dir sein, wenn London wahrend des Secret Cinema verruckt spielt. Es ist schwer zu sagen was alles geboten wird, aber wie bei allen Secret Cinema Events, wird es auch dieses Jahr viele Uberraschungen geben. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ist das ehrgeizigste Projekt vom Secret Cinema und zahlt zu den coolsten Veranstaltungen in London in diesem Jahr.
Das Secret Cinema ist ein Eventveranstalter, das Veranstaltungen, Filmvorfuhrungen und Themen-Events in einer interaktiven Art und Weise erschafft und plant. In den letzten Jahren haben die Organisatoren Filme wie: die Verurteilten (Shawshank Redemption), Grease, Saturday Night Fever und Zuruck in die Zukunft mit gro?em Erfolg neu interpretiert.
From cheap budget accommodation to luxury 5 star hotels see our deals for Secret Cinema hotels, including DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Westminster from 60% off. In keeping with the Star Wars theme, the Rebel Stores will give visitors a first insight into the world created for Secret Cinemaa€™s Summer epic. Ticket holders will receive a code allowing them to register and retrieve their personalised RebelX ID card. Launched in tandem with the Rebel Stores, the new Secret Nightclub in the London territories will be accessible exclusively to those who have bought a ticket to the current Secret Cinema production.
Marlon Wayans is to make his London stand-up debut and we can't wait to see the funny man in action.
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Scene ricostruite, personaggi in costume, luoghi nascosti, e Secret Cinema, il nuovo modo londinese di concepire il cinema: vivere di persona i capolavori del grande schermo. A Londra, anziche andare in un multisala a vedere la solita pellicola in 3D, il cinema diventa un'esperienza interattiva e coinvolgente: il film si vive in prima persona, vestiti come i personaggi, entrando letteralmente nella storia del film. The Secret Cinema in realta nasce nel 2007 come happening: il primo appuntamento coinvolse 400 persone in un tunnel dismesso trasformato in uno skate park a vedere Paranoid Park di Gus Van Sant. Eccetto dove diversamente indicato, tutti i contenuti di Fanpage sono rilasciati sotto licenza "Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivate 3.0 Italia License". Fanpage non e responsabile dei contenuti dei siti in collegamento, della qualita o correttezza dei dati forniti da terzi.
Si riserva pertanto la facolta di rimuovere informazioni ritenute offensive o contrarie al buon costume. When Secret Cinema released the first batch of tickets for their immersive screening experience of ’80s sci-fi classic Back To The Future at the beginning of June they sold 42,000 tickets in four hours.
Luckily, Secret Cinema are releasing a new batch of tickets so act quick and you too will be able to channel your inner hoverboard over milkshakes while wearing Nikes that may or may not self-lace. In the spirit of cinematic transfiguration here are some more movies we really wish they’d bring to life so we can go ham on a bit of retro role-play. Who doesn’t want to ride jet-skis, shoot guns and get to look like a steampunk for 135 minutes?

If we sell enough tickets for this one can we please evacuate New York for a night so we can run around the Big Apple in hundreds of waistcoat-wearing packs and ride carnie rollercoasters with big sticks that are on fire?
Can the wizards who make the internet please make a portal into someone’s head already? A look at whether Beyonce ripped off the epic, John John Florence-fronted, View From A Blue Moon for Lemonade. In the shadow of music meccas Seattle, Olympia and Portland, a new wave of all-inclusive, female-led punk is bursting out of small-town, blue-collar Tacoma.
Dayo Ntwari is one of a new generation of writers using sci-fi to imagine a bold future for Africa and exorcise the demons of today, like corruption, religious exploitation and Boko Haram.
A new crowd-funded project uncovers the female pioneers changing comic books for the better, showcasing the medium's fiercest pioneers and the artists still shaping its future. Despite the British government criminalising residential squatting in 2012, squatting remains a defiant protest against inadequate housing and inequality.
Under an oppressive military regime, hundreds of Eritreans are fleeing their country and making perilous journeys through Africa and beyond. London bietet Rucksacktouristen eine frische immersive Erfahrung, denn das Secret Cinema prasentiet Star Wars: Das Imperium schlagt zuruck, das Event findet an einem geheimen Ort vom 4. Die Tickets sind zwar nicht billig, aber man kann viel Geld bei der Ubernachtung in gunstigen Hosteln sparen. Wenn man noch nicht bei einem Secret Cinema teilgenommen hat, dann kann man sich das Event als ein exklusives Theater mit Themen von popularen Hollywood-Filmen vorstellen. Das Secret Cinema revolutioniert das Kinoerlebnis und die Besucher kommen in das Vergnugen, sich in diesem Sommer als Jedi-Ritter zu verkleiden. Die Star Wars-Tickets werden sehr schnell ausverkauft sein, deshalb warte nicht langer wenn du die intergalaktische Erfahrung in London erleben mochtest. Es befindet sich neben dem Tower of London und der Bankside, dieses Designer-Hostel ist eine hervorragende Wahl fur Star Wars Fans.
Generator London ist Zentral gelegen und mit kostenfreiem WLAN und allen anderen Secret Cinema Bedurfnissen ausgestattet.
Managed by Rebel operatives, the Stores will remain open throughout the Summer months and become a place for members of the Alliance to purchase apparel for their journey into space, discover RebelX tactics and learn how to gain access to the nearby secret Rebel base. The website will transmit the latest news from the Rebel Alliance with dedicated Radio and Video transmissions and a chatroom to connect rebels from all over the world. The card will inform them of their rank, name and required dress code within the Rebel Alliance. L'idea di vivere i vecchi film in prima persona e partita da Fabien Riggall ed il suo gruppo di cinefili che oggi richiamano piu di 21mila persone. We’re just not satisfied with watching the action anymore, we want to be a part of it. Alternatively, just post up in Devon during fireworks night and you’ll see exactly the same thing. I would prefer someone a bit more illuminati but in fidelity to this Spike Jonze classic we will suffer being bald for one night.

Three storytellers have found innovative ways to shed light on one of the world's most underreported crises. For the first rule of Secret Cinema, an ever-growing London project for site-specific screenings of cult classics, is simple: Tell No One. Once registered, an interactive map will allow Rebels to find other members of the Alliance in their neighbourhood and to connect via the chatroom. Audiences will receive a transmission from RebelX with details on the secret location of the Cantina. I have worked extensively in the music industry since 2001 and have also owned and run my own artist management company within this time. Come giocare alla roulette russa con i film, The Secret Cinema e l'ultima mania che spopola tra i londinesi in cerca di novita: ci si registra sul sito e si attende l'invito a vedere un film ogni volta con modalita sempre piu spettacolari. Tutto e curato nei minimi particolari, basta mantenere il segreto fino all'ultimo quando una serie di attori, vestiti da protagonisti del film, accoglieranno gli spettatori in una location appositamente arredata dove vedere il film sara solo l'emozione finale.
But for everyone else dust off your eye patches and practice your best Dennis Hopper, shit’s about to get native. Was fur eine brillante Nacht fur einen intergalaktischen Aufenthalt in London, hier konnen Ticketinhaber das Hollywood-Set erkunden und sich mit Schauspielern und Fans unterhalten. Du bist ein intergalaktischer-Backpacker und mochtest bei diesem Event in London dabei sein?
RebelX website registrations are compulsory for the validation of tickets and to collect assigned characters for Secret Cinemaa€™s presentation of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I very much believe Life is what you make of it, go out and grab every opportunity that passes your way. In un edificio scolastico diroccato, a Hackney, si sono dati appuntamento tutti in uniforme da detenuti o secondini per rivivere Le ali della liberta di Tim Robbins: in quest'occasione si poteva vivere l'esperienza di un colloquio con uno psicanalista criminale, di una cella d'isolamento o delle docce comuni fino a subire una vera perquisizione approfondita. Di recente i seguaci di Secret Cinema hanno vissuto The Grand Budapest Hotel e dal 24 luglio fino al 10 agosto, Secret Cinema ha trasformato per cinque ore al giorno una localita segreta a Londra nella pittoresca cittadina di Hill Valley, dove Marty e Biff hanno dato vita a Ritorno al Futuro: 60mila biglietti venduti. The Secret Cinema nel 2015 e diventato un marchio registrato, e Riggal, l'inventore della formula, guarda ora al mercato internazionale. Intanto per evitare che il consenso diminuisca, e nato anche The Secret Hotel: 80 persone tra gli spettatori delle proiezioni di The Secret Cinema possono scegliere di dormire in un misterioso hotel, collocato in qualche parte segreta di Londra, arredato secondo il tema del film e con uno staff travestito come i personaggi della pellicola. Si tratta di vecchi successi come Casablanca o Lawrence d'Arabia, film eccezionali che si paga volentieri per riviverli in una forma d'intrattenimento che unisce cinema e flash mob.
The buzz was like being at a festival – one specially curated around a single enduring cultural artifact.
And then it was screened, to an enormous and packed house, and my appreciation of a film I already adored hit the roof, elevated in this unprepossessing, specially customised space to something little short of communal worship.

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