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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Jane Blake was the mother of Amelia Blake and grandmother of Cassie Blake, former member and former leader of the Chance Harbor Circle, and a very powerful Witch. She welcomed Cassie in her house after Amelia passed away, and tried to help her get used to her new life.
After the arrival of a newly orphaned Cassie, Jane welcomed her granddaughter with open arms and began teaching her about her mother’s past in Chance Harbor. After she didn't receive news from Henry Chamberlain, an old friend of her, Jane decided to visit him.
After Cassie returned from Henry's house, she questioned her grandmother about it, but Jane found herself unable to tell what happened.
Paralyzing John onto a chair, she tried to learn the truth about Amelia's death, but as the Crystal didn't react to Blackwell claiming his innocence, Jane concluded he was telling the truth. Channeling: The act of drawing or summoning other forms of energy, by focusing on the magic of another witch. Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person, or spirit already in existence.
Elemental Control: The act of controlling or manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather.
Witches brew: The act of brewing and concocting magical elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties.
It's known Jane was not part of Cassie's life when she was younger, but was overjoyed to see her in the Pilot. She's the first Elder to appear in the series and the second to be killed, after Henry Chamberlain. She is the only main character to be credited only in the episodes she appears in, until Sacrifice, where Charles and Dawn are uncredited too. Jane is the second member of the Blake Family to be killed by Charles Meade, the first being her daughter Amelia. This gallery shows four pictures, randomly selected, related to the subject of this article.A more complete gallery can be found here. She played the role of Tami in the 2008 comedy film Another Cinderella Story and the recurring character of Natalee on the 2007 television series Kaya on MTV.
Kennedy has also portrayed other various roles such as Lucy the Elf in both Santa Baby movies.

As duas atrizes australianas foram flagradas no Newsroom Cafe para celebrar o aniversário de 26 anos de Teresa.
Se Kevin Williamson e sua gangue de subordinados estavam dispostos a sacrificar Nick, a vida de quem eles tirariam a seguir? Even if she knew Cassie would meet the other members of the Circle, she first wanted to have her staying away from magic.
She however found his dead body inside of his house, and tried to revive him with another Crystal she took out of hiding. She then refused to kill him, so Charles lit the Witch Cruid on his own, but Jane suddenly died in the place of John. Since Cassie's arrival, and before she had neurologic issues, she was always there when her granddaughter needed help.
The full extent of her powers unknow but, being an Elder, she has had decades of experience using magic. Though not proven false or accurate, witches are believed to possess an unique affinity to particular elements which grants them greater mastery and control when performing. They grew closer and in Slither Cassie told her she knew about witchcraft and was in the circle.
She seems to have also been protective of her, by trying to first keep the world of witchcraft from her and then trying to keep her away from John Blackwell.
However, this time, Charles didn't kill her on purpose, as he was tricked by John Blackwell. She is perhaps known for her recurring portrayal of the comic book character Plastique, in the hit Superman-inspired TV series, Smallville and as Melissa Glaser on The Secret Circle. Após confiar em Adam, ele lhe diz que sabe que Blackwell estava procurando por um dispositivo que drena poderes de bruxos e claramente de seus velhos tempos.
Soon, she got suspicious of Cassie's behaviour, and when Cassie revealed her she knew the truth about her powers, Jane wasn't really surprised. Once the Crystal was revealed, Charles Meade came behind Jane and hit her at the back of the head.
Both asked Jane about a curse placed on the Blake and Conant families, which Jane described as being the result of jealousy from a Seer witch, and would Cassie and Adam get together, a member of their Circle would die. If at first, she tried to make Cassie stay away from witchcraft, she soon had to teach her about magic, both time in order to protect her and not to allow what occured sixteen years ago to happen again. It's also good to note, that she was able to practice magic freely, unlike the new Chance Harbor circle, where magic is forbidden.
Jane supported Cassie's choice to be in a circle since she believe magic would protect her and the circle.

Abrams - produced 2010 spy drama series Undercovers as the younger sister of the female lead, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw but was later replaced with another actress. O moral e incorrupto (na maioria das vezes), Elijah tem um charme e maneiras que nos fazem desmaiar.
After the arrival of witch-hunters in Chance Harbor, Jane tried to contact a friend of her, Henry Chamberlain, but she was attacked at his house, and began to suffer from amnesia.
It is revealed she wasn't pleased by Amelia and John Blackwell's relationship, to the point she had prepared a Witch Cruid to kill him.[1] When a fire occured sixteen years ago, leaving most of their children dead, Jane and the other parents agreed to strip the survivors of their powers and to banish witchcraft, so that no one would get hurt anymore. It was later revealed in a discussion between John and Dawn that the curse was absolutely faked by John's magic, who manipulated Jane into telling Cassie the curse really existed. She was also very protective, to the point of preparing a Cruid to kill her daughter's boyfriend, whose dark side was threatening her family's safety.
Her knowlegde about witchcraft seem very vauable and she seems to know a lot about demons and dark magic. Enquanto isso, Melissa encoraja Diana a sair com um cara normal e sugere um novo, e lindo cara na cidade (ator convidado Tim Phillipps). At night, Charles freed Jane of the influence of the Crystal.[9] She returned to Chance Harbor healthy and surprised Cassie with her presence. After her daughter died, she seemed to regret the behaviour she had toward Amelia, which caused a break between them.
She was also announced as one of the main cast members for upcoming pirate show Black Sails, expected for 2014.
She then went to a nursing home to get her memory back, and later returned, after Charles freed her of his spell. Planning a dinner with John Blackwell following Cassie's request, she in fact prepared a trap. It has been hinted several times that Jane was hurt that her daughter left her, and only accepted her decision because she believed it was what was best for Cassie. Trying to kill John Blackwell, it was however her who died from the Witch Cruid, leaving alone a grief-stricken Cassie.

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