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Father figures have always been an important aspect of the Harry Potter series, and Rowling always knew that a few of them (RIP Sirius, Dumbledore, Lupin) would have to be killed during the Chosen One’s seven-year journey. This is a hard pill to swallow, and the first time we’re explicitly hearing that Arthur living meant Lupin dying.
Now imagine you going through all that, except Arthur Weasley had also died in the middle of the book.
This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better fictional teacher to appreciate than Remus Lupin. Had Arthur died it would have been tragic, but his tightly bonded family would have had each other. Wayward Pines season 2 will have a lot of new characters, as season 1 ended with the death of main character Ethan Burke, played by Matt Dillon, and saw the surviving adults placed back into suspended animation while the First Generation took over the town, which had become perhaps the last surviving hold of mankind in the year 4028. Human civilization died out nearly 2,000 years earlier, and what remained mutated into carnivorous creatures called “Abbies” (short for “Aberrations”). The new season will explore the First Generation’s “iron-fisted rule” of the town and the rebellion that follows. Megan Fisher was a major player in Wayward Pines season 1, using her skills as a hypnotherapist to head Wayward Pines Academy, which taught the First Generation. Besides Davis and Stevens, the following season 1 cast members will appear in season 2: Carla Gugino (Kate Hewson), Toby Jones (David Pilcher), Melissa Leo (Nurse Pam), Tim Griffin (Adam Hassler), Shannyn Sossamon (Theresa Burke), and Charlie Tahan (Ben Burke).
We were blown away by the first season of UnREAL, the Lifetime drama tracking the inner workings of a The Bachelor-style reality show. Full of awful people doing awful things, UnREAL had it all: Romance, intrigue, betrayal, death, and love.
Creators Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro have said there is some unfinished business between the pair, but we can’t exactly imagine them riding off into the sunset together!
Cassie struggles with maintaining her loyalties, as she is forced to keep the Circle's secrets from her suspicious grandmother, and Diana tries to maintain hold of her relationship with Adam and arranges a date night. PleaseIf this is the first time that you have seen an article that we have posted PLEASE credit not only our source but also MVV. DisclaimerPlease Help us to keep bringing you the latest News for True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Teen Wolf and more!! Britt Robertson (Cassie Blake) echoed Kevin Williamson’s statement in the Zap2It interview, saying, “It’s not happening,” and Thomas Dekker has already moved on to a new project. As last week?s episode of The Secret Circle felt like it paid tribute to the Scream series just in time for the DVD release of the fourth installment with its elements of horror, this week?s episode seems to be taking hints from The Thing (opening in theaters this weekend) with hints of paranoia, a few possessions, and one big death before all is said and done, reminding us that this show actually has stakes. Not to be outdone by Melissa and Nick in the sexy-time department (who are once again found in bed together at the start of the episode, albeit for the last time), Diana and Adam decide to have a couples night in, including a far more PG rated version of what was done with whipped cream in Varsity Blues. Taking advantage of the group not picking up on the fact that Melissa is obviously not herself, the group is forced to help the demon open a suitcase containing demon-filled snakes. As a reminder that this show means serious business (something that episodes past have not always been the most effective in doing), one of the members of the circle dies during this episode.

With one witch down for the count, our circle has shrunk down to an estrogen full group of four girls and one guy, and the question has to be asked as to whether or not they are still considered a complete circle.
After prying for the majority of the episode by continually letting Cassie know that she can always tell her anything, Cassie finally decides to spill the beans by telling her grandmother that she is a witch.
Even during all the action, it is impossible not to realize that Grandma Blake knows a large amount about demons, including an exorcism spell off the top of her head, as well as that demons are repulsed by crystals (which she just so happens to have one of), and that the only way to kill them are with fire or drowning. That?s right, while in Nick?s body the demon comes across Dawn in Adam?s father?s restaurant (who is still MIA, though the preview shows that he will finally be back come next episode), letting the little fact slip that Dawn was the one to summon him. Obviously I was wrong when I predicted that this episode would end happily for our circle, and the preview for next week shows a whole lot more trouble heading their way. Also returning for another season are 'Nikita' and 'Hart of Dixie', while 'Arrow' and 'The Carrie Diaries' are among the five pilots ordered to series. The CW has announced the fate of its shows, pulling the plug on "Ringer" and "The Secret Circle" after only one season each. To fill the void in its schedule, The CW has ordered five pilots to series, including "Sex and the City" prequel "The Carrie Diaries" and "Arrow" which centers on DC Comics' superhero character Green Arrow.
As for "First Cut", the medical drama centers on a first-year intern (Mamie Gummer) at Denver Memorial Hospital who discovers that the hospital where she works is no different than high school. Though initially there were some conversations about pitching the series to ABC Family, those conversations have ended — again, because of budgetary concerns and an already full development slate at ABC Family. Showrunner Andrew Miller was hoping that season 1 would be available, but sadly it’ll only be immortalised on iTunes. Rowling commemorated the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts by apologizing for killing Lupin, and telling us that the Grim Reaper almost chose Arthur instead. The year is 2003, and you’ve been up for 72 hours straight, ploughing through the overwhelmingly long Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Rowling should just have kept them both alive, but at the end of the day, it was important for her to kill off one of the series’ two fathers, to achieve the symmetry of leaving a child without its parent(s) like Harry had been. Teddy Lupin would still get to grow up with people who loved him, knowing that his parents died heroes, while Harry and the Weasleys (who’d already lost Fred) would get to keep their family intact.
His name is Remus Lupin, not just Lupin, the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher that Harry and company ever had. He never underestimated his students, he challenged them to do more than they ever thought possible. A scientist named David Pilcher foresaw the calamity and created Wayward Pines as a sort of ark to preserve the human race with a select group of people — and whose children would become the first generation of Wayward Pines.
Having a black contestant is something The Bachelor itself has not yet managed to do, and of course, the reactions to that on the show are going to reflect both the good and bad parts of humanity.
Melissa recruits Nick and Faye to help her find her family's Book of Shadows; however all is not what it seems.
Mystical Vampire Vixens, is a website dedicated to bringing Australian fans the latest on The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Twilight, and Supernatural.

Then executive producer Kevin Williamson said the show is unlikely to be picked up by another network. The episodes are still available to watch on iTunes, but we were looking forward to all the extra features usually found on DVD releases.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Receiving the good news are "Gossip Girl", "Nikita" and rookie comedy "Hart of Dixie", which join the recently renewed "The Vampire Diaries", "Supernatural" and "90210". Her high school nemesis is also just starting out at Denver Memorial, and their rivalry starts all over again. Without Remus Lupin the trio would have been dead: no Expecto Patronum, no recognizing Bogarts, no practical experience with Grindylows, Red Caps, or Hinkypunks. He didn’t just spend time with shining stars like Hermione, but he made time for people that no one else cared to. Remus Lupin could talk about James and Lily from first-hand experience: funny stories, hopes, sadness, all of it.
The six members of the Circle are brought together in order to fight off a dark force that threatens them from within. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Rowling went to to effectively end Harry’s childhood (killing Sirius, Dumbledore, and Hedwig), leaving both Weasley parents alive allowed us to end the series on a hopeful note.
Harry and every student in his year was left with a substandard skill set thanks to Quirrell and Lockhart.
Would Neville Longbottom have ever had the confidence to succeed in leading Hogwarts without Harry, Ron, and Hermione without Remus Lupin having taken a personal interest?
Dawn tries to continue making plans for the Circle with Charles, only to discover that he may have more than business on his mind.
Just like that, the man who could have been Harry’s adoptive father, his way out of the hellish Dursley household, is gone.
Without question, Remus Lupin laid the groundwork for the success that was later achieved by Dumbledore’s Army. He made up for lost time, in a positive and uplifting manner, and was the friendly guidance the students needed. They would have watched their boys grow up together and been there for each other as parents in the post-war world.

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