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Following last week?s random disappearing act, Melissa is back with a family member in tow (her cousin, Holden). Though this is a sad thing to see, it is a great device for the show because her memory problems bring up a comment about Dawn having feelings for Blackwell long ago.
The Blackwell?s are evil and blah blah blah? But first thing's first: FAYE AND CASSIE ARE RELATED!

Anyway, when Jake mentions this fact to the hunters, it is stated that Balcoin is at the origin of black magic, which is quite the family history to live up to. Thank goodness Jake is there to struggle with his thoughts about witches because this close-minded mentality of the hunters is pretty obnoxious. With that said, it was still hard not to question his loyalty in this episode, and just when I thought I had him pegged he would do or say something that would bring on the questions once more.

For weeks now I have been waiting for a much-needed break from the show because I hoped time apart would be what I needed to finally really get into it.

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