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By looking at various forums online, I have found one secret code for samsung galaxy s2 i9100. Tip: While testing touch, make sure you make all the blocks green or you wont be able to use back button. This entry was posted in Android mobiles, Android tips & tricks and tagged Android Tips, Samsung Galaxy S2 by Android Addict.
Voici un tutorial pour tous les codes secret de vos telephones, un logiciel est disponible et contient de nombreux codes pour tous les modeles. Le montant de la donation permet de payer les frais d’hebergements et ameliorer DeblokGsm ! Anda pengguna Samsung Galaxy Wonder dan sudah membaca postingan dan mencoba code-code “Secret Code Samsung Galaxy” di blog ini namun tidak berhasil?
Nah pada postingan ini, saya ingin menuliskan Secret Code untuk Samsung Galaxy Wonder W I8150 – SG. Kode-kode di atas sudah ada keterangannya kak tepatnya di samping code, saya kasih kegunaan codenya.
Hp saya samsung galaxy sI,skrg ngak bs buat nelp krn hpx minta masukkan tombol kontrol kunci jaringan,yang mau saya tanyakan bagaimana cara membuka tombol kontrol kunci jaringan?

All mobile phones, made by any manufacturer, have some certain set of codes that are used for specific purposes. The secret codes can be used for several purposes, such getting the info of your device, resetting call counter, manage connectivity and radio, getting battery data, software and hardware version, setting up touchscreen, testing some features, changing CSC codes, and lots more.
RakeshWell-versed in English literature, Rakesh is a teacher by profession and geek by heart with an ardent passion for all-things-tech. Current Devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S6 Edge, HTC One M8, LG G, Nexus 5, Redmi 2 Pro, Dell Venue 7 and iPhone 6S. This code is properly working on other samsung devices as well but the images displayed in this post are the images from the test result from Samsung Galaxy S2I9100. Saya belum mengetahui kode ini bisa berjalan di Samsung Galaxy type apa saja karena baru Samsung Galaxy Wonder W I8150 – SG yang sudah saya test dengan kode ini. Hp saya Samsung Galaxy Ace 2keterangan RAMnya 768MB, tetapi ditask manager hanya tertulis 555MB. Most of these codes are not meant for common users, and really  they really are of not much importance to most of us. Even the equipment that he has right now can do very limit jobs as it’s policy of Samsung.

This is very handy to check all the hardware of your phone working fine or having any issue. Kode-kode di postingan saya sebelumnya ternyata hanya berjalan di Samsung Galaxy Mini, Fit dan Ace (untuk Young saya belum mencobanya). Untuk masalah lemotnya Galaxy Wonder kakak, saya belum bisa memastikan apap penyebabnya kalau saya tidak lihat sendiri. Codes like *#06# and *#1234# are common to all phones, regardless of manufacturer but some are device, carrier and region specific.
He enjoys learning, discovering, growing and sharing the newest and latest trends in the world of Android.
While most of such codes are not for an average or even advanced users, some of them are really important and we should take them down for future use. Clinico-pharmacological qualifier on the Canadian pharmacy :"% buy medicines online enquiry service, information about the presence of drugs.

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