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The short begins with Dipper saying he'll be studying Gravity Falls anomaly #42, "The Tooth," and points out a massive molar Mabel is poking with a stick, she then states she was there for scale.
When played backwards, the "floating island head" says, "You have awoken me from my slumber! At the end of the short, another section of the hidden page flashes briefly with a cryptogram at the bottom of the page. At the end of the intro, it shows a very cryptic page of what seems to be in Dipper’s Book Vol.
Mabel brings her childhood puppet Bear-O, and Dipper protests by saying Bear-O is creepy and everyone hates him. Dipper says the giant head thing sunk back into the lake after it attacked, and it lost another tooth trying to eat the boat, but the important thing is that they survived, barely.

The llama is on one of Mabel’s many sweaters, which a wax statue told her to wear in Headhunters. It tells the story of Dipper and Mabel Pines (twins), who spend the summer vacation with the Uncle in Gravity Falls. I won’t go into them all here as there are many websites that do that much better than I can.
To support this, a clip is shown where Mabel's Bear-O puppet show traumatizes a group of kids. As they do this, the island floats out of the water, revealing it to be a giant floating head.
The short ends when Mabel pulls out Bear-O and says: "Did somebody say BEARLY?," which scares Dipper.

Just like most young kids he has a crush on an older girl (Wendy Corduroy), but it too shy to let her know. Although The Mystery Shack is fake and is simply just a way of fleecing money from  tourists.

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