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These 8 Printable Secret Codes & Ciphers are the ultimate in DIY Spy Party Games for your James Bond!
You will receive a zip file containing 8 PDF pages of Printable Secret Codes & Ciphers (+ instructions). Download your Secret Codes & Ciphers immediately after your payment has been processed.
Print as many times as you like on your home color printer (or at your local copy shop) on US Letter or A4 sized bright white Cardstock.
Beautiful tags and her instructions on how to open them in Adobe Reader are easy to follow. Thanks so much for creating such a magnificent birthday package and for making it so affordable!!! I bought your space-themed printables as a last-minute addition to my son's 7th birthday party, and I'm SO GLAD I DID - they really pulled the whole party together and made it even more fun!
I just had to tell you that I absolutely love the police printables especially since I can edit them at home. Love them, the instructions are so detailed no one will have any problems editing them I had no problems, seller seemed approachable even though I didn't need to ask anything she had great communication.

This file was amazing and so easy to use and with the extra additional information and messages that Simon sends, it was well worth it. Webkinz are plush toys with a pre-programmed code that helps in logging into the official website of Webkinz. Webkinz Pet Of The Month November 2010 Jack Russell + 2 Free Webkinz Stickers Sheets With Secret Codes That Includes An Exclusive Online Gift For Your Webkinz Pet! Webkinz Love Spaniel Valentines 2011 Release + 2 Free Webkinz Stickers Sheets with Secret Codes That Includes an Exclusive Online Gift for Your Webkinz Pet! Webkinz Virtual Pet Plush - Majestic Tiger 2 Free Webkinz Stickers Sheets with Secret Codes That Includes an Exclusive Online Gift for Your Webkinz Pet! The trick to buying the right toy is finding out which kind interests your child for more than a few minutes. I love the zip file so when I sent it to Office Depot for printing, it was way to tell them how many pages I needed for each file.
The instructions provided were so easy to understand and the templates were easy to modify as needed. I was able to easily edit, print, and assemble them within a couple of hours to hand out to my daughters friends this morning.

I love this way of being able to edit the items to what I want them to say rather than trying to explain it to you and having you do extra work. You are amazing and I will definiltey be coming back here next year for my kids' birthdays! Thank you for guiding me in the download and print process with your detailed instructions. The white and black version both look great, I plan on alternating between the two of them. My daughter really wanted a Paris themed party and had grand ideas of passport, boarding passes, etc and I had no idea when I'd be able to fit in the designing.
It's a home where children and their families stay while the children are under going surgeries. I appreciated that I could work on them on my home computer then email them to myself and print them out self-service at the print shop with a better printer for a nicer result.

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